30th Squadron               Activated 1968








1969     "Roadrunners"

Description: The patch is a large circular emblem bordered in dark green and white. The dark red inscription “ROADRUNNERS” is at the top. An emerald green circle with an aircraft and its contrails is in the center. The Roadrunner cartoon character and the bright orange numeral “32” are in front of the green field. The squadron motto, “Catch Us if You Can,” is on the bottom of the patch.

Alternate Description: A roadrunner with purple plume and body, yellow beak and gold legs, grey neck and wings, stands alert on a field of green flanked by the red numerals “3” and “2.” Behind him a jet streaks away into the distance, leaving a faint contrail. A white border edged in black circles the green field. At the top of this border in red letters is the squadron nickname “ROADRUNNERS,” and at the bottom, their motto, “Catch Us if You Can.”

Significance: The Roadrunner represents speed and craftiness, as he always cleverly evades numerous encounters with the infamous coyote. Consistent with the idea of craftiness and speed is the jet aircraft soaring to the top of the patch, symbolizing flight and the aspirations of new careers.

Alternate Significance: The squadron wanted a patch that would be symbolic of the unit pride and adhere to the great tradition of squadron patches that date back to Rickenbacker’s “Hat in the Ring” Squadron. They chose the cocky little roadrunner to symbolize their pride in squadron and self. The jet indicates their desire to join other pilots of the United States Air Force and be up and away to greater and better service. The Roadrunners challenge all others to “Catch Us if You Can.”

History: This is the squadron’s original patch.

Nickname: "Roadrunners"

Motto: “Catch Us if You Can”

  1970 –



The Roadrunners challenge all others to “Catch Us if You Can.” The Roadrunner symbolizes the cocky cartoon character and the jet indicates the desire to join other pilots for greater service. The Roadrunners are sponsored by the 380th Bombardment Wing, Plattsburg AFB, New York.  – C3C Tyrie Robbins, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


The Thirty-second Squadron cadets chose their patch to symbolize their pride. The cocky roadrunner represents the pride each cadet has in himself and in his squadron. The jet in the background indicates a desire of each cadet to join other pilots in the United States Air Force. The Roadrunner squadron challenges all other squadrons to “Catch Us if You Can.”  – 1975 Polaris