The Dodo Archives     1957-1975

This collection of Dodo magazines was amassed from the USAFA McDermott Library, Special Collections Section, in addition to personal collections of classmates and alumni. Some issues have missing pages, and some undoubtedly have pages wrongly attributed to a particular issue. Contributions, corrections, and clarifications always appreciated.

Volume and issue numbering of the original magazine was inconsistent and sometimes simply wrong. The original numbering system attributed a new volume number to each academic year. I have continued that convention even when it conflicted with the annotation of the actual issues, so each successive volume here is a new academic year. For a master cross-referenced list with actual issue, volume number, and dates, click the link, right.

Personal Recollections


As I recall, the Dodo started in Second Squadron, two rooms across from each other, residents Dick Lee, John Reeves, Larry Fortner and me. I think Reeves was the actual instigator. Both Lee and Reeves are gone and as far as I know did not leave much in the way of old collections.

– Lt Gen Bradley Hosmer, Class of 1959 (April 2020)



I seriously doubt that they [The Dodos] were read by the Cadets. Our schedule was so full that we did not have time to read about what we were doing. We had plenty to keep us occupied with the courses we were taking and they were the priority for our reading and studying time. We had a solid “lights out” at 2200. Reveille was likely at 0600. Classes were Monday thru Friday with a half day on Saturday and then a Parade after lunch. 

Paul Lasen, Class of 1959 (May 2020)




Paul Lassen, Class of 1959, for his contribution of several early Dodos, including the very first issue.



Michael Ditmore and David Connaughton, Class of 1965, for their contribution of several Dodo issues. Check out their Dodo archive website


Volume 1     1957



Volume 2     1957-1958



Volume 3     1958-1959


Volume 4     1959-1960



Volume 5     1960-1961 


Volume 6     1961-1962


Volume 7     1962-1963

Volume 8     1963-1964



Volume 9     1964-1965



Volume 10     1965-1966



Volume 11     1966-1967



Volume 12     1967-1968


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Volume 15     1970-1971


     Volume 16     1971-1972



     Volume 17    1972-1973



     Volume 18     1973-1974

     Volume 19     1974-1975