Memories of...BCT Roommates

Marty Stytz


I lost 3 during First BCT, and had the room to myself for 10 days.

Jim Carlson

The only roommate from doolie year that graduated was Barry Ketchie. The others that attrited were: Tom Cronin, Tom Metzroth, and Clark Culp. Later upperclass roommates (seven in all) fared better and all graduated, thereby removing the curse.

Muddy Waters

During first BCT, I was in a 3-man room with Gernot Pomrenke and Randy Patrick. Randy dropped out after our doolie year – I saw him at the football game at our 30th reunion. Gernot was a great roommate – hard working, low profile, etc. Randy and I were less effective at avoiding unwanted attention.

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