Memories of...AOCs

Hugo Gray


CS-15 in 1973 (may have to check the records) – Changing AOCs for 1 & 2 degrees was always iffy – you got used to the old one and knew him. Our outgoing AOC, Capt Graham, was an easygoing engineer, fair and not easily rattled. We genuinely liked him. The new AOC was Capt Bill Lucas. The first meeting with the 2 degrees in the squadron TV room, he seemed wound a bit tight (in hindsight, it was new to him too). One of my classmates asked him where he stood on the cadet rule book (forgot the reg number).... he seemed a bit puzzled by the question, asked us for a copy, then put it on the floor and stood on it. "I stand on the full rule book" he declared, "I support it in totality!" We couldn't stop laughing, but we nick named him "Cool Hand" Lucas anyway and he turned out to be not a bad guy, just a different style.....

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