10th Squadron               Activated 1958








1962     "Tiger Ten"

Description: The patch is a circle of sky-blue bordered in black. It shows the head of a snarling tiger at its center. Four white lightning bolts spring from the tiger's head. A white cloud sits immediately above the tiger's head, and a white Arabic numeral "10" is at the bottom of the patch. There may be a distinct color variation, a dark blue background, on one version.

Significance: The tiger, the supreme symbol of tenacity and aggressiveness, was chosen by the 10th Squadron to symbolize the tradition of the Flying Tigers of World War II. The lightning bolts and cloud symbolize power and the horizons open to members of the squadron.

History: This is the original squadron patch, designed by Terry Isaacson and John Lukasik, both Class of 1964.

Nickname: "Tiger Ten"

  1965 –


  Among the squadron’s outstanding graduates is Terry Issacson, ’64, an All-American wrestler. Michael Jackson, ’69, a recent returning POW, was also a member of the 10th. They were chosen Honor Squadron in 1972-1973 and are sponsored by the 27th Tactical fighter Wing, Cannon AFB, New Mexico.  C3C John Tree, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974

  The tiger, with its characteristic courage, strength, and fierceness, is an ideal symbol of the competitive spirit for which 10th Squadron is noted. The lightning bolts symbolize the striking power of the United States Air Force and the unreachable strength the squadron displays to maintain its leadership position. The clouds on a blue field symbolize the unlimited freedom that nurtures the motto, “Always in Competition.”  – 1975 Polaris


Personal Recollections


I have no idea what you have on record for the creation of the Tiger Ten patch, but I can tell you that I designed it in 1960 or 1961 (I’m not certain) and got ten dollars for winning the squadron patch design contest. I traced the Tiger’s head from the centerfold of a Playboy magazine, threw in the cloud formation and a couple of lightning bolts, and the rest is history. Terry Issacson, Class of 1964, (December 2002)





Request for Approval 1961

Patch History c.1963