Our Heritage

Scott Arnott


My father was an NCO and B-17 Aerial Photographer, including Schweinfurt! After World War II, he got out, rejoined for Korea, and separated after the war to take care of his Mom when his Dad died. One heck of a role model, but I've never reached his level of caring, and absolute belief in equality, and love of family and God! When I enlisted, and later was commissioned, the only assignment I was within a 1,000 miles of my parents was my last, as Commander of the first ACC Flight Test Team in Melbourne, Florida. They, and my little brother and his family lived in Orlando. At least all the families were close for a few years!

Service has been the family business since a guy named Sgt Matthews, served on Gen Washington's staff. His son did the War of 1812. I had ancestors on both sides of the Civil War, my Grand-Dad in World War I, my Dad in World War II and during Korea. I wandered through Vietnam, the Korean Crisis after the tree-cutting incident, Desert Shield/Storm, then Bosnia and Herzegovina under NATO Command. My last job commanding a hand-picked Flight Test unit was clearly one of the best! I was blessed!