39th Squadron               Activated 1969     Deactivated 1999     Reactivated 2006









Description: The patch consists of a red “39” embroidered within the nucleus of a yellow atom. Yellow electrons on a blue background orbit the nucleus. The blue field is outlined in white. At the bottom of the patch the squadron motto, “Potentia Vincere,” is in yellow on a blue background.

Significance: Potentia Vincere means  “The Power to Conquer,” symbolizing the power of the atom. The atom describes the unlimited abilities inherent in each squadron member, as well as the squadron as a whole. The four colors of the patch, red, yellow, blue, and white, are for the four class colors. The interweaving of the colors produces  a unified design, symbolic of cooperation among the classes necessary to ensure an effective squadron.

History: This is the squadron’s original patch, adopted in 1969 and worn until 1981. It was reinstated in 1991 and worn until 2015. The transition date from a blue to black background is unknown.

Nickname: "Campus Radicals"   "Jedi Knights"

Motto: "The Power to Conquer"

  1970 – 1981, 1992 – 2014



One of the latest additions to the Wing, the squadron has graduated only four classes. Gary Adkinson, ’70, was the first cadet to receive his senior parachutist wings and Steve Berta, ’70, graduated first in his class. The 379th Bombardment Wing, Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan, is the current squadron sponsor.  ­– C3C Carl Nordgren, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


1975 Polaris: Beneath the patch in yellow is the motto “Potentia Vincere” which means “The Power to Conquer.” The “39.” Encircled by orbiting electrons, is symbolic of the power of the atom and is indicative of our squadron’s energy and spirit. The interweaving colors produce a unified design and correspond to the unity of classes in the Wing.  – 1975 Polaris


Description: The patch is rectangular in shape and edged in gray. Its dominant figure is a gray X-Winged space fighter which has a single red stripe. This is a fictional spacecraft taken from George Lucas’s Star Wars movies. The fighter is rocketing around a dark blue planet and leaving a gold flame in its wake. The right side background is the black of space, while the left side background is part of the blue planet. In the upper left side of the patch, there is a large red “39” followed by a smaller gray “JEDI.”

Significance: The four dominant colors on the patch, gold, blue, silver, and red, represent the different classes at the Air Force Academy. The squadron chose the name “Jedi Knights” because they were highly skilled, courageous, and dedicated to a higher calling. They were defenders of justice and freedom. The cadet squadron felt these traits represented the characteristics of the members of the Thirty-Ninth Squadron.

History: This is the squadron’s second patch, adopted in 1981. It was retired in 1991 and the original 1970 patch was reinstated.

Nickname: "Jedi Knights"   "Campus Radicals"

  1982 – 1991






Nickname: "Jedi Knights"   "Cool Campus Radicals"

  2015 –