Charles Desmond Sargent



Great memories as a USAFA Prep School classmate and fellow cadet.  We miss you Charlie and hope to see you again!

– Richard Kennard

We met the summer of 1970 with the likes of SSgt Dooley! What a summer at Lackland AFB. The next five years were a challenge but we made it through!! Looking forward to seeing you again Charlie!

– Bruce Ftirzsche

I first met Charlie during Beast in the summer of 71. He was a combination of James Dean and Steve McQueen truly the coolest guy in the Class of '75. RIP

– Joe Carroll

Charlie and I played wide receiver together at the Air Force Academy Prep School. I did not graduate from the Academy, but my former classmates are gracious and always invite non-graduates to reunions.  It was such an occasion 35 years later, that Charlie searched me out and made sure I felt welcome. He was genuine and made me feel like I belonged there. Other than his kindness, the thing that stuck with me was, "Boy he sure looks great!" So when I heard of his passing, it hit me especially hard because he looked like he would live to be100. From reading these tributes, it is evident Charlie lived his 65 years with grace and kindness. I am sorry he could not have been with us longer.

– Scott Terpstra


Skyline Memorial Gardens, Portland, Oregon