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Class Scribe Foster Bitton: The following are some words from Mac McIntosh written on December 15th, 2015 during his fight with pancreatic cancer. He’s obviously in it for the long haul, and his attitude is world class.

Started the third three-week chemotherapy cycle Monday with encouraging blood tests and potential chemo radiation included in the fourth cycle.

Two cancer markers are decreasing, but still a little above normal and a recent CT scan reveals no growth/slight decrease in size of the pancreatic tumor(s).

Adjusting to the new normal that is our lives with cancer, trying to manage reactions to the increasingly predictable onset of side effects. We're keeping detailed logs of activities, caloric intake and exercise. Most frustrating has been inability to regain 30 pounds, with slight progress during last recovery week when we gained back 6. It's amazing how many calories the chemotherapy consumes. Muscles are responding to resistance training with hypertrophy, but there's no "filler" anywhere. I've always had skinny bowed legs, but they're now stringy chicken legs. Not pretty.

We remain thankful for all our blessings. We have a comfortable home, financial solvency, and a large community of supporters. Most thankful for that woman who's shared my life for nearly half a century. Last Friday, she packed Mom, her luggage, wheelchair and walker into the Toyota at 0400 and drove to Eugene for an 0800 flight to Arizona. Mom's settled with my sister in Mesa and they're beginning this phase of their lives together. After living with us as her caregivers for the past 11 years, it's hard to walk by Mom's favorite chair and realize she won't be there watching Samurai movies. Linnea raised kids who've become two outstanding Americans, is the hardest working person I've ever met and continues to out-produce two normal people. Having her as a partner is comforting, inspirational, and the greatest of His blessings.

I continue to draw inspiration from all of you; many have and continue to offer prayers, notes, letters, and other encouragement. I want to share a portion of a note from Alex Brown, a football and track team captain who's enrolled at SOU [Southern Oregon University]:

"I feel like the older I grow, the more I learn to appreciate the life lessons that past coaches and teachers have taught me over my high school career. I just finished my first term/football season at SOU, and I can honestly say that it was more difficult than I anticipated it to be. Yet, when times got tough, or when I was exhausted, I just thought back to our three standards. Marshfield's team standards; live with integrity, compete with class, and add to the legacy. Our head coach, coach Howard, is always preaching about being a man of character, strength, and honor. I just see that as being stacked on top of Marshfield's standards, and it gives me all the confidence in the world. At the end of every home game, we sing our alma mater in front of the entire crowd. It makes me feel at home. And as I sit here, and hundreds of track memories run (no pun intended) through my head, I can't help but to just say thank you. Thank you for devoting your valuable time in order to instill these standards into, not only myself, but all the athletes that compete in purple and gold. Thank you for teaching that discipline and hard work brings results. And thank you for the countless memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. And I can't wait to start hearing about all of your progress and how you will (apologize for my language) kick cancer's ass! Still sending prayers your way. And last but not least, Once a Pirate, always a Pirate!"

Educators know there is nothing more professionally or personally gratifying than feedback from former students that validates your effort, your devotion, and your persistence. Having the chance to work with many more young men and women like Alex is a continual source of inspiration.  

Another is sharing success stories – John Gunther's article about Travis was insightful, moving and informative. We rejoice in his recovery and appreciate how hard he struggled to return to his coaching passion. One of our friends emerged from esophageal surgery after a chemo/radiation protocol at the Cancer Center with no sign of cancer. We chatted with a recent Marshfield graduate who's completed an extensive treatment protocol for Hodgkin's lymphoma and is in complete remission. I told her how good she looked, with that big smile I'd seen on campus so often. When I thought about her success that evening, I looked in the mirror at my bald head, freakishly large ears, and said aloud, "you've got it good, Mac, it's time to MAN UP!"

Contact Mac at

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December 2015

REUNION XL is in the books, and along with the nearly 600 registered classmates, family and friends, all I can say is “WOW!” Hopefully this article can do a reasonable job of summarizing for those who could not attend. 

Kent Traylor, golf tournament honcho, summarized the event: 12th Squadron dominated the 88 player golf field again. Longest drive was Mark Volcheff (13th) with a monster shot in excess of 315 yards. Closest to the Pin on the 7th hole of the Robert Trent Jones Blue Course was Jack Van Ryn (12th). And the big CS-12 winners, with a score of 13 under par, were Craig Naas, Jack Van Ryn, Craig Christen, and Steve Marino (handicap of 1), whose son is currently playing on the PGA Tour. Like father, like son! Greg “Yumper” Black and Lance Grace kept the field lubricated and supplied with other amenities.

Opening with the return of Col (Ret) Waldo F. Dumbsquat, alter ego of 75’s own Tom Laurie [See Extras for details], the entire program featured new, exciting things at every turn. Otto Dieffenbach dazzled the noon meal crowd with his flying Superman on Friday. For videos and more, find Otto on Facebook, or at FlyGuyPromotions. (This is an unpaid public service announcement.) Larry Bryant and Bill Murray put on a great memorial service for all our GBNF brethren—thank you both, and all others involved, for a very moving service. The promotion and retirement ceremony of Last Man Standing Mark Wells at a hangar on the airfield was well-attended and featured more than the usual family, friends, classmates, and well-wishers: There was a flyby almost every minute! Congratulations Mark—what’s next?

Read the Full Column HERE

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