Memories of...Streakers 

Walt Pekarsky

Shortly after it was declared that streaking would not occur at the US Air Force Academy, the Wing was witness to a world record – the fastest dash through Mitchell Hall by a naked man. The event was reported on the front page of the Denver Post and the unclothed flash was never caught. You never can tell – he might be sitting right next to you.

Ed Zerambo

I believe that it is time the famous Mitchell Hall Streaker be revealed. I know the guys involved, but it is not my place to reveal the individuals, they should be asked to step forward and take credit for what was ONE OF THE MOST DARING escapades during our four years.

Jim Carlson

My 3-degree roommate, Colt Mefford, streaked across the terrazzo one frosty evening wearing nothing more than a “banana warmer” knitted for him by his then-girlfriend. I think the Apes [Air Police] chased him around awhile, but he managed to evade them. Not sure if the banana warmer did its job, or even stayed on. It was too cold to even entertain the idea of witnessing such an event (would’ve been different if it was a coed institution), but I seem to remember a few doolies were impressed by Colt’s audacity and enjoyed the spectacle.

Rick Douglas

A certain '75 squadron mate, now-AZ lawyer & judge; and a certain '75 squadron-mate, now-TX gynecologist; and I "splashed down" in each of the cadet area's many ice-covered Air Garden pools, then slammed our bodies against the fogged-over Command Post glass windows – scaring the Hell out of the previously-sedate, colored-aguillette-wearing Duty Officer & other cadet occupants – on a high-speed, winter night sortie in "less than full uniform" during the so-called "Streaker" novelty period. (Yes, I have the Kodak Instamatic color picture (night w/flash) for proof)

Dick Dye


During June week 1972, when it actually used to happen in June, two 3 degrees (class of 1974) in the room right next to mine decided to streak from our sixth floor penthouse in the old dorm of CS-14. They picked the Friday night before graduation, the night of the Ring Dining-In and Ring Dance for the class of 1973. They left the old dorm about 2100, just as the Ring Dining-In was breaking up. The ’73ers in penguin suits and their dates in formal gowns were leaving Mitch’s for Arnie’s and the dance. If you think about the geometry, that means that our illustrious ’74 duo were heading right into the line of formals and mess dress. So, we had two naked streakers heading right through the line of cadets and dates going to Arnie’s!

There is a streaking rumor that I’ll mention without trying to confirm. Supposedly, the first time streakers made national news was at LSU in 1971. Two guys made the news for running naked through the fountains and across the LSU campus. The USAFA connection is that these two were supposedly ex-USAFA (early dropouts) who brought their knowledge of streaking from our little-known institution to national prominence.

We had a CS-25 Dining-In at a hotel in Monument in the fall of 1973. We had a downstairs room while the guests were eating in the upstairs dining room. At least two of our 1974 members stripped down to shoes and streaked the party. I remember taking up a collection to get one of the waitresses to join in. There were several of our more inebriated squadron mates who wandered upstairs and puked in the dining room in front of the hotel’s guests. On the bus ride back to the Zoo, Dave Stinson passed out on my lap.

Streaker Unmasked

Jerry Wallace

Wearing only a ski mask and tennis shoes, an Air Force Academy cadet risked expulsion and ran naked through the school's dining hall more than 40 years ago.

The 1974 streaker's identity was a secret to most of his peers and academy officials. What became a memorable moment for many in the academy's 1975 graduating class turned into a decades-long question about the streaker's identity.

The mystery ended Friday night, at the class's 40th reunion, when the man revealed himself again to his classmates.

This time, Jerry Wallace was fully clothed. 

"It was great fun. It got us through three weeks at the academy," Wallace said before the reunion. "We had great fun doing it and it's still fun to think back."

After entering a hotel ballroom Friday night wearing a ski mask, Wallace took center stage in front of hundreds of his former classmates. He later uncovered his face to a standing ovation and chants of "Jerry." A dozen of his peers who helped with the prank later joined him there.

The 62-year-old was inspired, with three other cadets, to organize the prank as a challenge to the school's leadership. Cadets who ran naked through an event faced expulsion if caught.

Using military training and briefing skills they learned in school, Wallace said he and the others devised a covert plan to streak through the Academy's Mitchell Hall and into an awaiting vehicle. Football players blocked aisles to help with the getaway.

"No one else was stupid enough to volunteer," said Wallace, a retired lieutenant colonel. "It was a little scary because I didn't want to get kicked out of the academy."

But he didn't.

"There's been a legendary Mitchell Hall streaker for years who's never been caught," said Bruce Correll, a retired lieutenant colonel who worked with Wallace as a commercial airline pilot. "Finally after 40 years a lot of guys are speculating who it was."

About 15 years after the prank, Correll said he coaxed the secret out of Wallace and persuaded him to tell their classmates.

On stage in front of his peers Friday night, the legendary streaker was awarded two brass balls. But not before one of the members of the crowd yelled out "do it again!"

– Stephen Hobbs, Colorado Springs Gazette, 11 October 2015

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