Class Statistics

  Appointed: 1404, 5 July 1971
  Graduated: 756, 4 June 1975
  Not Commissioned: 3
  Foreign Cadets: Hernan Echaurren-Vial (Chile), Jose Castro-Aguirre (El Salvador), Rod Saavedra-Ferrere (Uruguay)
  Other Service Commission: Army (2), Navy (4), USMC (2)
  Embodiment of Cadet Mythology: Ed Balducci as "Nino Baldacci"
  Oldest: John Robert Cass
  2nd Oldest: Jerry Lunn Manthei
  Youngest: Timothy Gilbert Murphy
  2nd Youngest: Daniel Leo Falvey


Candidate Statistics

  Total Nominations 11027  
  Total Candidates 6906  
  Candidates Completing All Tests 5108  
  Candidate Withdrawals 966  
  Qualified Candidates 2082  
  Appointments Offered 1682  
  Declinations 245  
  Appointments Withdrawn 33  
  Entered 1404  



Age at Entry

  Pilot 946 (67.4%)   17 449 (32.0%)  
  Navigator 211 (15.0%)   18 765 (54.4%)  
  USAFA 247 (17.6%)   19 147 (10.5%)  
        20 25 (1.8%)  
        21 18 (1.3%)  


Educational Background

Prep School Background

  Prior College Prep School 24 (1.7%) USAF Prep School 134 (9.5%)
  Prior College Only 79 (5.6%) Millard 46 (3.3%)
  Prep School Only 163 (11.6%) Northwestern 5 (0.4%)
  High School Only 1138 (81.1%) Other 2 (0.1%)


Extracurricular Activities in High School

  Class President 11%
  Class Vice-President 7%
  Boy's State or Boy's Nation Delegate 21%
  Outstanding Student Award 35%
  Citizenship Award 19%
  Student Government President 12%
  Yearbook or Newspapaer Editor or Business Manager 7%
  Yearbook or Newspaper Assistent Editor 12%
  Band or Orchestra 22%
  Debate Team 9%
  Dramatic Productions 29%
  Chorus or Glee Club 15%
  Athletic Letter Awards  
       Football 32%
       Basketball 17%
       Baseball 12%
       Track 27%


Graduation Statistics

  Entered     Losses    
       New Cadets 1401        Turnbacks Out 1  
       Re-Appointment 3        Eliminated    
       Turnbacks In 0             Medical 25  
       Foreign 3             Conduct 2  
  Total 1407             Aptitude 4  
                  Aptitude and Conduct 5  
                  Academic 124  
                  Aptitude and Academic 0  
             Deceased 1  
                  Career Goals 312  
                  Honor 24  
                  Academic 5  
                  Environmental Adjustment 131  
                  Other 17  
        Total 651  


Commissioned in Other Services at Graduation

  Baxter, Scott CS-19 US Army
  Kobza, Marv CS-36 US Army
  Lenci, Mark CS-03 US Navy
  Manthei, Jerry CS-01 US Navy
  McCollum, Ed CS-18 US Navy
  Nash, Al CS-28 US Navy
  Palmer, Steve CS-11 US Marine Corps
  Symens-Bucher, Terry CS-16 US Marine Corps


Commissioned in Other Services After Time in the Air Force

  Carlson, Jim  CS-33 US Navy Reserve, US Army Reserve
  Lyerly, Bill CS-40 US Army
  Sims, Johnny CS-21 US Army
  Wisloski, Mike CS-03 US Marine Corps


Initial Assignment Statistics

  Undergraduate Pilot Training 488  
  Undergraduate Pilot Training – Helicopter 15  
  Undergraduate Navigator Training 71  
  Directed Duty 100  
  Scholarships/Fellowships 6  
  Short Master Program 39  
  Medical School 22  
  Law School 0  
  Regular AFIT 0  
  Commission in US Marine Corps 2  
  Commission in the US Navy 4  
  Commission in the US Army 2  
  Allied Students 3  
  Disqualified for Commission – Aptitude 2  
  Disqualified for Commission – Medical 2  
  Graduate Posthumously 0  


Records (Until Disputed)

  Highest attrition of ANY class in Air Force Academy history (48%).

  Highest percentage turnout for 30th Reunion of any class (50%).
  Second class to go online.
  Largest number of non-grads to attend a reunion (24).
  Earliest date for traditional Recognition ceremony (15 Apr 1972) .
  Last class with purple A-jackets.
  Last class with pointed-hood parkas .
  Last class to be issued slide rules (without calculators).
  First class with a cadet from El Salvador.
  First class with an official Falcon football Jersey with our class year as the number (from Jim Dearien).
  First class to have doolies in the Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps and to have members all four years.
  The doolie class who moved the Minuteman III missile from the Fieldhouse almost halfway up the Old Dorm ramp.
  First class with a cadet to discover a comet (Spence Roberts, 1974) and registered by USAFA. The comet is named Roberts Schwitters Falcon.
  First class to do a Senior Shuffle.
  Last class to have a squadron nicknamed "Evil Eight" (from Bob Orwig).
  Last class to have a squadron nicknamed "Playboy 19" (from Buck Rogers).
  Last class to have a squadron nicknamed "Frat Five" (from Curt DeVries).
  Last class to go through without seeing female cadets or female ATOs (from Dennis Brooks).
  First class with the Starship Enterprise on a patch (Starship Nine, AKA Winer Niners, AKA Nookie Niners).
  Only class with unauthorized females participating in Graduation (marching in cadet uniforms with the squadrons).
  Last class to have "6 and 120" as a punishment (not too sure about that one).
  The class with the "Phantom Feeler".
  Last class to have a cadet fly through combat airspace in Vietnam (Bill Lyerly during Operation Non-Com straying into the DMZ on a transport).


Class Trivia

  Jerry Macken entered with '74, served doolie year in CS-10, took a year off, and came back as a 3-degree with '75 in CS-40.
  Ralph Paul entered with '73, served doolie year in CS-24, left the Academy, and re-entered as a 3-degree with '75 in CS-03.
  Bruce Freund entered with '75, and came back to graduate with '76.
  Geoff Lawrence entered with '75, and came back to graduate with '76.
  Mark Williams entered with ‘75 and came back to graduate with '76.
  Roy Rice was given a choice between jail and going to the Zoo.
  Dan Burda gave up a lucrative career as an underwear model to enter with '75 .
  Mike Marro was a member of MENSA before he went to the Zoo.
  Phil Benjamin was a world class chess player and competitor before going to the Zoo.
  Jim Carlson may be the last guy to have accepted an appointment to the class of ’75–he was notified 2 weeks before 5 July 1971 to report for in-processing (the primary candidate bailed at the last minute)–and Carlson was already packed to report to Lackland for enlisted basic training that same month).
  Dan O’Steen traveled the farthest for doolie in-processing in 1971 (from Taiwan).
  Stan Schoener (CS-33 and CS-35) could not visit Israel while a cadet because as a dual Israeli and American citizen, he was subject to being drafted into the Israeli Army–particularly during the '73 Yom Kippur War when we were 2 Degrees.
  Marty Stytz lost 3 roommates during First BCT, and had no roommate for 10 days.