5 July 1971


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15 June 2014

June Checkpoints Column, updated History entries on cadet uniforms and early Academy concepts, plus a new entry on Frank Lloyd Wright, refresh of Twitter and Facebook page formats, minor site-wide refresh and content update

14 March 2014

March Checkpoints Column, minor redesign of individual GBNF pages, several new History entries, two new UPT galleries embedded in the 1976 Checkpoints archives

13 December 2013

December Checkpoints Column and new Squadron Galleries

10 September 2013

September Checkpoints Column, all new First Class galleries with nearly 200 new photos, new Falconews content, new Class Legacy Project content, new News links, numerous minor format updates

12 June 2013

June Checkpoints Column, redesign of the GBNF Home Page and the addition of a chronological listing, a nascent Class History timeline, and a Class Pinterest page (linked below)

4 May 2013

Minor format refresh, consolidation of Class Business and News sections into Class News

21 March 2013

March Checkpoints Column, Checkpoints archives for 1989-1999, completing the archiving of ALL Checkpoints columns from 1975-2013, updated format and expanded content in the Nostalgia and Class Business sections, the Exemplar Dinner from the 40-Year Class Legacy Project, eight new photo galleries covering the Second and Third Class years, and a gallery of old USAFA postcards

7 February 2013

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8 December 2012

December Checkpoints Column, Checkpoints archives for 1987, 1988 and 2000-2004, new photo galleries, new content in Memories of... and History, new Facebook Page, general ongoing content update

25 October 2012

Checkpoints archives for 1986 and 2005-2009, general ongoing content and format update

12 September 2012

September Checkpoints Column, Checkpoints archives for 1985

23 August 2012

Refreshed 'look' of all icon directory pages, transition of all completed galleries to new format with many new photos and content, improved navigation features throughout

21 July 2012

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18 June 2012

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19 May 2012

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26 April 2012

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21 April 2012

Checkpoints archives for 1978 & 1979

15 April 2012

A site-linked Twitter account. Read about it HERE. Checkpoints archives for 1976-1977, additional Falconews articles, including some for the Prep Schoolers, reorganized Nostalgia directory page, with a separate directory for the Dodo and Talon magazines, several new issues of Dodo and the first Talon, links (below) to neighboring class web sites

27 March 2012

March 2012 Checkpoints column

12 February 2012

Graduation photo gallery

19 January 2012

December 2011 Checkpoints column

16 January 2012

Graduation parade video

15 January 2012

Falconews articles from the Graduation edition

7 January 2012

Checkpoints archives, commencing with 1975

22 December 2011

Alan Krukowski on Medal of Honor Recipient William Crawford

4 December 2011

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June 2014

Roy Rice: I’ve attached a picture taken Sunday, 23 Mar 14, at the conclusion of the Alabama State Racquetball Championships in Birmingham. Jim “Lucky” Corrigan (on the right in the photo…he’s the one with the gray hair, reading glasses, and exhausted look on his face) and his son, Jake, competed in several divisions. Lucky won the “60-and-over” Singles Division; he and Jake won both the Open Doubles Division and the Elite Doubles Division. They played about a dozen matches in the two-day tournament. Congratulations to the new State Champions! 

Tim OConnell: Well I found something to do in retirement: I volunteered at the local (Divide, CO) Fire and Rescue Department. I was willing to help with mountainous rescue methods (going down cliffs to recover drivers and passengers, hikers, etc.) However, due to the recent fires (Hayman, Waldo Canyon, and Black Forest) everyone in the department must be qualified in wildland fire fighting. I went all in. After two months of study, I had to complete a demonstration evaluation (aka checkride). We started at 7 and finished after 1. Very physical: cutting fire lines, extended hose lays up hills, carrying packs, etc. While the ink on my certificate was drying, my trainer and I were getting into the truck to return to Divide when a call came in. There was a wild fire between Woodland Park and Deckers in the regrowth of the old Hayman Fire area. With six hours of simulated fire fighting behind me that day, I was in the middle of the real deal. By nightfall we had it out. Only 8-9 acres were lost and we stopped it from crossing over the hills. Now if I could get that smell of campfire out of my head and lungs! I will never go back to a desk job!

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