1st Squadron               Activated 1955









Description: The emblem is the shape of a spearhead, bordered in black, with two colored fields, the upper one green and the lower one black. The fields are separated by a black diagonal strip edged in white. A black Maltese Cross trimmed in white is on the green field and a gold griffin is on the black field. The phrase “First Takes Care of its Own” is written in black letters on a gold scroll beneath the black field.

Significance: The griffin is a creature taken from Greek Mythology that seeks hidden treasures while protecting its own treasure from intruders. The griffin symbolizes the search for the treasure of knowledge in areas yet unknown and unexplored. The Maltese Cross, historically awarded to the bravest and most courageous military men indicates a devotion to duty and a dedication of success. The cross is positioned above the black diagonal strip indicating a higher ideal in life to which man should strive.

History: The emblem is fashioned after the famous First Fighter Wing, the original squadron sponsor. The colors green, gold, and black, the Maltese Cross, and the diagonal strip are similar to the First Fighter Wing emblem (Examples, Right). This patch is the original First Cadet Squadron patch.

Nickname: "Griffins"   "Mighty Mach One"

Motto: "First Takes Care of its Own"

  1965 –


This emblem is fashioned after the emblem of historically famous First Fighter Wing. The Griffin is taken from Greek Mythology and is a creature that seeks hidden treasure and protects its own from intruders. The First continues to compete in all realms of cadet life under its sponsor the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing (TAW), Little Rock, Arkansas.  – C3C Orval W. Porritt, Class of 1976, Falconews, 29 March 1974


The First Squadron patch has its origin in the shield and crest of the First Fighter-Interceptor Group. Black and green were the colors of the Group when it formed, and these colors are used on our patch now. The cross represents one of the five major engagements the group participated in during WWI. The Griffin is our own addition, and symbolizes the quest for knowledge and honor. Most of all, our patch is indicative of our motto: “First takes care of its own.”  – 1975 Polaris