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Duane Jones


Raider Ramstad was big into KAFA. So was Bill Davis. Duane Jones had a Sunday afternoon show for a while. Dave Janetta and I had a weekly "Dave and Duane Show" where we talked about upcoming wing activities. Nobody listened to it. We folded after a month or so.

Rick Douglas

Michael S. "Mickey" Peters (CS-34 Loose Hog, USAFA '75) was a KAFA jockey (with a velvety voice that led to dozens of eventual paternity suits)!

Terry Duncan

I, for one, was a DJ at KAFA my doolie year until one Saturday night I pulled a copy of Cheech and Chong's Dave from the archives and played it. I thought it was a hoot, but some second rate went ape and threatened me with a CDB. If you don't know the song, it's about some half-stoned guy who has been out buying weed but didn't bring the keys to his apartment, and he now has to convince his thoroughly-stoned roommates to let him back into the apartment. Knock-knock-knock! Hey it's me, Dave, lemme in!!! Dave - Is that you Dave? Yeah it's me let me in, I got the stuff!!! Duhh Daaave? Yeah it's me lemme-in damnit! Duuh Dave? Yeah! Dave's not here!!!?? 

The only other DJ I still remember was our classmate and Prepee, Rick Mokarski, but he never made it out of Ac-Pro our doolie year, and bailed at its end. I think he lives in Sturgis, Michigan now. 


Don Snelgrove

One KAFA DJ was Bill Davis. I remember listening to my old roommate on the airwaves every now and then!

Bill Davis

I was involved with KAFA all four years, and was the station manager our firstie year. Though I should be able to remember everyone's names, brain cells seem to be in short supply these days. I'm going to have to find an old roster to show which '75ers are missing from your list.

I do know that Bill Osborne and I had a radio show together – We called it the "Bill Squared Show." Ditto on Duane's comment . . . "nobody listened to it." I think we lasted a little more than a month. But hey, when you're the station manager, you can have it your way.

Dave Dyche

I too was a KAFA DJ for our 2nd degree and Firstie years. That last year I pulled the late Sunday night (2000 to taps) shift so I got to make a few trails across the grass/snow after hours – nothing like virgin snow (well, almost nothing). Like Dunc' I played a song or two that I probably shouldn't have . . . but I didn't get nailed for it. Probably nobody was listening or coherent enough late Sundays!

Bob Hickcox

Dale Burchby ('74) Got me involved in KAFA, part of sophmore and junior years. He was looking for someone to take the 10 pm to 1:30 am slot on Saturday night, and since I wasn't dating, I was willing to do so. I liked digging out comedy clips from the file cabinet and interspersing them in the regular play formula. I learned the hard way that I had to be careful, as I picked one that had missed screening and featured Sandy Baron saying one of George Carlin's 7 Words. That came off the turntable at record speed. Never heard anything about it.

Pete Marcuzzo

I am pretty sure my roommate for one semester, Raider Ramstad, was a disc jockey. I do not know if he did it a lot, but I know he did some.

KAFA Radioheads

Duane Jones, Dave Janetta, Raider Ramstad, Mike Peters, Terry Duncan, Bill Davis, Rick Mokarski, David DycheBob Hickcox.


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