Horoscope     5 July 1971

Astrological Forecast


21 Mar-19 Apr

Although recreation is on your mind, there are practical affairs that need to be handled first. A fascinating contact is most helpful where finances are concerned. Evening is excellent for social activities.


20 Apr-20 May

You had better not rely on help from kin until after sundown, at which time they are solicitous and cooperative. Do some entertaining at home in the PM. Rid yourself of whatever disturbs harmony.


21 May-21 Jun

Get out and visit with good friends so you relieve tensions that have you feeling depleted. You get excellent ideas on how to be far more successful in the future. Think positively.

Moon Children

22 Jun-21 Jul

Don’t bring up subjects that could cause arguments between kin and outsiders during day. Wait until PM when they are in a most reasonable mood. Postpone some personal aim until a better day comes. Get to bed early tonight.


22 Jul-21 Aug

Be as diplomatic as possible in business so you do not jeopardize good reputation you now enjoy. Avoid civic activities right now. Evening will then be a happy, harmonious time.


22 Aug-22 Sep

That excellent idea you have is best put into operation after 5PM when you get quick success. Listen to what a new associate has to say early in the day. This can be most helpful to you.


23 Sep-22 Oct

Friends are anxious to be with you during day, which is fine, since financial affairs cannot be solved well until PM. Do some of that shopping you have put off. Some person you meet today can be most helpful in the future.


23 Oct-21 Nov

You find just the right solution to some problem existing between an associate and a higher up and can also profit by your efforts in his or her behalf. Others are quite determined, so tread lightly, but hold your ground.


22 Nov-21 Dec

You have too much work during day so plan to make those new contacts in the early evening for best results. Much care in every phase of your work is necessary. Avoid arousing ill will of co-workers.


22 Dec-20 Jan

Although fun is on your mind during day, you had better attend to pressing obligations instead of playing. Don’t make a fetish of them, though. Evening is best time for being with congenial people.


21 Jan-19 Feb

A family tie and an outsider are having an argument. Mind your own business and all will soon blow over. You may find it difficult to solve some problem during the day, but tonight it is easy.


20 Feb-20 Mar

You can make this an enjoyable day, but first get your surroundings in order and see that they are clean and comfortable. Begin week properly by giving your support to a plan which an associate has discussed with you.

This is the actual horoscope published on 5 July 1971 in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, thus irrefutably proving that astrology is real.