Memories of...Future Wives

Marty Stytz


Met Gayl on the North Bridge, as she was trying to get across it to get down the Bring Me Men Core Values ramp.

Phil Saenger

Cadet chapel wall

Tim O'Connell

We met at the first Doolie Mixer on September 11, 1971 next to the east spiral stairs in the Arnold Hall Ballroom.

Greg Collier

I met my wife of 36 and a half years in Sep 1972 at the Lawrence Paul pavilion. Had been dumped by my high school girlfriend over the summer. My great friend from Miami, Florida Steve Kunkel (USAFA JC./ Univ. of Florida Aero/Astro ‘75) invited me to his 28th Squadron party and steak cookout up the hill from the chapel. Loretta Heights sent a bus and some girls drove down themselves to see what was up with the mountain monastery. As we entered the pavilion, Stevy pointed to a group of girls encircled by ogling/leering cadets as music played in the background. I asked the beautiful one to dance (she was a dance/ballet scholarship freshman). We ate steaks and after a great dinner, kissed. I didn't get her phone number, but said I would find her. Hunted her down on her campus the next weekend. Remember all the liberty we had as sophomores. Dated all year (thank you pre-med Firsty Stu Willis, banana yellow Porsche 914). Engaged Dec 1973. Married 7 Jun 75. Three kids and two grandkids later, I still think my Kathleen Anne (nee Hamilton) Collier is beautiful. I think going to the Academy set me up for the best meeting of my life. We have shared the 29 years of active, reserve and volunteer retired service, as well as my civilian airline career. Thirty-seventh anniversary this June [2012].

Dink Yurko

My wife of 32 years went to school at Temple Buell College/Colorado Women's College for three years.

Otto Dieffenbach

Susan Sherlock, LoHi, married from 1982 until 1997.

Rick Douglas

Russ Snyder – he married the SAME GIRL he arrived at the USAFA BOR 5 Jul 71 with!  No "Dear John"-by-Christmas-1971 letter for Russ. Nope. For 4 long years he faithfully and proudly kept a cute picture of his (Bossier City, LA) sweetheart Cecelia (standing next to a large tree trunk, so we called it the "Ce-Ce & the tree" pic) as his authorized, framed 8x10 "family photo" on his cadet desk for four years!


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