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"This is the big one" – Fred Sanford

Yes, planning for the Class of 75's 50th Reunion has (just) begun. Click the link (Right) to access the Class Reunion Page for all the latest information.

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50th Reunion News: Jeff Hackett and Dick Dye have been selected as the chairman and local class representative respectively for our 50th reunion. Their management and leadership skills were deeply vetted during the selection process, but the major determining factor was that they didn’t try to flee the country on false passports when President-for-Life Jim Carlson told them they could have the thankless jobs only if they were willing to do them for no pay. They jumped at the opportunity, which means Jim overestimated their awareness of what the jobs entail and should have asked them to pay for the privilege of being abashed and abased. Expect to hear more from the Jeff and Dick show via your squadron POCs in the near future.

Where is… President-in-Hiding Carlson, will be moving back to the mainland at the end of the summer. At some point during the last four years, he stumbled upon the realization that paradise isn’t an island, it’s a state of mind. He also figured out that following a wife who is bringing in the big bucks and still climbing the ladder is good for one’s retirement portfolio.

Jeff Chappell took his 3rd Annual Snowbird Odyssey to Arizona and spent time with Sandy Terry, Dave Keene, Jerry Cooke, Bruce Hopkin, and Jeff Hackett. None of the people he visited have asked me to warn other classmates of his future travel plans, which means Jeff probably isn’t making unpleasant noises at the dinner table anymore.


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19 July 2024

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28 April 2024

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20 April 2024

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14 October 2023

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29 September 2023

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5 August 2023

Mike Murdoch
21 March 2023

Daniel Falvey
13 March 2023



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