USAFA Dedication Poem

Air Force Academy Dedication

Extension of Remarks
Honorable Wayne N. Aspinall
of Colorado
In the House of Representatives
Wednesday, July 6, 1955

Mr Aspinall: Mr. Speaker, Colorado’s poet laureate, Mr. Milford E. Shields, makes his usual inspiring contribution to the outstanding events of the day in one of his most recent poems. Under leave to extend my remarks, I give you Air Force Academy Dedication, July 11, 1955, and commend it to my colleagues for their reading:

As our strong eagle guards our Nation free,
So have our peerless airmen come to be;
Forged in the image of his spirit bold,
They will wing on to duties manifold.

To house this noble and dynamic breed
Has this academy been well decreed;
Here on this high and patriotic ground
Shall rise their outpost of the air profound.

This day of destiny we dedicate
This institution to our country great;
We seal it to the service of our land,
And flaming glory freemen understand.

Lord God of Liberty wing with us here
Until earth’s tyrannies shall disappear;
Grant us that turbulence of men shall cease
And airmen fly the skies in worldwide peace.