29th Squadron               Activated 1967








1968     "Black Panthers"

Description: The patch is a white circular emblem with a gold border. The central figure is a black panther. The panther is crouching on the top of the horizontal bar of the red roman numerals “XXIX.”

Significance: The black panther represents the quick strength and cunning of the Air Force, the panther’s crouched stance is a reminder that the Air Force is always ready. The white background symbolizes the virtue and nobility of man. The red Roman numerals symbolize the fact that as has been with us since antiquity and the mission of the Air Force is to defend the country.

History: This is the squadron’s original patch.

Nickname: "Black Panthers"

  1968 –



The black panther depicts the silent courage of today’s Air Force. The Black Panthers are sponsored by the 2 Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. In 1973 they were honored as one of two squadrons to march in the Presidential Inaugural Parade.  – C3C Rick Bozzuto, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


The black panther depicts the silent courage and speed of our modern Air Force. Black, as in the traditional, philosophic sense, represents the secular existence of an ominous force that influences the lives of men and policies of nations. The red symbolizes the blood that has been and will be spilled in war. The white background opposes the black of the panther and all it represents. The white also symbolizes the hope and enlightenment of men.  – 1975 Polaris