31th Squadron               Activated 1968









Description: This patch is a navy blue circular emblem bordered in silver. A small, curved emblem with the words “THIRTY-ONE” embroidered in royal blue is on top. An astronaut wearing a silver, red, blue, and gold spacesuit is in the center. A gold umbilical line curves around the astronaut. Stars, three gold and one silver, are located in each corner of the patch.

Significance: The astronaut signifies the Air Force dedication to space exploration and the endless opportunities available to each cadet. The fours stars represent each of the four classes.

History: This is the squadron’s original patch and was worn from 1970 until 1972.

Nickname: "Grim Reapers"

  1970 – 1972






Request for Approval c.1968





1972     "Grim Reapers"

Description: The patch is a blue-gray circular emblem bordered in black. A portrayal of the “Grim Reaper” dominates the patch. He has a gray and white skull and hands, and is wearing a black cloak. He is holding a gold Roman numeral “XXXI” by a chain in his right hand and scythe in his left.

Significance: The “Grim Reaper” represents the reality of death and serves to remind cadets they have, as members of the Armed Forces, dedicated their lives to their country. This dedication distinguishes the military profession from all others.

History: This is the squadron’s second patch, adopted in 1972.

Nickname: "Grim Reapers"

  1973 –



The squadron entered the wing in 1968 and established themselves immediately by being selected to march in President Nixon’s first Inaugural Parade for excellence in drill competition. The Southern Communication Unit, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma is the squadron sponsor.  – C3C James Lowe, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


The patch of Thirty-First Squadron represents the grim reality of death. The dominant feature, the Grim Reaper, serves to remind us that we have pledged our lives to the defense of our country. Even in the face of death, however, we are unified in our efforts. Not pawns, we are men of dedication, spirit, and professionalism with the fortitude to stand our ground, though others may falter.  – 1975 Polaris





Request for Approval 1972