Memorial Day 2019               Remembrances

Jim Carlson: I attended the USAFA Cemetery Memorial Pavilion Dedication and Groundbreaking. Other '75ers with me were: Leon Smith-Harrison, Dan Chapman, and Jon Turner's widow Diane. The day was picture perfect. The weather was fantastic, the sky was deep blue with a few white clouds...


Joe Bryant: Before the ball game at the (30th) reunion, we met at the cemetery and shared memories around the grave of Ray Johnson. Rod Kallman (Ray's roommate) suggested this. It was a good time of remembrance of Ray and to spend time together, too...

Ed Sienkiewicz: Just after our 30th back last Sep, I stopped by the USAFA Cemetery (I had virtually never been there before) and after visiting classmate John Steward's plot, visited each of our deceased classmates (plots) who are buried there. I felt good after doing this "labor of love”...
Kevin Donovan: In the early and mid ‘70s, the Doolittle goblets dominated the massive Arnold Hall display case at the US Air Force Academy. It wasn’t close – certainly in size and beauty, but here in front of us was living, breathing history. Those named on the upright goblets lived somewhere...
Mark Lenci: Today is Veterans Day in the United States. Some of you are veterans.To some of you, a “veteran” may be an abstract concept. I would like to ask for 10 minutes of your time today to make this day more real, more personal. You know me. I am but one of millions of veterans...
Bill Murray: Fellow 1975 Air Force Academy Graduates and relatives and friends of our fallen classmates, welcome to our Memorial Service. For me, this is the most significant, the most moving, the most meaningful and the most solemn event I will attend this weekend for many reasons...

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15 March 2019

March 2019 Checkpoints Column with lots of Extras.

25 January 2019

Recently exhumed from deep in the catacombs of the Class of ‘75 Archives (AKA Paul Kent’s hard drive) emerge the long-lost files from the heady days of ZoomieNation (Now Defunct). Never before seen (Full Disclosure: probably actually seen by a quite a few) columns and over 200 new photos from December 2006 through March 2010. Additionally, dozens of new Memories of… entries with a few accompanying photos to document just some of the outrageous claims, questionable recollections, and dubious war stories, which despite the passage of time and fading memories, are no doubt totally accurate, 100% credible, and in full compliance with the Cadet Honor Code…probably. Also, lots of new internal links to make your surfing experience that much richer and enjoyable (or horrific, depending on your recollections). ZoomieNation columns are linked from within their respective Checkpoints columns. 

21 December 2018

Reorganized Nostalgia and History sections, renamed the Nostalgia Tab as Memories, expanded Memories section with additional subject areas and entries; refresh of Checkpoints and Memories page layouts.

13 December 2018

'75 Class Gift Public Phase Kickoff.

7 December 2018

December Checkpoints Column, several Extras, dozens of additional photos, plus hundreds of new photos througuout the site.

13 September 2018

September Checkpoints column, many Extras, plus nearly 100 additional photos.

28 July 2018

New section, Our Heritage under the History Tab, featuring thumbnail sketches of ancestors' military or other service to the country.

2 July 2018

Updated cemetary maps, completed addition of all available Talon magazines in digital form to the Ephemeratorium.

15 June 2018

June Checkpoints column, Extras, plus dozens of additional photos.

12 March 2018

March Checkpoints column, Extras, plus dozens of additional photos including a large gallery of grandchildren, in keeping with the column theme.

7 December 2017

December Checkpoints column, Extras, plus dozens of additional photos.

13 September 2017

September Checkpoints column plus dozens of additional photos.

8 June 2017

June Checkpoints column plus Extras.

10 March 2017

March Checkpoints column plus Extras and several hundred new photos distributed throughout the 41+ years of Checkpoints columns in new Albums and extant Galleries.

24 February 2017

Announcement of the 45th Reunion Class gift.

10 December 2016

December Checkpoints column plus Extras.

15 September 2016

September Checkpoints Column with a lot of Extras.

25 July 2016

Two new Galleries: Doolies and Firsties under the Galleries Tab.

17 June 2016

June Checkpoints Column with lots of Extras.

15 May 2016

Class Coin: Highlights and links to relevant supplemental material throughout the site.

17 March 2016

March Checkpoints Column.

15 December 2015

December Checkpoints Column.

28 November 2015

Tom Laurie's history of Waldo F. Dumbsquat.

17 October 2015

40th Reunion Gallery Posted.

7 October 2015

Special 40th Reunion Waldo F. Dumbsquat column by Tom Laurie.

18 September 2015

September Checkpoints Column, expansion of GBNF, two new photo galleries plus more photos across many Checkpoints columns, a few new Memories of... entries, additions to the Early Academy Concepts under the History Tab.

2 August 2015

Addition of a large number of photos to the Individual Awards Gallery under the Galleries tab.

11 June 2015

June Checkpoints Column including links to select Extras, complete Charley Baby and Waldo F. Dumbsquat columns from 1971-1975 and a Drum & Bugle Corps entry, both under the Nostalgia tab, additional photos in many Checkpoints columns, ongoing format standardization throughout.

1 May 2015

‘News’ tab changed to ‘Checkpoints’, Videos integrated into ‘Galleries’ page, ‘Video’ tab deleted, Coming Events button on Home Page, other minor changes.

17 March 2015

Home Page refresh, March Checkpoints Column, Reunion updates, two new galleries, Prep School and 1975 Campus, relocation of Class of 2015 Legacy events to relevant Checkpoints columns as Extras, plus several additional Checkpoints Extras throughout.

15 December 2014

December Checkpoints Column, addition of several Checkpoints Extras throughout; more as material becomes available.

12 September 2014

September Checkpoints Column, addition of a nascent Reunion Section, linked below, addition of Disqus comment feature on select pages, redesigned Home Page, ongoing minor format refresh and content update throughout.

15 June 2014

June Checkpoints Column, updated History entries on cadet uniforms and early Academy concepts, plus a new entry on Frank Lloyd Wright, refresh of Twitter and Facebook page formats, minor site-wide refresh and content update.

14 March 2014

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13 December 2013

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12 June 2013

June Checkpoints Column, redesign of the GBNF Home Page and the addition of a chronological listing, a nascent Class History timeline, and a Class Pinterest page (linked below).

4 May 2013

Minor format refresh, consolidation of Class Business and News sections into Class News.

21 March 2013

March Checkpoints Column, Checkpoints archives for 1989-1999, completing the archiving of ALL Checkpoints columns from 1975-2013, updated format and expanded content in the Nostalgia and Class Business sections, the Exemplar Dinner from the 40-Year Class Legacy Project, eight new photo galleries covering the Second and Third Class years, and a gallery of old USAFA postcards.

7 February 2013

Streamlined Checkpoints column format to better accommodate more photos, commencing with the 2012 column.

8 December 2012

December Checkpoints Column, Checkpoints archives for 1987, 1988 and 2000-2004, new photo galleries, new content in Memories of... and History, new Facebook Page, general ongoing content update.

25 October 2012

Checkpoints archives for 1986 and 2005-2009, general ongoing content and format update.

12 September 2012

September Checkpoints Column, Checkpoints archives for 1985

23 August 2012

Refreshed 'look' of all icon directory pages, transition of all completed galleries to new format with many new photos and content, improved navigation features throughout.

21 July 2012

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21 April 2012

Checkpoints archives for 1978 & 1979.

15 April 2012

A site-linked Twitter account. . Checkpoints archives for 1976-1977, additional Falconews articles, including some for the Prep Schoolers, reorganized Nostalgia directory page, with a separate directory for the Dodo and Talon magazines, several new issues of Dodo and the first Talon, links (below) to neighboring class web sites.

27 March 2012

March 2012 Checkpoints column.

12 February 2012

Graduation photo gallery.

19 January 2012

December 2011 Checkpoints column.

16 January 2012

Graduation parade video.

15 January 2012

Falconews articles from the Graduation edition.

7 January 2012

Checkpoints archives, commencing with 1975.

22 December 2011

Alan Krukowski on Medal of Honor Recipient William Crawford.

4 December 2011

Site Debuts.

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Elbow Rubbing: Last December Don Henney’s son, Joe (Class of ’09), called Don and asked him if he had any plans for December 19th, and if not, would he like to go to the White House Christmas Party. Don checked his calendar, saw that he wasn’t playing dominoes with the guys or taking his semimonthly bath that night and replied that he might be able to fit it in. So Don and his w-a-a-a-y better half, Debbie, attended the gala event, and while they were there took a short break from socializing to have their picture taken with President and Melania Trump. President Trump is the one wearing a striped tie. Don is the one on the left trying to palm an ornament off the tree to take home as a souvenir. Don and Debbie have three sons. Joe oversees the medical support for the president and vice-president, and Dan and Caleb haven’t been convicted of any felonies for at least a year. They’re actually successful as well, but if their stories were told this would turn into a Christmas letter, so suffice it to say Don and Debbie are proud of the Henney boys, and justifiably so.

Gary Exelby continues to garner awards for his journalism. In the Smaller Dailies category, the 2018 Arkansas Press Association Better Newspaper Contest awarded him...

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