Our Heritage

Paul DeSisto


This photo was of my Dad's B-24 crew out of Ceringola, Italy. Dad is standing, second from the right...the one with no hat.

The picture of Dad getting the award is his Distinguished Flying Cross, which was quite rare for an enlisted crew member. His aircraft was hit by flak, and caught fire. As Flight Engineer he put the fire out at altitude withlut oxygen, due to it’s flammability. Dad also had four Air Medals.

The picture of the sign with his name on the street corner is from November, 2016. He grew up in a house two doors from the corner. The City of Revere, Massachusetts, where he was a firefighter and later the head of the city health department erected the memorial in his honor five months after his passing on June 2016.  If you magnify the picture you can see that it says “Distinguished Flying Cross” above his name.