13th Squadron               Activated 1959








1962     "Bulldogs"

Description: A bulldog face in black, silver, and white is centered on a circular blue field, bordered in black. His collar is royal blue studded with white spikes. Behind his head is a wide streak of silver lightning. Across the bottom of the circle on a white ribbon, bordered in black, are the blue letters “13th SQ AFCW.”

Significance: The bulldog emblem has special significance for the 13th Squadron’s achievement is due to their “dogged” determination to keep their standards above all others. The bulldog emblem represents the squadron fighting spirit and traditions of continued excellence. The darker blue collar of the bulldog and the light blue background are used to employ the squadron colors. The silver lightning streak and blue background are the color of the Cadet Wing.

History: This is the squadron’s original patch. In the academic year 1960-1961, as winners of the Honor Squadron competition, General Ira Eaker told the members of 13th Squadron that this achievement was due to their “dogged” determination, thus suggesting the theme for their squadron emblem.

Nickname: "Bulldogs" or "Bulldawgs"

  1965 –


Since 1960, the 13th has been the home of Brock Strom, the first Academy All-America football player. The Bulldogs have been the Honor Squadron five times and are being sponsored by the 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Wing, Scott AFB, Illinois.  – C3C Daniel Janik, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


Thirteenth Squadron has long been known throughout the wing as a group of tough, persistent individuals. In light of this, the Bulldog was selected as the symbol for our squadron’s patch. A lightning bolt in the background symbolizes the bulldog’s calm manner, but the ability to respond immediately when challenged.  
– 1975 Polaris





Request for Approval 1961

Squadron History c.1961