Charles D. Sargent

Charlie Sargent passed away on June 4, 2017 from an aortic dissection. Charlie was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all his friends and family.




Photographs and Memories


I first met Charlie during Beast in the summer of 71. He was a combination of James Dean and Steve McQueen, truly the coolest guy in the Class of 75. RIP.

– Joe Carroll

We met the summer of 1970 with the likes of SSgt Dooley! What a summer at Lackland AFB. The next five years were a challenge but we made it through!! Looking forward to seeing you again Charlie!

– Bruce Fritzsche

Great memories as a USAFA Prep School classmate and fellow cadet. We miss you Charlie and hope to see you again!"

– Richard Kennard


Skyline Memorial Gardens, Portland, Oregon