Memories of...Shelleroni     

Marty Stytz

Got this one nailed. For some reason, I was asked some Contrails question before we took seats. I think it was just a carry-over from the “SI” just before dinner. Anyway, I gave an incomplete answer to whatever the question was, which led into a meal-long grilling on everything under the sun. I do remember doing cadets at the table, and cadets at the two previous tables. My classmates did get to eat a lot, as I was the star attraction for our table, and for a couple tables nearby. Anyway, when all was said and done, I had time for one bite of dessert and a piece of bread (which counted as the main course). So, I never had any shellaroni.

Tada! As a result, I was the ONLY person in the squadron that night who was NOT sick as a dog. I did my best to help my roommates, but I did enjoy watching the upperclass hurl everywhere, even after the toilets, showers, and bathroom sinks all stopped up. Downside was that I was the only smack available to empty trashcans in the morning for the entire squadron – most of which were full of the previous evening's repast.



Dick Dye

I remember going to the dispensary 3 consecutive Mondays with some sort of food poisoning. The third week, I was somewhere around number 384 who reported to the dispensary that particular day. There was a corpsman that had to interview us to determine what we’d eaten for the past few days. He looked at my medical file, “Cadet Richard Dye”. He asked, “Do you go by Dick?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Dick Dye, huh! I had that once in Hong Kong. Turned it all green!” To this day, it’s the only funny response I’ve ever gotten to my name. Many have tried; he is the only one who succeeded!

Gary Exelby

Somehow I managed to escape the first shellaroni episode as a 4°, but naturally everyone heard about it. They brought the dish out the next year when we were 3°s, and for some reason Dan Burkett was table commandant (guess it was one of those evenings where we took it over on our own and sat where we liked). I didn’t recognize it, but as soon as Dan saw it, he grabbed his knife and fork and made a crucifix to ward off the evil stuff.



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