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Nuptials: Bob Hickox and Marge Terhaar tied the knot in May. Is that even legal at our age? Surely there’s some diminished capacity when one can’t even remember if he washed his hair while he’s still standing in the shower. How can a person who wore paisley-patterned shirts and bellbottom pants in this lifetime be considered capable of making any kind of long-term commitment. Despite these glaring facts, it appears no states have put an age limit on marriage because Mike Rosebush and his partner Reginald (Reggie) also recently took their wedding vows in Monument, CO. So be it. Here’s a toast to a lifetime of happiness to these couples, and any other classmates who take holy vows at this unholy age.

The 2023 Hacker Classic: This year’s Hacker Classic was hosted by Brian Duffy in Houston, TX. You may have noticed the Classic never occurs in the same place twice. There’s a reason for that. Given the atrocities the group inflicts on the game of golf and humanity in general, the group is never invited to return. Some participants even have to wait until the statute of limitations on various crimes is up before they can return to a given state. This year Russ Trinter wrested the low net award from Tom “Sandbagger” Popp; Brian took low gross honors; and Rod “Is That OB?” Hennek positioned himself to take the “most improved” trophy at the next Classic. Dave Commons and Charlie Simmons were the guest IPs, although Roy Rice reported their presence didn’t reduce the need for adult leadership in the group.

Ben Phillips, water poloist extraordinaire, was named in the 10th AF Athletics Hall of Fame class. Congratulations, Ben!

Mini-Reunions:The Chickenhawks from CS-16 got together in Las Vegas in May and swapped war stories in case anyone had forgotten them from the last reunion. On Cinco de Mayo they had pizza at an Italian eatery because there apparently wasn’t a historian or cultural expert in the group. They did, however, have a Seis de Mayo Mexican dinner at Frank Wyatt’s house the next day. They’re Chickenhawks. ‘Nuff said...


Mark Rogers
14 October 2023

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29 September 2023

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5 August 2023

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21 March 2023

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13 March 2023



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