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AOG Election         3 February – 3 March 2017

From Larry Fariss:

Classmates, if you are an AOG Member, I am asking you to vote in the current ongoing election which will run from 3 Feb - 3 Mar 17. In addition to selecting five new board members you have an opportunity to vote on by-law changes that will steer the future course of the AOG. However, to validate the will of the membership, AOG bylaws require a 25% turnout for the election. So please vote and get our classes opinion heard!
Thanks for voting in this critical election and for letting me represent you this past decade, it has been an honor! Larry Fariss, 75 Best Alive

For those interested in my take, "I am voting for all three by-law changes as they allow the AOG and the USAFA Endowment to reunite under a single CEO. I have been honored to have a front row seat for the last 10 years, first as your Class Senator and then as an AOG Board Director, working this issue. Besides getting to represent you and our class, I served for one main reason-- I wanted to seek ways to get our USAFA Endowment (fundraisers) and AOG (friend raisers) back as one organization. I believe a unified front, as most universities and both our sister academies have, is critical for the efforts that support our Academy and the "margin of excellence" that produces topnotch cadets and life long benefits for our graduates. Now we have an opportunity to make that vision a reality. The single CEO agreement is the product of years of work by both AOG and Endowment Boards. This solution was designed by a joint committee who after deep and extended research, interaction with our Sister Academy colleagues (who have successfully operated under a single CEO arrangement for decades), and plain hard work have developed a solution that will work for USAFA. Both the AOG and Endowment Boards reviewed and discussed the issue in depth, and unanimously approved that agreement. Finally, the Superintendent and USAFA leadership are strongly supportive of the single CEO initiative."

From Bruce Mitchell:

Please go to this link ( and read-up on details if you have not already, so you can participate as an informed member in the election. A list of frequently asked questions is included in the AOG website link, along with related election materials, and with a "Bright New Future" vision document from the board. Send me election-related questions if you would like; I'll answer back to you as fast as I can.

Voting will run from 3 Feb - 3 Mar 17.

We need an approx. total of 7100 AOG members to vote in order for the election to be valid. We have approx. 330 AOG members in our class. Let's do our part to make this election a success.

If you are interested in a recommendation on the by-laws changes, I am planning to vote FOR all three. Mark Volcheff has also informed me he supports all three changes.

There are 22 outstanding candidates for elected director slots (11 petitioned onto the ballot and 11 were nominated by the board nominating committee) from which we must choose 5. You can see their pictures and read their platforms at the election URL above. (After the election is concluded, the new board may select up to 2 appointed members to round-out board capabilities.)

Larry Fariss has dutifully served to the end of his term on the AOG board, and we thank him for his work and for representing our class so well in this capacity! Larry was also our predecessor CAS rep, for 8 years if I'm not mistaken. Great job Larry!

Hope you are all happy and well in 2017.

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27 March 2012

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12 February 2012

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16 January 2012

Graduation parade video.

15 January 2012

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7 January 2012

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22 December 2011

Alan Krukowski on Medal of Honor Recipient William Crawford.

4 December 2011

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December 2016

75 Ways to Leave the Rat Race. Paul Simon sang about 50 ways to leave your lover back in the days when we had flat bellies, knew we were invincible, and sported hair density greater than 12 follicles per square inch on the top of our taters. Now that our stomach muscles have taken a more relaxed outlook and most of our hair has long since navigated the maze of city sewer systems and washed out to sea, we have only our invincibility to hold on to, and it appears some of us are using our retirement time to exercise our right to demonstrate our invincibility – at least in our own minds. The following are some of the exploits of ‘75ers during the last quarter.

Raider Ramstad, a "pro-caliber" sky diver, jumps all over the world in international events and has now taken up "body flying" using a flying squirrel suit as seen on 60 Minutes and a plethora or YouTube videos. On one of his recent flights he went out of control three times with a new wing body suit and, after trying to deploy his main parachute, came perilously close to performing an operational check of his invincibility. Fortunately, his final emergency parachute automatically deployed at 750 feet and allowed him to avoid the no-notice “can-you-survive-this check. He sustained a neck injury because he was inverted when his chutedeployed; but that’s all in a day’s work for the invincible. 

Paul Kent took the post-retirement trip he mentioned in the last exciting episode of The Kent Chronicles (aka Checkpoints). He and two others hiked almost 200 miles of the John Muir Trail and other areas during a 25-day period. He credits all the high-altitude training from 1971-1975 for contributing to his survival...

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