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Class Advisory Senate Meeting, January 2018

Mark Volcheff and I represented the class at the regularly scheduled 9 Jan meeting of the AOG Class Advisory Senate. Here are top-level notes: the official minutes should be posted on the AOG Website in a couple of weeks (including briefing slides) at this link for your reference:

a.  Attendance was very good with approx. 40 classes represented (in person or by Gotomeeting). We had a full agenda– two hour meeting, including a status and heading check briefing from the new Commandant B/G Goodwin, an update from the AOG CEO, a significant update on future reunions from the AOG reunion team and internal discussions. The AOG Board chair was unable to attend the meeting and provide her first inputs directly to the CAS.

b.  Commandant's Briefing - Excellent; People, Accountability, Pride are her emphasis areas. She is one focused and engaged professional and extremely serious about her responsibilities for producing officers into a USAF at war. Her briefing slides will be posted with the CAS minutes; or I can send them to you if you want to see them sooner...let me know. I was most impressed to hear about current Comm Shop emphases placed across a range of specific training and educations to help cadets understand the real Air Force by graduation time and to be significantly socialized into how the AF works via 4 years of cadet time before commissioning. The Academy has come a long way in this regard, in my experience and opinion. She seems to like to let cadets learn by their own experiences and solve their own problems within the wing. Her first choice does not seem to be “top-down” direction from the Commandants office – very refreshing and helpful for leadership training for cadets. (no need for the binoculars on the window sill of the Commandant’s office). All the permanent party staff have reportedly been sensitized and mobilized by the current senior leadership team to institute a “one voice” approach when possible for key training and professional development activities and objectives presented to/shared with the cadet wing.

c.  AOG CEO Marty Marcolongo emphasized the need for the graduate community to realize, and share the realization, that we hear most about the one or two percent of the cadet wing that are outlier-cadet cases in the media, while 98%+ of the cadet wing are amazing young people who are doing remarkable things. Marty asked CAS help in getting out this reminder message to all alums. If you haven’t read (recent grad) Capt Ben Garland’s nomination for the NFL Walter Peyton Man of the Year award from the Atlanta Falcons…you should look it is a shining example of how recent cadets from the 98%+ have been prepared to contribute to a better American society...and how they are doing it today, even if in "non-traditional" ways. Every university has its share of inappropriate and undesirable behaviors. The USAFA “fishbowl” effect has not changed over the decades and the scrutiny of our Academy is high because the expectations are rightfully high of those who are appointed and attend our great school, and that applies to the staff as well. Sexual harassment and assault instances at USAFA are intolerable and puzzling, but USAFA still remains among the safest campuses in the country. Mark and I agree with the AOG president that the graduate community can bring a greater focus on, and voicing of, the many incredible accomplishments by our cadets, a voice that lets our society see the greater good that is happening at USAFA. We commend this perspective to your consideration. This is not an effort to gloss over incidents that occur, rather, an appeal to put things in perspective. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that there are more good things going on at USAFA than bad and we can all help get out that word. 

d.  Also from AOG leadership, Gary Howe, '69 is retiring as Exec VP after 25+ years. He served on the USAFA staff before that and he has been the AOG staff advisor to the CAS (among other duties) since CAS inception. He has seen a lot during this time and helped the AOG and undoubtedly many members of the active duty staff through many storms and trials. Gary read his legacy list of observations about USAFA and our alumni for the CAS and many of his points were priceless; will forward these to you or ensure we have access to the list in writing. You might consider dropping Gary a note of thanks and congratulations upon retirement, if you are so inclined!

e.  Significant class reunion changes are coming. Sequestration impacts to USAFA resources over the past 4 years have led to a reduction of USAFA support (staff briefings, buses, etc) for reunions, and limiting official USAFA staff/resource availability for reunion weekends to 3 per year starting this year. This is going to have significant impacts (many not yet fully understood, IMHO) upon future reunion plans to be dealt with by all classes…by our class for our 2020 event...unless by some miracle the sequestration constraints may be eliminated between now and then. The AOG is also contemplating offering class committees three different tiers of reunion planning and coordination support with corresponding different costs; top-tier, mid-tier and basic. Specific details of these options and costs will be rolled out in a month or so; Mark and I will keep you posted. The AOG reunion coordination staff asked the CAS to provide inputs from all classes regarding these reunion change implications; Mark and I have already done so and Jeff Hackett will also be weighing-in from his recent experience leading our reunion planning.

f.  The CAS is working on a consolidated list of credible/official information sources (largely softcopy/url) that all graduates can use in the future. This resource is intended to help us readily/directly answer our own questions about USAFA matters from an authoritative set of sources, “Where do I go to obtain information or to learn more about ‘Topic X’ or 'Incident Y.' Will send that out to you all, ASAP.  Let us know what you think about it when you see it.

Please let Mark or I hear from you regarding any AOG questions or issues you'd like us to investigate for is normally crickets on this freq. Hope you are all happy and well!


Bruce Mitchell
Your CAS Rep

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December 2017

GBNF.  Richard “Mac” McIntosh passed away at home on 14 August 2017 following a long fight with pancreatic cancer. He spent the last month of his life surrounded by family, and throughout his final challenge he had the steadfast support of Linnea, his wife of more than 40 years.

Bradley W. Mandeville passed away on 9 October 2017 from complications following a heart attack. Brad retired from the Air Force in 1995 and served as a Deputy Sherriff with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office in Shelton, WA for more than 17 years.  

Awards and Decorations.  While most of us have been finding new places to take naps around the house, some of our classmates have continued to find new ways to excel. Shame on the following classmates for making us look like five-toed sloths.

Gernot Pomrenke was selected as a 2018 Fellow of The Optical Society for “outstanding technical leadership in formulating and advancing the areas of...

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