You May Be a Fourth Degree If...

You find crossing the halls to be a privilege, and the ability to do flanking movements makes you unreasonably happy.

Reveille still scares the s*** out of you. does "Staff, fall out and make corrections"

No matter what you are doing, "You are wrong."

You've ever had "mandatory fun," which is more than likely NOT so much fun.

After you kill your still comes back...even if you stomp it through the ground a few times.

The stories that you think are hilarious...really aren't to the outside world.

You know that 10,000 apples can fit in a typical USAFA dorm room without furniture...and you plan on testing it on 100s night.

The upperclassmen yell at you and all YOU hear is, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT!! LOOOUUUUD NOISES!"

You're already counting down the days till you graduate, and the seniors, and the juniors, and the sophomores...

You know that if you sound-off loud enough, you can piss off the upperclassmen and they'll leave you alone.

You have mandatory breakfast...and lunch.

Everything you own has some BLUE in it.

You've heard "we've only done 2 pushups and you're already broken?!"...after being in the front-leaning rest for 20 min.

You consider yourself lucky when you get to sleep under the covers.

You think sleeping until 0630 is a luxury.

Your parents put fewer restrictions on you than your upperclassmen do.

You get beat for not saying "Good Morning" to someone.

"No excuse, sir" are the three words that come out of your mouth most.

Taps is the most sobering melody you've ever heard...because it reminds you that it's late and you aren't even close to finishing your work yet. 

Also, any other song played throughout the day brings you BACK to reality and makes you think about that terrazzo drop again.

The word "chemistry" makes you shudder in abject fear.

Even after you're allowed to greet with Cadet Last still recite in your head their rank, full name, and position in the Wing.

You iron better than your mom.

You start your prayers, "Dear God, Sir" or "God, may I ask question..."

You went home and told your friends about the things that go on here and they called you a liar, you quickly replied that you could NOT be lying for you are under an honor code.

You are brainwashed into singing when you hear the words, "Off we go..." 

You've ever got beat for calling a ma'am a sir, and had to repeat "Ma'am, you're a ma'am, not a sir ma'am, one ma'am!"

You're too used to military time to go back to reading analog clocks the same way.

Shutting your door seems like a covert operation.

"Bed rest" is one of the greatest phrases in the English language.

You hate having to use the back stairwell ALL the time.

Your idea of a perfect night at college doesn't involve drinking, but rather going to bed by 2000.

You and your friends get all dressed up to go out and you all look exactly the same...

You're excited about the cold weather because it means you don't have to run.









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