4th Squadron               Activated 1955








1962     "Fightin' Fourth"

Description: The patch is a basic circular design. A large red “4” is on the right side with a white, three-dimensional backing. A white contrail originating from infinity passes through the center of the “4” and emanates from a silver pair of Prop and Wings. A light blue star burst is behind the Prop and Wings and a white rectangle with the words “Fightin’ Fourth” in black is curved across the top of the patch.

Significance: “Fightin’ Fourth” is the motto of the Fourth Cadet Squadron. The bold printing symbolizes the pride and polished attitude of each of the squadron members. The Prop and Wings are the symbol of an upper class cadet. The colors gold, blue, silver, and red are representative of the four class colors at the Air Force Academy.

History: This is the original Fourth Squadron patch. The motto “Fightin’ Fourth” was given to the squadron in recognition of Fourth Squadron’s defense of the falcons against mascot thieves at Lowry AFB. Being an original squadron patch, it is a symbol to all Fourth Squadron graduates of the squadron’s winning tradition.

Nickname: “Fightin’ Fourth”

  1965 –



They have the distinction of being one of the first squadrons at the Academy. One squadron graduate was Monty Moorberg, All America Football. Monty died in an F-105 over Vietnam. Presently the squadron is sponsored by the 92nd Bomb Wing, Fairchild AFB, Washington.  – C3C Terry Petrie, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974.


The motto “Fightin’ Fourth” symbolizes the pride and polished attitude of each of the squadron members. The silver prop and wings emphasizes the role of the upper classmen. Behind the prop and wings is a white contrail that streams endlessly beyond. The contrail is the future of each cadet that graduates from the Air Force Academy. The colors yellow, blue, silver, and red are for each class. – 1975 Polaris