Fall 1975          Willie Cosby III

Class of ’75 joins the Real Air Force.

When Bruce Fritzsche had his glorious graduation ceremony in Falcon Stadium, complete with fly-by and guest speaker, everyone from our class was officially on active duty. However, from what I can gather, most of the guys at UPT aren’t doing much of anything.

For those of you that reported to Moody and couldn’t find any T-41s, T-37s, or T-38s, guess what? It’s no longer a UPT base. Jack Barton went to Craig. Chris Commerford went to Columbus.

Rumor has it that some UPT classes will not be starting until next March and April. They have future pilots doing all types of busy work. Down at Williams: Randy Roberts was pressing out name plates; Chuck Holland and Jeff Hackett are watching a computer light blink. If it stops blinking, they go get the Sgt. in charge. How’s that for an eight hour job?!

In case you folks at Mather are wondering what happened to Will Cason, he didn’t get a waiver. He’s down in Mississippi studying Comm. Electronics. Some of the fellows who made it to Mather are Kent Traylor, Mike Anderson, Ralph Buron, John Marlow, Stan Schoener, Phil Pearce, Tony Toich, Steve Redmann, Steve Watson, Jerry Batazzo, Danny Speer, Dan Mahrer, and Phil Gronseth.

Mike Wisloski will be coming out of the “Wild Blue Yonder” to walk through the “Halls of Montzuma.” He didn’t get a waiver for UPT so he’s becoming one of the few good men.

Gerry Micheletti is our representative to the Executive Board at the AOG. He is stationed here as a hockey coach. Jeff Graves is a basketball coach. Rich McAlister stayed to dive. The five football coaches are Bobby Thompson, Terry Young, Larry Fariss, Mike Mark, and Bill Murray. Minority recruiters are Phil Benjamin, Bill Osbourne, Kip Fong, and myself.

I’ve seen various Officers, Misters, Mrs, and Miss who are waiting to hear from some of you guys. If you’re not doing anything, drop a line to your old friends in Colorado.



Bruce Fritzsche being sworn in
by General Allen


Bruce being pinned by Mom & Sis


The Fritzsche Family


1. CS40 Presents a Sabre to Classmate Jeff Edgecomb at Graduation. Making the presentation: John Neumann, Ted Hilbun, John Saxman, Mike Henry, Dave Janetta, and Bob Dorsey.

2. The Holy Rosary Chapel in Cascade, Colorado, June 1975. L-R: Tom Gillette, Craig Christen, John Sullivan, Perry Lamy, Dave Defoliart, Craig Naas, Steve Marino. (Perry Lamy)  

3-4. Mike Dehart: Most of us, (CS-31 Grim Reapers) were in Hamilton, Montana after graduation for Kevin Donovan’s wedding (to Kathy). It ended up being quite the event! We descended on this small town with our (mostly) sportscars for several days of fun. They put us up in the local Armory where we slept on cots. On the wedding day itself, we found the key to the Army tank. After the wedding we scurried back to the Armory, fired up the tank, and drove it through town to the wedding reception. We were all in our mess dress, so you can imagine what we looked like stopping and directing traffic, and thoroughly confusing the local cops who kept an eye on us, but didn’t stop us. And the Armory commander let us slide as well (he was Kathy’s brother). When we got to the reception we piled onto the tank and lifted the bride onto the tank. L-R: Local guy, Larry Colletti, Steve Farnham, Local guy, Mike DeHart, John Dailey, Charlie Beam, Jim Arthurs, Dave Ferguson, Gary Oreshoski, Jack Storer.




5. Tim and Roni O'Connell in Carmel, California, July 1975. (Tim O'Connell)

6. Linnea & Mac McIntosh at their wedding, with Linnea's family, June 1975.  

7. Part of Mac's entourage: John (Linnea's brother), Mac, Joe Kahiapo, John Wissman, Francis O'Shea, Rick Odegard, Pat Rupel. (Linnea McIntosh)  

8. Mac & Linnea McIntosh: Three days after graduation from the Academy and one night before graduation from Oregon State. Two college graduations in two states and a wedding in 5 days. We haven't slowed down in 41 years together. (Mac McIntosh, November 2016)




9-10. Bill Caskey, December 1975 while attending The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. (Jeff Chappell)   

11. Ben & Ginny Bosma.  

12. Perry Lamy on his first day of work, Reese AFB.




13. Roy Rice, pushing the limits of AFR 35-10 (Now known as AFI 36-2903).  

14. Jim & Emily Marshall.

15. Jeannine & Mickey Clemons.

16. Wes & Marti Routh.




17. Larry & Melinda Bryant.

18. 2Lt Dave Young reporting for duty, Reese AFB.

19. Al & Ann Krukowski's wedding party of friends and classmates.

20. Al Krukowski & classmates: Dave Myers, Jed Vandendries, Al, Gerry Conticchio, & Gary Held.




21. Bill & Judy Murray.

22. John & Susan Loucks.

23. Tom & Linda Burns.

24. Dick & Frankie Park, with saber bearers Roy Rice (with sideburns pushing the dress and appearance standards) & John Charlton. (Jim Carlson)




25. Greg Berlan: June 21, 1975, this beautiful woman became my wife and the love of my life. Throughout the past 46 years her generosity, kindness, and grace has enriched our family, friends, and acquaintances. Moving 21 times to places such as Syria, Israel, Norway, Germany, Texas, California, Nebraska, and Florida, she created a loving home for me and our three boys (now men with families of their own). (June 2021)

26. Otto Dieffenbach: From the summer of 75. I had 60 days leave from Academy graduation to my first assignment. I drove my 59 Vette home (Maryland) from the Academy (Colorado), immediately began growing a beard and finished the restoration of my 57 Vette. I remember I was in a rush to get a picture because there weren't many days left to drive my 59 to California and begin my career. Had Dad take a picture of the beard and the one shot I have of both cars. Really wish I still had both cars.

27. Bill Lyerly with his White Rocket. (September 1975)




June 1975

July 1975

NY Daily News
27 July 1975



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