Winter 1976          Willie Cosby III

If you can read this, then you know something is wrong. What? You will notice that the ’75 Class news section does not take up much space. I’ll put the blame where it belongs…no names, but you know who you are. Anyway, the more information I get, the more I can write.

More of our classmates have decided to bid themselves to that one and only “dream girl.” Doug Williams will marry Debbie Bullard on the 21st of December in the cadet chapel. We’ll have to stop calling him “dog” Doug. Chip Diehl will visit the chapel for the same purpose on the 27th. The lucky lady being Mary Lou Yochum. Let’s hope he won’t be too busy to keep up his golf game. The next day, same location, Kerry Putt will take his vows with Celeste Lepine. Happy New Year!

Chip Diehl is in UPT at Columbus along with Bill Dalson, Bill Baxter, and Jim Hartney. Kerry Putt will drop in from Williams AFB, which also houses Dale Waters and Mark McConnell. Other future pilots are Perry Lamy at Reese and Jim Fellows at Craig.

Not to leave the future navigators out: Jim Carlson, Dave Fleming, and Mark Nelson are at Mather. By the way, the job of the navigator is to tell the pilot where to go, so don’t give them a hard time. 

Dave Ehrhart is at MacDill AFB in Florida and Dave Sprenkle is at March AFB in California. Both can enjoy the sun, but they sure are a long way apart. Mr. Bruce Dodds is well and living in southern California.

Some of you might remember “Deputy Dog,” the nickname given to one of our more prominent classmates. Well, I ran into Leon Smith-Harrison out in San Francisco. He’s having a good time in medical school. He told me he’s only had his uniform on once since graduation. Sounds good to me.

For the next newsletter, I expect to receive at least one letter from every base where there’s a ’75 grad. You guys get together and send me all the gossip from your part of town, and I’ll tell the world about it.

Keep it together!


Spring 1976          Willie Cosby III

Like Mike Anderson’s dad once related to me, “Another sucker been bite the dust!” For those of you who haven’t heard yet, the hottest news item of the year is that Sammy Ryals, the woman killer, has found his cold shower. Her name is Patty Levals of Sacramento, Calif. Sammy’s at Vance, but will go to Sacramento on April 17th for the wedding.

Some other weddings from the Vance crew are: Mark Masters to Gere Wageman–13 March; Craig Scott to Joy–27 December; and Mike Murdock to Carol–late December.

Other ’75 grads at Vance: Randy Barrett, Fred (Rita) Offutt; Ralph Paul; Doug (Michella) Fraser; John Oleskey; Terry (Kaye) Markovich; Charles (Cynthia) Parsons; Hal Cooke; John Tamkum; David (Libby) McDaniel; John (Donni) Sims; Craig Naas.

Class 76-11: Chris (Debbie) Goetsch; Barry Abbott; Tom (Sheryl) McClain; Steve (Sherrie) Barach; Dave Lodridge; Mark (Gere) Masters; Ed Striegel; Mike (Marilyn) McKim; Dennis (Carla) Forinash; Jim R. (Naomi) Marshall; Craig (Joy) Scott; Bill Ladd; Frank (Jan) Dressel; Joe Siniscalchi.

Class 77-01: Jon (Debbie) Noetzel; Bill Schuessler; Rini (Ginny) Bosma; Sammy (Patty) Ryals; Dan Burda; Marc Isabelle; Ted Parker; Mark D. Holmes, Kevin (Cynthia) Hildebrand; Don Byers, Jeff Bailey; Jim P. (Emily) Marshall; Steve (Maureen) Blackburn; Larry T. Bishop; Steve (Suzanne) Schiemann; Eric Buhyoff; James Spencer; Chris (Barbara) Fillar; Mark Rowland; John (Becky) Gaughan; Eric Rosborg; Mark Risi; Mark (Jayne) Stickney; David (Cynthia) McCarthy; Gary Thaller; Randy James; Bill Estelle; Robert (Corinne) Scully; Dudley (Suzanne) Hancock; Don Novak; Steve Weilbrenner.

Class 77-02: Brian Gomes; Chuck Riordan; Mike (Carol) Murdock.

Missile officers are a special breed of something. Just ask Mike (Christianna) Marro; Micky (Janine) Clemons and Harry Mathis–FE Warren, Wyoming; Curt Devries, Terry Kemp–Malmstrom, Montana; and Phil Nobles–Ellsworth, S.D.

Aircraft maintenance officers are branching out from Chanute AFB; Al (Elaine) Bready–Nellis; Rod (Lynne) Hennek–Blytheville; Jack Shine–Davis-Monthan; Tom Topolski–Andrews; Bob (Nancy) Shappell–Dover; Rick (Diane) Layman–Pease; Duane Jones–Altus; Phil (Robin) Martin–Mountain Home; Dan (Stephanie and Christopher) Falvey–Travis; Keith (Susie) Maddox–Beale; Carl Schwartz–Ramstein, Germany; John (Debbie) Ladieu–Luke.

Dan Falvey should have been a DG from the course.

From Avionics tech school at Lowry Bill Lyerly went to Myrtle Beach AFB, Frank Garland to Griffiss, Pete Hennessy to Charlston and Mike Loose to McChord. Bill’s trying to get into medicine so he’ll be at Walter Reed soon.

My apologies to Steve Pitotti, Mark Hallada, and K.C. Schwartz who were TDY to the Zoo for a couple of months. They’re at Willie in Class 77-02 along with: Dave Commons, Robert Stewart, Fig Newton, Rich Calhoun, Jerry Conticchio, Mark Simonitsch, Bob Marr, and Dino Crenshaw.

John Storer, Bruce Hopkin, and Charlie Bergman are also at Williams.

At UPT in the southland: Craig AFB: Al Peck, Brian Bouffard, Jeff (Kathy) Krumeich, Jim (Mary) Fellows, Mark Bertz, Stan Jones, Jim Arthur, Rick Takacs, Joe Marksteiner, Joe May, Jack Barton, Walt Burns, Charlie Simmons, Dave Williamson, Eric Hoganson, Jim Corrigan, Mark Wells, Pat (Cathy) Deren, and Jim (Janet) Mahoney.

Columbus AFB: Don (Nancy) Stiffler, Brian Barnes, and Donald McDonough.

And in Texas: Laughlin: John (Jill plus) Charlton, Will (Mina) Perctual, Dave White. Webb: Roz (Cindy) Roznovsky; and elsewhere: Davis-Monthan AFB, Dave Keene; Los Angeles, CA, Dan Burns; Berkeley, CA, Kevin Burns; Pittsburgh, PA, Joe (Marcia) Facenda.

In closing, I’d like to say thanks for the help this time. Keep it coming. Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds and to all the expectant parents and to those that are parents already.


Summer 1976          Willie Cosby III

Now that ’76 is in the RAF, we are no longer rookies. Another year and we won’t have to say “Sir” to everybody. That will be progress; and, speaking of progress, I want to thank all the people who have sent in base reports and all sorts of tidbits of information. You wives out there can feel free to write for your husbands if you have more free time than they do.

You fellows down at Willie can thank Judy Traxler for informing me of your status. At Willie:

Class 76-10: Mark Donnelly, Steve Duresky, Charlie Sargent, Scott Skinner, Gerald Wallace, Dennis Bitton, Timothy (Jan) Murphy, Sanford Terry.

Class 76-11: Jan Cooper, Kevin Lanzit, Brad Lindsey, Marlo Mellum, Joe O’Brien, Mark Rogers, Jay Wallace II, Larry Bottomley, Danny Chapman, Scott Hammond, Scot Lerum, Bradford McAllister, Bentley Rayburn, Mike Rosebush, Bill P. Stewart, Jr., Blair Thisted, Steve Wedell.

Class 77-01: Charlie (Sherry) Bergman, Pete (Eve) Blatchley, Arvid  (Rick, Dinda) Dahlstrom, Brent Hall, Barry (Brenda) Ketchie, John (Susie) Loucks, Mark (Arlene) McConnell, Larry McGirr, II, Denney (Shannon) Mellen, Kerry (Celeste) Putt, David (Rhonda) Shields, Hohn (Judy) Traxler, Robert (Barb) Turner, Robert Walden, Bill Weller, Charlie (Karen) Woods, John (Judy) Woodward, Bob Allen, Charlie (Kathy) Beam, Rich (Mary) Chanick, Larry Collett, I, John Czabarnek, Bill V. Davis, Mike Gudmundson, Jeff Hackett, Dave Haugen, Chuck Holland, III, Ken Hossler, Waynard Nelson, Mr. Bobs (Tina) Roberts, Ken Smith, Scott M. Smith, Jon (Diane) Turner, Jed Vanden Dries, George (Anna) Walrond, J. T. Wolter, Mark Fantasia, Eddy Mallo.

Class 77-02: Dave Commons, Mike Garrett, Thomas Helms, Bob Marr, Eric Newton, Richard Oleksak, Steve Pitotti, Joe Sheridan, Jim Simonitsch, Bob Stewart, Dino Crenshaw, George Franklin, Lance Grace, Marc Hallada, Julius Hargrove, Eugene Holley, Richard McIntosh, Charles Morse, Richard Sarver, K. C. Schwarz, John Storer, Dale Waters, Mark Volchef, Ed Wilcox, Bruce Hopkin. Ed Kasl started with 77-01, broke an arm and is now in 77-03. Thanks Judy.

The Chopper Jocks finally let someone in on their exciting training. All of them have their assignments: Denney Brooks–HH3 Clark AB; Jack Kummerfeld–HH3 Osan AB; Jim Davis–UH1N Plattsburgh AFB; Randy Davis–CH53 Bergstrom AFB; Ron Doeppner–UH1N Homestead AFB; D. Rick Douglas–HH53 Kadena AB; Steve Stich–HH3 Elmendorf AFB; Hugh Gray–UH1N Langley AFB; Eric Lewallen–HH3 Elmendorf AFB; Walt Pekarsky–HH53 McClellan AFB; Rod Reay–UH1F Luke AFB.

George Cook and Jim Schuman were medically disqualified. George went to Law Enforcement at Andrews AFB and Jim went to missiles at Dyess. Tom Finn will graduate in July.

Bill Rohde had this to say about West Texas: “It may be hot, but it’s dusty.” And he should know. He’s out at Webb in Class 76-11 along with Ray (Sybil) Johnson, Mark Beesley, Jeff (Teresa) Chappell, Mike Buckley, Duke Duhacek, Dave Wallace, Mark Skattum, Mark (Cindy) Fry, Chuck Buck, Mike Magee, Bob Knauff, Peter (Katie) Strunk, and Mark (Sharon) Modrich.

In other parts of Texas, ’75 is keeping the spirit alive. According to Lee Cross, Laughlin is the only isolated/remote assignment in the CONUS. Most of the action down in Del Rio takes place at “The Plantation.” Inhabited by five “crazzee” dudes: “Old Crow” Huffman, “Z” Zerambo, Tim Wrighton, John Steward, and “Daizzie” Daley. While working their way through 38s they’ve managed to add a little class and life to the laid back town.

Also in Laughlin are Dave White and James Osteen and their wives.

All the brains who went on to Grad school finally get to taste some of the bittersweet of the RAF. Out of UCLA they will see how Second Louies really act. Don Henney, Al Piotter, Jay Schell, and Jim Heald all came to Mather for UNT. Mike Reese–UPT at Willie; Don Snelgrove, Jerry Levesque–UPT at Reese; and Bill Davis–UPT at Vance. Larry Bryant–computer ops at Buckley; Dan Burkett–ops research at Randolph. “Wild Bill” Hickox went to Guam for computer ops. Crag Matt is going to Maintenance School at Chanute. He’ll probably be in the class with Gerry Micheletti who just left the Academy.

For those of you who didn’t notice the address change, I’m now out here at Mather learning to be a Nav. I started in class 77-06. The only other grad in my class is Lee Cross who came from Laughlin. Right now there are bunches of people coming and going. So that no one feels left out, I’m compiling a listing that will be part of my next news.

Until then…slow.




Fall 1976          Willie Cosby III

The first half of this article is dedicated to the new navs and nav students.

Four of the nav fighter jock types should be operational by now. Kent Traylor, Dave Fleming and Curt Osterheld have their RF-4’s at Shaw AFB, SC; and John Ossiff has one to Germany.

All the other navs I can think of have their assignments as follows: Mark Nobles–EWO school, Mather AFB; Joe Stein, Tom Garrett, and Brad Mandeville stayed at Mather also. The fighter jocks: Dave Beatty, F-4, George AFB; Al Green, F-4, George AFB; Mike Deloney, F-4, MacDill AFB; and “Tino” Barentine. F-4, Holloman AFB. Steve Marino, Ed Sienkiewicz and Steve Kent all got tankers. Bob Eaton and Rich Wilson end up with RC-135’s to Offutt and Eielson respectively. Scott Hente has an EC-135 to Ellsworth.

Speaking of Ellsworth, some of the Nav-Bombers and EWOs have their assignments. Ken Whitley and Mike Anderson have B-52’s to Ellsworth, SD. Phil Pearce and Rich Ruth got lucky and will be in “Buffs” at Barksdale. Greg Berlan goes to KI

; Fred Whitican to Griffiss; John Gronseth to Grand Forks, Steve Redmon to Blytheville, and Jim Carlson (and Jaqui) go to Fairchild, all in B-52’s.

The MAC guys are out there taking in the world: Danny Speer, C-130, Little Rock; Gary Paczosa, C-130, Dyess along with Tom Fraley. Stan Schoener has a C-141 somewhere.

In the world of pilot training a lot of interesting things are going on. F-15’s went to Al Peck, Doug Fraser, Mike Straight, Dave Livingston, Jim Mahoney and Chris Goetsch. They’ll all be heading to Luke. Other fighters are: Steve Barach, F-4, George AFB; Duane Lodridge, RF-4, Alconbury, England; Jack Barton, Joe May, Randy Chapman, and Rick Townsend have T-33’s which are lead-ins for F-106’s. Rich Takacs got an A-7 to Davis-Monthan. Jim Arthurs, Stan Jones, Bill Ladd, Jim R. Marshall, Mark Masters, and Mike McKim got T-38’s to various locations. ATC also picked up Ed Zerambo with a T-33 to Mather. Mark Bertz and Craig Scott have KC-135’s to Beale and Fairchild. Paul Killingsworth, Barry Abbott, and Dennis Forniash go to MAC with 130’s to Dyess, Eglin, and McCord. Jim Fellows, Frank Dressel, and Ed Striegel went to MAC, also, with C-141’s to Norton, McCord, and McGuire.

Some of the other action: Bill Corsetti is in EE at Vandenberg, Kevin Burns is at Williams, and Wayne Darchuk came to Mather after Grad school at Berkeley. Marti Jaeger and Bill Buchta are playing Psych games down at Lackland. Phil Meteer is at Craig for UPT and Kurt Nelson has a B-52 to Wurthsmith. Rulo Echaurren is working in a bank in Santiago, Chile. He plans on going to MIT next fall. Ed Mallo just got here to start nav school.

Bill Lyerly says he’s started his own scandal out in DC at Walter Reed Hospital. He is the sole representative for all the service academies. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Last but not least: Thanks to Kent Traylor, Bill Buchta, Jim Carlson, Kevin Burns, Rich Wilson, Jack Barton, Bill Lyerly, Al Peck, Dave Fleming, and, most importantly, to Emily Marshall for the news on you guys from Vance. KEEP ON DOING IT!

GBNF. On 10 December 1976, 2Lt. Lawrence K. Ridge, died as a result of injuries received in an automobile accident near Mesa, Arizona. 2Lt. Philip R. Jones, was killed in a T-38 aircraft accident near Enochs, Texas, on 14 December 1976.


Jim Mahoney & Bride


Checkpoints Extras

UPT Studs (Students)

Foster Bitton

Kurt Bock

Bill Carrothers

Gerry Conticchio

Larry Crenshaw

Steve Duresky

Bill Estelle

Austin Goodale

Jeff Hackett

Dudley Hancock

Dave Herlong

Bruce Hevey

Mark Holmes

Randy James

Gary Janelli

Stan Jones

Paul Kent

Perry Lamy

Tom Laurie

Tony Mahoney

Dave McCarthy

Don Novak

Bob Orwig

Steve Powers

Ric Rosborg

Wes (& Marti) Routh

Charlie Sargent

Jim Scully

Bill Stephan

Gary Thaller

Dave Wallace

Steve Weilbrenner


Mark Wells

Gary Whitfield



UPT Class 77-01     Reese AFB (Perry Lamy)


Perry Lamy: UPT Class was 77-01 at Reese AFB. We started in November 1975 and had the "preflight" academics (Phase 1, 28 Nov - 19 Dec 1975...from my log book) before Christmas. I think that was about 3 weeks long. Flying began in January 1976 (Phase 2, Tweets, 19 Dec 75 - 13 May 1976; Phase 3, T-38s, began 13 May 76 and finished in Sep or Oct 1976; I washed back a couple of classes and didn't finish until 12 Feb 1977). 

(For background, there were 3 Academy pilot training classes for our class...76-10, 76-11, and 77-01. We were all delayed a couple of months after arriving at Reese following 8 weeks of leave. Most of us passed the time by being on "casual status" and doing odd jobs around the base, such as, inspecting housing for long grass and broken down cars. My duty was to make a landscaping plan for the base which required walking around base plotting and classifying every tree, bush, and shrub. We were able to stretch out that task to about 3 weeks which kept us out of doing other "shitty little jobs".) 

There were 2 sections. The photos were primarily from Section II (my section). I attached a copy of the recall roster from my scrapbook. Sorry for the pen scratches but they represent the room number and updated housing info for guys in the section. All bachelors lived in the BOQ. Married guys lived in housing. I was at 235 Mitchell Drive

Notice we had an Iranian pilot in the class which was typical for the time, Reza Akbari.

Interesting to reflect on these photos. Just think that the surgeon or some environmental health pencil-pusher would probably condemn the water for being unsanitary. Also, I can't remember how these "victims" were tracked down. Guys would run away from the dunk pool much like shower parties at the zoo. This gang of "executioners" would have to go hunt down the poor victim in the flight area and drag him out to the pool by force.



1. John Meraviglia during paragliding training. The other guy in the photo was Rick Conniff from West Point.  

2. We were in E Flight which had a Mickey Mouse on the patch. Cute patch but we always caught crap from the other flights. This is obviously a solo dunking. I think the guy getting dunked is George Martin. Accomplices from left to right are: Rick Conniff, Greg Black, Raider Ramstad, Dave Dyche, Tommy Skillman, Tom Kryst, and Craig Cunningham (another West Pointer in our class).  

3. Follow on to #2. I still think that is George Martin getting the dunk. Guys in photo are same as #2 except Skillman and Cunningham swapped places on the right.  

4. George Martin following the deed! I suppose this was sometime in late January or early February 1976.




5. Next victim who appears and same gang of executioners: L-R: Tommy Skillman, Raider Ramstad, Rick Conniff, Dave Dyche, and Greg Black. 

6. Brutal to be tossed into that little pool from that height, about 6 feet it appears. L-R: Tommy Skillman, Rick Conniff, Raider Ramstad, Greg Black (from nametag) and Dave Dyche. I just can't make out who that is getting tossed. You may have better luck looking at the names on the roster.

7. That was a busy day of solos! Last victim is Paul Sykes who was a Southern guy (with heavy drawl) who came from ROTC or OTS, I think. He was one of the non-Academy grads. The other was Dave Moulds, a real "old" guy who was from the Reserves and was going to fly C-141s. Gang doing the tossing is the same bunch: Greg Black, Raider Ramstad, Tom Kryst, Tom Skillman, and Dave Dyche, Rick Conniff on the legs.  

8. Class 77-01 Alert Roster


UPT Class 76-11     Laughlin AFB (Paul Kent)


1. Dave Ruddock & Spence Roberts.   2. Mike Leuschen.   3. Lee Colburn.  4. Paul Kent.  




5. Luther Martin.  6. UPT Class 76-11.


UPT Class 77-02     Williams AFB (Chappie Hargrove)


Chappie Hargrove: We began pilot training on my birthday, a half-year after gaining our gold bars, and during that brief period, Mac earned his Masters Degree from some sort of prestigious institution. On the other hand, I had the distinguished honor of working six weeks at a time throughout the training wing directorates (now called groups) on casual status...very good 'leadership experience' for LTs awaiting their true AFSC.

Short version of USAF Williams AFB, AZ pilot training, the finest professionally developmental year of MY life: we had lots of fun and laughs–with, about, and for each other!

Mac always led through the charge of challenges, showing the rest of us that it could all be done, and done in a fun and outstanding fashion...while all the while, coaching, guiding, and encouraging the rest of us. My personal quest was to strive to get half the marks that he got, to smile at least half as much as he did, and to fly with (okay, half LOL) the excellence, precision, and professionalism that I saw in him. That quest made me a better 'ME' having Mac in our midst...and supremely increased the amount of joy I was able to experience through those beautifully demanding twelve months.

He even gave the perception that he and Linnea were great for each other and that they might endeavor to push each other up through life for awhile; seems they're STILL in that endeavor! That relationship thang was a very desirable aspect that I sought, but it was to come about a dozen years later.

A tongue-in-cheek regret, is that the guys all said that I "GOT MAC'S WILLY T-38 INSTRUCTOR assignment!” But Mac knows that if it were ONLY between the two of us, that he was much better suited for real instruction! I stayed in the advanced end of the deal, using more of a style aka 'LT Caustic' methodology, juxtaposing Mac's 'sensei-way' of making you 'love to hurt'!

We served in the same training wing for our second tour of duty, but in different squadrons. I know that Mac knows that I still tried to compete with the amazing accomplishments he amassed. Rex was born then with the most innovative announcement ever encountered. Mac, you're possibly only the second guy in my life that I truly liked very much. My mantra: If I could simply do half of what you do, then I'd be a superstar too!

NEXT we went our separate ways for several tours into the fighter pilot world, then on to the PENTAGON duties.

End Note: Back then they called me 'Hollywood'; no one knew how sensitive my eyes were, as I used sunglasses quite exclusively! (2015)



2. Left to Right: Rick Sarver, Julius Hargrove, Jack Storer, & Mac McIntosh.


UPT Class 77-01     Vance AFB (Bill Estelle)





5. The goal.

6. Mark Stickney parasailing. 

7. Steve Weilbrenner riding the Bárány (Barney) Chair.

8. Ric Rosborg, Dave McCarthy, & John Gaughan in the altitude chamber.




9. Dudley Hancock, Don Novak, & Steve Weilbrenner in the altitude chamber.

10. Dudley Hancock flying the T-37 Link trainer.

11-12. Gary Thaller striking a pose in the T-37.




13. Gary Thaller in the T-37.

14. Testing the O2 mask for fit and function.

15. Ric Rosborg.

16. Randy James.




17. Steve Weilbrenner paying rapt attention to his IP briefing.

18. Dudley Hancock & Randy James.

19. Dudley Hancock & Gary Thaller.

20. Dave Aldrich (not '75), Randy James, & Dave McCarthy.




21. Mark Rowland.

22. Gary Thaller & Mark Risi briefing for a formation flight.

23. Mark Stickney briefing the studs.




26. Dudley Hancock, Don Novak, Gary Thaller, Dave McCarthy, John Gaughan, Jim Scully, & Mark Risi.

27. Chris Fillar, Jim Spencer, Mark Risi, & Don Novak.

28. Mark Rowland (left), Don Novak (right), & Mark Stickney (back to camera).




29. Jim Scully (far left), Don Novak, & Jim Spencer.

30. Jim Spencer, Mark Stickney (back to camera), Dave Aldrich (not '75), Mark Rowland, & Don Novak.

31. Jim Scully, Tom Gillette, John Gaughan, Dave McCarthy, & Mark Risi (back to camera) celebrating Chris Fillar's T-37 solo.

32. Chris Fillar celebrating his T-37 solo.




33. More Chris Fillar celebrating his T-37 solo.

34. Unknown T-37 solo celebrant, graciously assisted by Ric Rosborg & Mark Risi.

35. Mark Rowland & John Gaughan assisting Don Novak celebrating his T-37 solo.

36. Appears to be Chris Fillar, Jim Scully, Dave McCarthy, John Gaughan, & Don Novak encouraging Mark Stickney to celebrate his T-37 solo.




37. Steve Weilbrenner, John Gaughan, & Chris Fillar assisting Mark Risi in celebrating his T-37 solo.

38. Steve Weilbrenner & John Gaughan trying to persuade Mark Risi to celebrate his T-37 solo.

39. The ongoing celebration of Mark Risi's solo, assisted by Dave McCarthy, Dudley Hancock, et al.  

40. A gaggle of fellow student pilots assailling (encouraging) a celebrant to get into the spirit of the occasion.




41-42. Steve Weilbrenner just prior to and in the midst of celebrating his T-37 solo.  

43. Dudley Hancock assisted by Mark Rowland in celebrating his T-37 solo.  

44. Mark Stickney getting into the spirit of celebration for his T-37 solo, with the grateful assistance of many classmates.




45. An unknown celebrant, assisted by Jim Scully, with Mark Rowland looking on.  

46. Bill Estelle about to commence the celebration of his T-37 solo with the generous assistance of his IP, Greg Gempler (USAFA '73).  

47. Clockwise from left: Jim Spencer, Glen Boy (not '75), Aldrich (not '75), Dudley Hancock, Mark Stickney, Dave McCarthy, Ric Rosborg, Mark Risi, Randy James, John Gaughan, Chris Fillar, & Don Novak. Unknown IP in the stocks.




UPT Class 77-01     Vance AFB (Bill Estelle)

Air Training Command

UPT Class 77-01
Vance AFB

C Flight (T-37)
Vance AFB

N Flight (T-38)
Vance AFB

Aeronautical Orders
Class 77-01 Start UPT

Availability Orders

Physiological Training

T-37 Solo Certificate

T-38 Solo Certificate

T-38 Mach Busters

Alert Roster

T-37 Out and Back Orders

Final Week Schedule

UPT Graduation Announcement

UPT Graduation Orders

UPT Graduation Orders

Vance AFB Newspaper "Airscoop" 14 October 1975



1. Julius Hargrove & Mark Volcheff.  

2. Dennis Brooks.

3. Ben Bosma: 40 years ago I was just beginning to get the hang of flying. Here I am in February of 1976 somewhere over Oklahoma in a 60-degree bank turn on the left wing of 1lt Paul Woodford, probably the skinniest man I've ever seen with a British sense of humor, strangely mellow temperament and 40lb brain. He took his eye off me just long enough to take this picture.

4. Gary Whitfield & José Castro-Aguirre.




5. Gary & Patti Matson at UPT graduation.

6. Bill Lyerly: Second Lieutenant at Lowry Air Force Base (AFB), Denver, CO while attending the Avionics Officer Course (Tech School) at the USAF School of Applied Aerospace Sciences, standing next to my “White Stallion” (1974 Datsun 260Z), circa 1976.

7. Bill Lyerly: My Commissioning Ceremony as a Second Lieutenant (2Lt), Regular Army, Army Medical Department (AMEDD), US Army, at the USAMRIID, Ft. Detrick, MD. Swearing-in: By COL Harry G. Dangerfield, MC, US Army, Deputy Director, USAMRIID and COL Donald Hunter, MSC, US Army, Chief, Bacteriology Division, USAMRIID. Pinning-on (2LT Rank) Ceremony: Col Harry Dangerfield with my Mother, Faye Lyerly. (30 July 1976)

8. Gini & Ben Bosma: Brand new wings on graduation day from UPT.



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