Our Heritage

Michael DeHart


While stationed in Japan in the early ‘50s, my dad earned his black belt in judo from the Kodokan Judo Institute, the world headquarters for the sport of judo. No small accomplishment!! He was very active in the sport for many years. While he was stationed at Lowry AFB, he also taught Judo to the first few classes of USAFA cadets who were initially stationed there while the Academy was being built in C Springs. I remember him telling me about a Judo class in which Brock Strom, the captain of USAFA’s undefeated football team in 1958 and who helped lead the team to the Cotton Bowl, surprised my dad with a leg tackle take down. He later founded one of the largest judo clubs in the USAF at Chanute AFB Illinois, and coached several MAJCOM teams to AF championships. Dad was a great athlete and went on to achieve the rank of third degree black belt.