2nd Squadron               Activated 1955









Description: This patch is blue circular bordered in black with a silver eagle in the center. Behind the eagle, a stylized numeral “2” is embroidered in a subdued blue outlined in white. A golden sunburst shines through the eagle’s wings. A five-point star with a scarlet circle within the star is at the eagle’s feet.

Significance: Present on the patch are the colors gold, red, blue, and silver, representing the four classes and the numeral “2” represents Second Squadron. The eagle represents the power, strength, and majesty of the United States.

History: This is assumed to be the squadron’s first patch, worn from 1962 to 1966.

  1965 – 1966






Emblem Description 1965





1966     "Deuce"

Description: The patch is triangular in shape and edged in black. It has a light blue background. Two delta-winged aircraft are climbing vertically in echelon with red fire streaks trailing downward from the aircraft. Both fire streaks blend together symmetrically into the lower horizontal. Across the solid red bottom of the patch is the word “Deuce.”

Significance: The two aircraft climbing vertically from their trailing fire streaks symbolizes the cadets’ pursuit of their ultimate goal of flight or flight support in the Air Force.

History: This is the squadron’s second patch, worn from 1966 until 1972.

Motto: “Second to None.”

Nickname: "Deuce"

  1967 – 1972






Emblem Description 1966





1972     "Deuce"

Description: The patch is a large circular emblem with a thin silver border. A banner inscribed with the word “Deuce” is on top of the circle. A Roman numeral II, emerging from a white contrail is on a black field. A red and blue contrail produced by two jet aircraft are on either side of the white contrail.

Significance: The red, white, and blue contrails represent the colors of the American flag. The Roman numeral II identifies the Second Cadet Squadron. The black background signifies the vastness of space. Man’s conquest of space is signified by the planes originating from the top of the field and the three contrails represent the three areas in which all cadets strive to excel: military, academics, and athletics.

History: This patch was designed and first used by Second Squadron in 1972 and is the third patch in the squadron’s history.

Nicknames: "Deuce"   "Tuff Two"

1973 –



“Tuff Two” began its history when it was awarded Honor Squadron for 1959-1960. In 1967-68 they were presented the Air Force Association Trophy for Outstanding Squadron and the Academic Achievement Trophy by the Air Training command. They were also named intramural champions in ’68 and were presented the Gillen-Slezak Memorial Trophy in ’73. The squadron is sponsored by the 437th Military Airlift Wing (MAW) Charlston AFB, South Carolina.  – C3C Douglas Ford, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


The patch of Second Squadron expresses very precisely the attitude and philosophy of its members. The two delta-winged aircraft sweep out of the darkness toward new horizons in the pursuit of knowledge. The aircraft represents the F-102 Delta Dagger, with which Second Squadron cadets chose to illustrate the high levels of character they seek to attain as Air Force Officers.  – 1975 Polaris