40th Squadron               Activated 1969     Deactivated 1999     Reactivated 2006









Description: The patch is a red circular emblem, bordered in gold, with a lower scroll. The blue dome of an Arabic mosque is in the center, flanked on either side by crossed silver scimitars. The yellow Roman numeral “XL” is inside the dome and the words “ALI BABA,” in blue, are in the lower scroll.

Significance: The colors, gold, red, silver, and blue represent the four classes at the Academy. The scimitars signify the strength and fierceness of an Arabian soldier, and the mosque symbolizes the Squadron’s name, Ali Baba, the Roman numeral “XL” designates the Fortieth Squadron, and also forms the word “EXCEL,” the squadron’s goal.

History: This is the squadron’s original patch, adopted in 1969 and worn until 1987.

Nickname: "Ali Baba"

  1970 – 1986



At first glance the patch may appear only to designate the squadron number, however when said together, the letters “XL” for the word “EXCEL,” to goal of the 40th. In the fall of 1969 the ultimate squadron, 40, had been reached.  – C3C James Pinc, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


We are “Ali Baba and the Forty Cadets.” Our patch symbolizes our cunning, spirit, and overall desire to be the best in the Wing. As far as we are concerned, we ARE the best, and we prove it time and time again. We are living proof that the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t have to be a train.  – 1975 Polaris





Patch Description






Description: The patch is an odd diamond shape edged in black. It has a sky blue background. Along the bottom edge, against a gray background, in black letters, are the words “CLOSING FOR THE KILL.” In the top corner, the patch has a red sun with four red sunbeams emanating from it. Inside the sun is the Roman numeral “XL,” or 40. The main item on the patch is a green and brown camouflaged P-40 Warhawk with a tigershark mouth. The aircraft has its six .50 caliber machine guns firing and in the background, a black enemy aircraft is falling from the sky, leaving in its wake a trail of black smoke.

Significance: The patch has the four colors, gold, blue, silver, and red, representing the four Academy classes. The red sun and the Roman numeral “XL” link the present members of the Fortieth Squadron with those of the past, when the squadron was known as “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” The P-40 Warhawk links the Fortieth Cadet Squadron to the heritage of the Air Force, and to the men who fought and died in the early years of air combat. These P-40 pilots were quick thinking, fun loving, dedicated, and courageous, qualities embraced by the members of the Fortieth Squadron.

History: This is the squadron’s second patch, adopted in 1987 and worn until 2009.

Nickname: "Warhawks"

  1987 – 2009






Nickname: "Warhawks"

  2010 –