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My goal in undertaking this project is to document and chronicle our years at USAFA using photos, documents, clippings, and recollections – ANYTHING that might illustrate some aspect of cadet life, to draw as complete a picture of our tenure as possible. Even after the passing of the last of our class, it can serve as an historical archive of our collective experience. Your participation is essential to the ultimate success of that mission.

It is entirely appropriate to look back on our time at USAFA, to reminisce and reflect on our experiences there, the good and the bad. As the shadows of our lives lengthen and our numbers wane, it is more important than ever to permanently capture these records, in whatever form they may take. If, in reviewing material here, you feel a twinge of nostalgia or pathos, then I will have achieved my goal. Together we can draw a detailed and lasting picture of our USAFA, and of course its most consequential class, “75, Best Alive.”

I expect this site to be a work in progress until the day it is retired. I envision it as the hub of a network of sites, complimenting, rather than duplicating, content and features. My focus will be the news, history and recollections of our class and USAFA, past and present. I welcome your feedback and contributions to the effort.

Checkpoints Columns

All Checkpoints columns from 1975 to the present, some in a lightly edited form, are now on the site. Generally I do not include any personal indentifying information (PII). Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, birthdays, etc. are all deleted along with the accompanying text for continuity. Web links are included if still live, otherwise they are deleted, again along with accompanying text. If anyone wishes entries about themselves or family deleted, please let me know. I will comply with all requests.

Wherever possible, I have linked documents and articles referenced in the Checkpoints columns. If you have any of these materials, please consider submitting them for inclusion. Also, please consider submitting photos from throughout your careers for inclusion in the appropriate Checkpoints column album. If you have the original of published photos, please submit them to upgrade the currently published photos (from magazine scans) to higher resolution and/or color versions.

Virtually all thumbnail photos in the Checkpoints columns link to larger photos.

Extras are now included in current and previous columns to use supplementary material not published. Material includes, but is not limited to, news, photos, articles and just about anything highlighting history, achievements and activities of classmates.


Each photo on the main page is a link to the page for that person. I have filled this section to the best of my ability. I solicit any contributions you wish to make (photos, obituaries, remembrances, etc). It is never too late to submit remembrances for fallen classmates. I have taken the first step in that direction by culling comments from emails and other documents. Initially, I have refrained from printing full names of those making comments, opting to print just their initials. You tell me what to print and I will respect your wishes. Conversely, if I have included material you prefer not to be on the site, let me know and I will remove it. Please take the effort to write down remembrances of your classmates before those memories are lost forever.


Selection of a gallery will take you to a grid display of all photos in that gallery. Clicking on any photo will take you to a large view of that photo, from which you can navigate through the gallery. The function bar at the bottom of the page provides access to additional features for that photo. Also, personal photos are acknowledged here.

Consider submitting photos for any and all galleries. Especially lacking are photos from all reunions. Credit will be given directly on the gallery page that your photo appears.

Also included are a few select video clips from reunion videos.


This section contains memories, recollections, war stories, fairly tales, and any narratives, true or near true (in other words, BS) as long as they are entertaining and invoke memories of "the way it was."


The History Section is generally early USAFA and Class History. If you have any documents, ANYTHING related to your life as a cadet, contact me about including it in the site. Nothing is too trivial or insignificant (as evidenced by some of the ephemera). History treatments are neither rigorous nor exhaustive. They are a snapshot or scrapbook of a particular topic, comprising photos and documents culled from the Special Collections archives. The history timelines are likely neverending projects. The USAFA History Timeline is mostly a repository for a variety of miscellaneous documents collected. The Class History Timeline is more of a search/reference device, linking to other content on the site. Clicking on many of the thumbnails will open a full-sized, readable document or link to a relevant gallery, etc.


The Class of 1975 has a Facebook page. It can become an nexus for the class community, especially for those active on Facebook. Take a look (you must be a Facebook member to access this page).


The Twitter account [75bestalive] is linked to this web site. Its purpose is to give classmates the opportunity to make comments and announcements. Also included is a feed of Jim Carlson's account [75classprez], which he can use to make announcements or disseminate any information he thinks is important or relevant.

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Please be aware that Twitter comments are public and can be seen by anyone.


A special thanks to the staff of the McDermott Library, Clark Special Collections Branch, for their generous cooperation and assistance with my research. MOST of the vintage photographs and many historical documents were culled from their archives, in the form of prints and negatives.


Perry Lamy: Massive quantities of documents to include Talon, Dodo, Falconews, brochures, papers, and documents.

Bill Estelle: A collection of publications, papers, and documents second only to that of Perry Lamy.

Dean Cox: Graduation ephemera.

Jim Marburger: Air show poster from graduation.

Jeff Chappell: Dodo magazines.

Mike Witherspoon: Dodo magazines.

Personal Photos: Akers, Barber, Barrowclough, Bryant, Buchta, Byrd, Carlson, Carson, Chappell, Cox, Douglas, Ehrhart, Estelle, Held, Henney, Janetta, Jude, Kent, Knoelling, Lamy, Lenci, Lewallen, Lyerly, Meyerrose, Naas, Narzinski, Osterheld, Park, Pomrenke, Roberts, Rogers, Romanowicz, Ruth, M., Waters, Witherspoon.

Legal Advisors

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The content of this site does not reflect the opinions, standards, policy or endorsement of the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Air Force, or the United States Government. Additionally, the appearance on this site of certain images, words or phrases is not meant to offend, insult, demean, or diminish the beliefs, feelings, or the self-esteem of any individual or group of individuals, nor is it meant to endorse or condemn any political perspective, religious belief or lifestyle choice. Words and/or phrases which fit into this category may include, but are not limited to: “men,” “bring me men,” and “amen.” No malice or offense is implied or intended. Please don't search for any. Thanks.

Your Responsibility ensure that what I have posted to this site is true and accurate. You are also hereby contractually obligated to submit to me any and all materials relevant to our class history...please.