January 1975

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Trophy Finds Its Way Home: On 18 August, Brian Duffy, Mark Volcheff, Robert “Trayls” Traylor, and Mark “Tap” Tapper (’80) surveyed the hallowed grounds of the Eisenhower Blue Golf Course and vowed that before the sun set on the terrazzo that day, the coveted Colorado Tri-Service Academy Annual Golf Championship trophy would once again find itself in Air Force hands. The conditions were brutal. The temperature was in the mid-80s, the sun kept getting in the players’ eyes, and the wind took the day off; and yet the lads were undeterred. They weren’t playing for just a trophy; they were playing for truth and justice and the natural order of the universe. For despite the seemingly innocent designs of graduates of other institutions that proudly proclaim nearly two centuries of tradition unhampered by progress, the reality was that they were invaders on Air Force soil, intent on taking something which the gods overseeing the order of the heavens deemed long ago to belong to Air Force custodians. Mark ripped long drives, as he is wont to do, that players twice his size could only dream of. Brian and Tap tag teamed from the fairways and always gave the team a shot at birdie or better, and Trayls contributed as the clutch player with the crucial short game. When the smoke and dust settled, the team had shot 18 under par, and the prizes for lowest score by a pure all-grad team from a single academy, and for low net overall, were theirs. The trophy was once again firmly in Air Force hands. Well done, lads. We can all sleep well knowing stability has been returned to the cosmos for at least another year.

Ben Phillips was inducted into the AF Athletics Hall of Fame in September. After 50 years Ben still holds the USAFA water polo records for goals, assists and points. 

Scott and Cindy Hammond recently adopted Anne Bonny Pirate of the Carolinas. Bonny is an Australian Shepherd and will spend the next few months using her high dog IQ to train Scott and Cindy to meet her expectations. As all Aussie owners know, she will only shed twice a year, (January through June, and July through December) and she’ll be the star student in obedience school, immediately followed by uncanny displays of selective memory...


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