Notice of Candidacy

Final Qualifying Exam
for AFA Nominees

Robin Olds'
Letter to Parents

Robin Olds'
Letter to Parents and Candidates

USAFA Report
of Candidate Status

Appointment Letter

Certificate of Acceptance

Invitation to Travel


NJ Liason Officers' Appointee Reception




BCT Orders

USAFA Form 0-170

Letter of Instruction

Initial Issue
Inventory Checklist

BCT Requirements

Rules of Conduct
for Basic Cadets

Lock Box Combination

Cadet Pay Statement

F Troop Ballad

Air Academy
National Bank Letter

Chapel Service Brochure
1 August 1971

Chapel Service Brochure
22 August 1971

Parents' Weekend
Information Brochure

Parents' Weekend
Parking Pass

Chapel Service Brochure
5 September 1971

Chapel Service Brochure
19 September 1971

Chapel Service Brochure
26 September 1971

Army Propaganda Flyer

Colorado Springs
POW Foundation

Leave Orders

Air Cruise Program

Air Cruise
Policy Letter

Air Cruise Squadron Organization

Physical Education

Allied Arts Program

Cadet Activity Calendar
September 1972

Cadet Activity Calendar
October 1972

Cadet Activity Calendar
December 1972

Sleuth Program

Perry Lamy's Future Earnings Adventure

Cadet Activity Calendar
April 1973

Cadet Activity Calendar
May 1973

3rd Lt Assignment

Wing Open Boxing
March 1973

Spring Break
Letter of Instruction

Sale of Textbooks
to Used Book Dealers

2nd Class
Promotion Orders

Summer Leave Orders

3rd Lt TDY Orders

Car Purchase Documents


Class Ring Data

Ring Dining In
May 1974



Academic Schedule
Spring Semester 1975

A Festival of Lessons
and Carols

Pippin Program

Form O-96


T-41 Solo Certificate




Graduation Announcement

June Week
Information Pamphlet

Graduation Parade Pamphlet

Protestant Baccalaureate Service Program

Graduation Buffett Menu

Graduation Ceremony
Air Show Poster

Graduation Ceremony Admission Ticket

Graduation Ceremony Program

Graduation Orders

First Classmen
Discharge Orders

Initial Assignment Orders

PCS Shipping Envelope


Cadet Honor Code Pamphlet

USAFA Visitor Pamphlet

USAFA Visitor Pamphlet

USAFA Visitor Map


Regionnaire Magazine
6 June 1975

Recruiting Brochure
"What Makes a Man"