Checkpoints (ZoomieNation Edition)         March 2007              Paul Kent

During the brief life of Zoomination, Scribe Paul Kent penned an extended version of each Checkpoints Column for that platform. This version contains all of that content.


This “Checkpoints for ZoomieNation” is over 7000 words. As the scribe has mentioned in past columns, in addition to the ZoomieNation posts, I get included in most email exchanges between our verbose class president Jim Carlson and the rest of you. I note Jim has 284 friends in his group, 275 more than me. In a dramatic shift from past scribe’s writings for Checkpoints, I am basically cutting, pasting, editing and cleaning up all the stuff I get. There are 281 of us in the ZoomieNation (Now Defunct) Class of 1975 Group as of Feb 12th, 2007, the day I am submitting this column. Since the scribe has unlimited space here in the electronic version, I delete very little. The printed column is edited down a lot. Speed readers, continue….


Michael (Vito) Goyden, Liberty High School (Colorado Springs) Soccer Coach, took his Lancers team to the State Championship on the evening of November 7th. It was Liberty’s 5th State Title, which sets a Colorado state record. Want some more fun? Do a Google search for "goyden and soccer".

Andy Dichter retired 17 Nov at the Pentagon. Andy was with me (Carlson) as a wad in CS-22. Carslon adds (after the fact): We had a terrific turnout for Andy Dichter's retirement ceremony last month! 17 classmates had a mini-reunion for this event (If I left anyone out, just remember I’m over 50): Meyerrose, Gunther, Marro, Henney, Lyerly, Dalson, Cox, McCorry, Miglin, Posey, Smith, Braun, Noetzel, Lodrige, Dichter, Carlson, Waters. In the photos, 3 classmates are not shown because of time crunches and commitments: Dale Meyerrose, Rod Gunther, and Mike Marro could not stay past the end of the formal phase of the ceremony in order to minimize the risk to their careers and/or marriages due to scheduling conflicts. But it was great that they were willing to take a portion of their valuable time, however brief, to honor our classmate Andy. It's always a delight for me to see our class together for these events. It's like a family reunion every time. (Photo 1)

More From Jim Carlson: Congratulations to Steve Rogers for continuing a long, dedicated professional career of service to our nation and mankind. Steve started out with our class as a doolie (with me) in CS-22. I had the good fortune to be in the same element with him during BCT where I recognized right away that this was one guy who was going to be leading our class eventually. In fact (and I’ve said this to Steve before), he was my direct inspiration to seek the position of class president (after our 10-year class reunion). Steve was our 22nd Squadron class council representative when we were smackwads, and he asked me to join him in several council meetings. What I remember about those meetings was that they were in the evenings some time before taps, and that it was good to get away from the squadron upperclassmen for an hour or two. I don’t remember too much of the meetings, or who were there (Bill Ellingsworth, Dan Burkett, and Bruce Edstrom are a few faces that still recall). I do recall, however, that for what they now call a spirit mission, the class council voted one time to have us doolies take ourselves out for a morning run! It sounds preposterous now, but at the time, it was a way for us to engender class unity by doing something that took a lot of coordination and didn’t involve the upperclass. (There were always squadrons being taken on morning runs anyway, so it wouldn’t be too goofy an idea. This time, however, it would be the entire wing of doolies from '75!) We all formed up on a dark, early in the morning on the terrazzo by the Old Dorm, with a cadre of our classmates as wing staff who called us to order and a report! Each squadron reported all present or accounted for. After that, we ran as a group around the terrazzo, twice I think, made a lot of noise, and finally were dismissed. When we got back to our squadrons, the 3-smokes from ‘74 couldn’t quite figure out what was going on – but for the most part, they were glad they didn’t have to run us that morning. I think some squadrons had their smacks eat at rest that morning. I know ours did.

All this is prologue to the important influence on me by the example that Steve set. Sadly, he left the Academy the next year (along with other stellar classmates like Mike Villello) and I got busy trying to survive the forces at work to winnow down our class: Academics, Military suitability, the comprehensive and encompassing physical activity and competition, bad AOC’s, the ending of the Draft, the Military Lottery numbers (on the high end), lack of decent sideburns, and competition for women against the guys from Fort Carson and the long-hairs from Denver. In the years that followed, I often wondered about our classmate Steve. Well, he done good. See his attached bio. Among his many accomplishments is that the algorithm he developed to detect breast cancer cells is now used in every screening device used worldwide. Also attached is Steve’s latest accomplishment, recall to active duty by the AF on January 2007. One of the photos is Steve as we all got ready for a Saturday parade. AF v SDSU in October (2006). I (Carlson) was hoping to find a group of classmates at the tailgate and game. However, I only ran into two: Rich Chanick, and Mike Perry. Attached is a photo of Mike and me in the stands. (Photo 2). Rich was up in one of the boxes, but I saw him earlier at the tailgate. I pasted his head to our group photo. Ralph Rhye was with me in CS-33, but I rarely saw him in the last 3 decades. Roy Rice kindly sent me a grainy shot of Ralph before he disappeared into the woods again with Sasquatch. Ralph is really a self-actualized man working as a custom carpenter and doing a lot of fishing with Roy.

Scott Smith sent photo of himself at Philmont (see the photo pages). I’ll be climbing the Andes (Machu Picchu) during Thanksgiving week. Of course, there’ll be pictures to share when I get back. From Rick Benbow (to the scribe, reflecting on his return to Del Rio, TX): Just to show you that life is a circle, I am relocating to Laughlin AFB, TX in Jan 2007 where my Air Force career started some 30+ years ago in UPT class 76-10! The BRAC is forcing us out of Moody, so Claire and I are heading back to God's country. I will continue my instructing JSUPT on the T-6 Texan II for Lear-Siegler Inc. there. So, bring your sticks and we will play some South Texas Desert golf! I think I will be reuniting with my roommate, Randy Sheppard, who also instructs at Laughlin. The world continues to shrink!

Osama bin Lyerly. Since Bill Lyerly was at Andy Dichter's retirement ceremony, and entertaining as always, here’s another new and amusing Lyerly story to add to our class lore: Lyerly was flying from Geneva to Ottawa. Arriving at Ottawa international airport at 0200, Security pulled Bill aside because Lyerly's name was similar to someone on the airport suspect watch list, and their birthdays matched. Bill was detained for several hours while his organization made frantic efforts to get him released in order for him to make a 0800 speaking engagement. As the Number-3 man in the DHS hierarchy, the irony of the whole incident was not lost on Bill (and his staff). By the time he got back to his office at the end of that trip, Bill had earned a new nickname: "Osama bin Lyerly". Lyerly responds and corrects: Fond holiday greetings. Thanks for the photos - it was really great to see so many guys there. However, I hadn't realized before that both sides are my "bad side"... Thanks for your kind attempt to promote me within DHS (when you referred to me as the "Number-3 man in the DHS hierarchy"), but my still-lingering USAFA Honor Code mentality still obliges me to set the record straight. Out of our small band of 180,000-plus DHS brothers and sisters stationed worldwide (factoid: DHS has more permanent employee billets overseas than any other Department within the Executive Branch, except for the Department of State), I am nowhere near the number-3 man in the hierarchy at DHS. I am but a lowly career civil servant –and virtually all of the PA and PAS political appointees (Presidential Appointees and Presidential Appointee with Senate Confirmation) "outrank" me within the DHS hierarchy. Thus, although the Secretary is my boss' boss, and my civilian job gave me a DV/VIP Code-3 rating (from a protocol status - which pretty much means only that I can buy liquor in my VOQ room when I visit a military base), there are a lot of folks "above" me in the DHS "pecking order." The political leadership runs the Department, and that works for me. I turned down two "political appointee jobs" in this Administration, and I am content being just a "senior technocrat." Besides, in today's CNN era, it is nice to have political lightening rods that are much taller than you...Sorry for any confusion...Cheers and best holiday wishes, Ebola Bill aka Osama bin Lyerly. (Photo 3: Bill Lyerly in the press interview "hot seat" at the National Hurricane Center, during a recent official visit with the Russians, Also Photos 4 & 5).

Bill Lyerly Class of 1963? In the Fall 2006 Edition of Checkpoints, in the “Long Blue Line” section, Bill Lyerly was incorrectly identified as being a member of the Class of 1963. Astute classmates who actually read the magazine sent these comments: From Dan McCorry: Bill–I note in Checkpoints' LONG BLUE LINE section that you graduated with the Class of '63?? Are you hiding something from us? Did you enter with '63 and wait for a good class with which to graduate? You don't look that old! Bill Lyerly responds: Dan, Greetings. I haven't received my issue of the Checkpoints yet, so I haven't seen the LONG BLUE LINE entry. I must be more of an "old fart" than I had thought. However, getting up in the mornings I do ACTUALLY feel like I graduated in 1963... Or was it that I started taking ASTRO in 63 and didn't pass it until 75??? Thanks for the note - when I get back from TDY I will have to contact the AOG about getting my copy of the Checkpoints. For the Record: I do prefer being a "75 - Best Alive." Wasn't 63 the "Red Tag Bastards?" Cheers and best wishes. From Dean Cox: Osama bin Lyerly, Take a gander at page 61 of the latest Checkpoints. 1) Congrats on the AAMA award. 2) Since when are you a '63 grad?

From Jim Eken (to Carlson): Just wanted to let you and the Class of '75 know that I have landed at ITT Industries and will be the Program Manager for the Base Operations Support Contract at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar. I leave in early January with Dana to follow, likely in February. Camp As Sayliyah is mainly an equipment pre-positioning and maintenance base, plus is the forward Command and Control location for the Commander in Chief, Central Command and his staff. The base directly supports war efforts in Iraq. My responsibilities will be much as when I was a Support Group Commander in Montana including all infrastructure support (facilities, power, environmental, MWR, CE, supply, finance, logistics, medical, fire dept, safety and admin). My head is spinning with a quick learning curve. Dana and I will be in Doha, Qatar for at least a year, maybe longer. Hope all is well with you and your family. (Photo 6)

From Jim Carlson: Mark Holmes attends a VA conference every year in DC as a member of the Board. He never fails to call me to join him for lunch. (Photo 7). The only conference he missed was last year's – when it conflicted with our 30th Reunion! I cannot think of another classmate that has as much pride in the class of '75. So much so, that he has tattoos on his body of: (a) both sides of the crests on our class ring (inside left and right forearms); (b) '75 Best Alive on the right side of his neck; (c) prop and wings on the left side of his neck. (Photo 8). Note – Mark's father was a B-17 pilot shot down over Europe and spent three and one-half years as a POW. Mark Holmes responds: Was great seeing you (Carlson) the other day, buddy, always is. The conference was very successful and had some fun renting a Segway and running around the mall for a couple hours. (Photo 9). I sure wish I could afford one of those – it's like flying a few inches off the ground. If you ever want to have a ball, go down to 13th and I Street and rent'll be blown away. See you next year if not sooner!

Holiday Updates

From Wayne and Amy Willis: Hooray! We are grandparents! Tytan David Willis (yes, his initials are “T.D.”) arrived in May and we are enjoying every minute with him. Dave and Summer are trying to maintain their active lifestyle and have already taken Tytan on trips to Lake Powell, Florida, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona and California. However, his habit of awaking at 2:00 AM on many nights to play for an hour or two is starting to have an impact. Its so much fun to see your child experience parenting (payback is great!). Scott is a strength coach at the University of Kentucky and will complete his Masters Degree this Spring. He continues to compete in Olympic style weight lifting events and holds three Utah state records in his weight class. Brian and Melanie returned from their year-long Hong Kong honeymoon in July and now live in Enid, OK (talk about culture shock!). Brian started USAF Pilot training in November and Melanie teaches 1st Grade in the local school system. Lisa graduated from BYU in April, but has one year of NCAA gymnastics eligibility remaining. After 15 years of training and competitions, she is excited for the next phase of her life and to finish gymnastics on top. She has started a Masters degree in Communications. Amy and I have recovered from the initial shock of waking up next to a grandpa/grandma. Amy kidnaps Tytan as often as she can and I continue my second career as a Delta pilot (at least this week it’s Delta…next week it could be different). May the Light of Christmas and The Love of the Savior shine brightly in your life all year long! From Bill Murray: I’m plugging along at Lockheed Martin on the F-22 Program and Judy works one day a week at the World Trade Center, still in the potpourri and crafts line. We have much to be thankful for..........

DC Dark Ages Party

For '75ers in the Washington, DC Area: The 7th Annual '75 Dark Ages Party (DAP) will be (note from scribe: was, since you are reading this past the fact) on 10 Feb 2007. This year's theme is Mardi Gras, with beads and masks. Dan McCorry is arranging for a sit-down venue (this year, we're upgrading to '75 DAP 2.0) with a menu reflecting New Orleans type food. Any suggestions/help would be most welcome. Send them to Dan. From Rick Pyatt to Dan: Thanks for organizing this event for all of us. For those that don't know it, Dan recently lead a winning proposal for his company which had BIG $$$ associated with it. He's probably working 24/7 putting things together–so again thank you. The Goodrich Corporation Class of '75 team will attend with a four-ship. Sam Ryals and his charming wife Ginger are flying in from Dayton, Ohio. Sam is our Director of R&D programs. My wife and I will also attend. Both Ginger and Zara are former blue-suiters. Ginger was in the U-2 world and Zara was an intel officer for the 4477th Red Eagles (now declassified MiG 21/MiG 23 Squadron). We look forward to seeing everyone. Dave Wallace: Thanks for the invitation; these events have been epic in the past. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town on the day. Following the DC gang's lead, Brian Duffy told me that we may be holding a similar Dark Ages get-together in Colorado. Here's the current lineup for our '75 Dark Ages Party at Ft McNair on 10 Feb. THE USUAL SUSPECTS (and a couple of new faces): Akers-2, Anderson-2, Awtrey-2, Beesley-2, Braun-2, Bready-2, Carlson-1, Charlton-2, Cox-2, Dalson-2, Kerby-2, Lodrige-2, Lyerly-2, Manthei-1, Marro-1, May-2, McCorry-2, Meyerrose-2, Piotter-2, Posey-1, Pyatt-2, Quattrocki-1, Ryals-2, Soto-2, Sullivan-2. From Carlson: Would like more of you guys to show, of course. Especially the ones I haven't seen in decades. I finally get to see Chris Soto again – last time (not counting any brief flyby at the reunions) was at the end of 2nd BCT when he won one of the "Meanest-Mother-in-the-Valley" awards. He was in GUTS Squadron, I believe. (Photo 10)

No Category Stuff

CADETS SAY USAFA MORE TOLERANT, Colorado Springs Gazette, January 5, 2007. Survey negative on discipline system, athlete privileges. By Tom Roeder.

Useful Note From Bruce Fritzsche: All, I was talking to a fellow military retiree this morning and somehow we got to discuss Social Security...when I mentioned subject program, he was unaware even though he had gone through both Senior and Executive TAP several years ago. In a nutshell it boils down to this: Credited for years of active duty through 2001 (the program was done away with in January 2002). Up to $1200 per year of earnings credit (see below websites for more detail). Credited at time of application. Bring in DD-214 to Social Security Office – you must ask for this benefit to receive it! If you already have this wired sorry to have bothered you. For those of you who did not have this info it is something to put in your files for when you apply for Social Security down the road. It is just not for retirees but anyone who has served on active duty prior to January 2002. Please feel free to forward this to all folks who have served on active duty who are entitled to this benefit but must ask for it! Want to see significant historical events for 1971:

ZoomieNation (Now Defunct) Notes From Jim Carlson

Thank you to those pioneers who registered and set up their profiles on (Note from scribe: 281 of us as of Feb 1, 2007). This is a great spot for you to post photos for your family and hobbies. It’s a great way to network and find other zooms. After much cajoling and hard-sell pestering by me, most of your POC’s have posted their profiles as an incentive to their guys in the squadrons. After you set up your basic profile, you can find classmates and other alumni to add to your personal network. Don’t forget to look for the Class of 1975 Best Alive! group and request entry. You can also set up your own groups. Some examples: Squadron groups, local interest groups, professions. Some of the groups I’ve seen include, Prep Schoolers, Varsity Baseball, clubs, chapters, fellowships, among others. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Our Class Scribe, Paul Kent, has agreed to post his Checkpoints column on the ZoomieNation site just before the printed Checkpoints magazine comes out. That means I (Carlson) will no longer be forwarding a pdf copy of the column, which I manually copy (and thus comes out crappy along with smudged photos) and tends to clog up your bandwidth. So if you don’t get the hard copy Checkpoints, register at the site to read his column and check out the photos. (Note from Scribe: I will upload the current printed column in an expanded format (ie, the format you’re reading right now) when the printed Checkpoints appears in my mailbox). Were really making a huge impact as a class in the ZoomieNation networking website.

I’ve been asked numerous times lately how our class manages to rally for these things; my answer is always that we’ve worked very hard to get organized the past 3 decades, and its due to the pivotal role each of you plays in getting information passed on to your guys. Thank you. You’re why were Best Alive. I realize were not going to get everybody online. We have classmates who prefer to maintain an ultra-low profile. Also, here are a few things to keep in mind as you prevail upon your folks to register and post their profiles: AOL email addresses are still problematical. If anyone uses an AOL email address, they will not be able to receive messages via the site, respond to networking requests, and other things. For some people, this might actually be a good thing. :-) The short-term solution is to post another email address that is not AOL (such as yahoo or hotmail). Everyone who establishes a profile should also request to be added to our restricted class group. Find the "Add to My Groups" button, click on it. Then, click on the "Email Admin" to send a nice note to the Group Admin guy (me). ANYONE can create a group. Each squadron should have one for 75ers (other classes have been doing this already). Some examples include: CS-30 (Note: Chumley’s photo is exactly what it looks like. Word is that it was a clinical record of a sledding accident.) Personal profile pages have lots of room for photos. For an unusual set, check out Bob Shappell’s squadron. ANYONE can create a blog. Check out Marty Stytz, which is listed on your home page under Blog Feeds. Just click on his "Why a long war?" blog feed, or go directly to the outside link. Two more blog feeds from our classmates on the ZoomieNation site: (1) Ralph Paul and (2) Ric Lewallen (We have some very erudite classmates! We have the largest class footprint on it. Who says we're not cyber-savvy?! CS-30 has their own group set up: 39 squadrons to go. I sent each squadron POC an image file of the squadron, so you can use that as your group logo if you want. (The class of '76 already has two squadron groups set up). Have fun with this. ‘75 Best Alive!

In my latest drive to get our classmates on the ZoomieNation website, I recognize the potential of your un-harnessed imagination and creative genius to make this a very useful devise to maintain our connections to one another and to share more of what each of us considers reflective of our lives at this stage of our journey. The site provides us with (so far) unlimited bandwidth to post our photos, stories, soulful comments, and other things electronic. Quite a few of you are WONDERFUL LUNATICS in what I've seen posted. From family photos, to beloved hobbies, to Chumley's butt, I've seen more than I initially conceived as the panoply that is the Class of '75. You've also posted some heartfelt, tender writings that tear at my heart – that cause me to count my own blessings and treasure the life I've lived thus far. An example is the blog by Marty Stytz about his late wife Gayl. You can click on it on Marty’s home profile page, or on your home page when you log in and click on Marty's feed. (You can find Ric Lewallen's there too). I met our classmate Marty, FOR THE FIRST TIME, at lunch last month – and surprise! It seemed as if we were friends for decades. (This sort of thing happens quite a lot with you '75ers. Rick Rosborg and I met for the first time over lunch at the Pentagon a couple of months ago.) During two hours of catching up the last 35 years, Marty told me of Gayl, and how he had just returned from burying her in her home state of Michigan. One other '75er attended the funeral. I was never lucky enough to have known Gayl, but when I read Marty's blog, I began to appreciate what a marvelous and accomplished woman she was. Without saying more, you're invited to read his tribute of love.

Our classmate Chuck Buck added a blog to his ZoomieNation page that references Marty Stytz tribute to (his late wife) Gayl and adds his own paean to his own wife Katy and her passing due to cancer. Thanks guys for including us in the splendid heights of the vicissitudes of your lives. Birthdays and More. One nice thing about building up large personal network on the site is that you get to see when birthdays pop up. Speaking of birthdays, I (Carlson) sent Bill Boisture, ‘67 a birthday wish from the class (note that our classmate Barry Ketchie was instrumental in organizing the warrior flight): You will always be a significant part of my class – our appreciation for your generosity in ensuring that my war-wounded classmate (John Sims) made it to our 30th reunion can never be adequately conveyed in simple words of thank you. Please know that you will always be welcome to join us whenever '75ers gather to whoop it up! From Bill Boisture, '67 (in response to Jim Carlson birthday email to him): You guys are a "class act" and I appreciate your remembering me on my birthday. I continue to hope the next few months will lead to some healing of the divisiveness that has existed in the AOG for the past several years. Any ideas your class has for me on these subjects – election, nominations, foundations etc – I would appreciate getting them.

Requests To Join the Class of 1975 ZoomieNation Group (Now Defunct)

Since Carlson has to approve a request to join the Class of 1975 Group, the scribe has gathered a bunch of exchanges. Here goes: Joseph Rogers writes: Are non-grads ok? This looks like a great way to keep up. I was in CS-26 doolie year and then left. Roomed with John Charlton, Mickey Clemmons, Brad Shields. Was on the Fencing team. John Saxman writes: I hope I am worthy. Richard Benbow writes: Is this thing on? Anybody there? Hello? May I come in? Thanks. You guys look vaguely familiar! Charlie Beadling writes: I'm in! Thanks for the excellent instructions in how to navigate this high-tech stuff. Jim Heald: Glad you guys are doing this. Great way to keep involved. Tiger Ten HUZZAH! From Mark Modrich: Hi Jim, Just joined the group. Randall Davis writes: I'll join. Ric Dahlstrom writes: Hey Jim, I think you have entirely too much time on your hands, but thanks for keeping everyone in touch. Greetings from Pasadena. From Matt Fong: Jim - those days in Jacks Valley don't seem that long ago...good memories of good times with classmates who became lifetime friends... Thanks for keeping all of us connected, electronically!

Steven Redmann writes: Want to join the group. Ed Wilcock writes: HI! Randy Powell writes: Hey Jim, Sign me up. Edward Sienkiewicz writes: A slug no more! Robert Ryan writes: U said it was easy.... Chappie Hargrove: Prez told me to do this. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Cheerz. Jim/Harts/Hondo Hartney is in the group...thanks for setting this up! Fig Newton writes: I think I was the last one to in-process back in '71...perhaps I won't be the last to join the '75 group. Perry Lamy writes: I humbly request membership in the virtual version of the most respected, trusted, and dearest group of guys it is my honor and privilege to ever know or be a part. The spirit of the USAFA Class of 1975 lives on...'75 Best Alive! Dennis Brooks writes: Hello Jim, I created a profile. The photo shows some models I build for the UNM Children's Hospital. Check "Free Paper Toys" for a source of models. I also added an album of some of my artwork. I have been on TV and in the papers a number of times with my work.

From Bill Murray I just added "The Prep School" to my groups and noticed your birthday is coming up 27 Nov! Happy Birthday! And thanks for all you do to keep our class in touch and communicating! I also added a photo of Judy and I to my profile. Michael Gudmundson has this to say: OK Jim. Here I am. Thanks for prodding us on. This looks like it could be fun. Jeffrey Hackett writes: Just following orders! Former Scribe is on-board! Dunc' Duncan writes: Hey guys...I'm in! Dunc'. Gregory Berlan writes: Greetings from Newtown, PA and best wishes to all for a very Happy Thanksgiving. Bob Marr writes: Okay Jim, I'm finally getting off my fat butt and getting on line! Thanks – Bob. David White writes: It's Dave White, would like to be added to the group. Thanks! Curt DeVries: Please add me to the 75 group. Alternate POC for Frat 5. Michael Coman writes: Jim, pls include me!! Vito Goyden writes: Just checking in to join.

From Kevin Smith: I did get an email from Ted Thompson and he indicated he got his current job from contacts at the 30th reunion. So there is a need and a market [for this kind of networking]. Stephen Marino writes: Jim–I'm in now. Dale Smith writes: Merry Christmas to all. Glad to be aboard and connected. Alive and well in NH. Mike Deloney writes: please add me to the 75 best alive group. Gary Whitfield writes: 15th Squadron, War Eagles, Sir! Veteran of Goon Squad with numerous oak leaf clusters; chased by "O" Mitchell with a chain. I couldn't stop laughing at him. Didn't help things much.........Gil Braun writes: You told me to register ... I have. And now you shall suffer from interminable requests to become my "friend." Hope you are having fun! Gil. From Michael ANDERSON: I've also been talking to other classes who have been asking bout the site. Seems like we are setting a trend – again! Good job my friend! From Harry Mathis: Thanks, Jim - just back from 2 weeks of conferences at Maxwell… will try to comply, but you know how it is for the class "Tail end Charlie". Got a good shot at being the last one on active duty, so got to keep up my reputation for not moving too fast :-).

From Mike Garrett: Looking at the stats – are we a bunch of non-conformists, or what? Michael Buckley writes: please add my name to the class of '75 roster. John Koelling writes: Let me in...its cold outside! William Maiorano writes: OK - I already forgot what goes here . . .Phillip Martin writes: Request membership in 75 Best Alive, that group with more distinctions than any year before or since. Gregory Schmitt writes: Please add me. I was in 34 Loosehogs. Rod Kallman writes: add me. Oliver Lorenz writes: Lorenz 753691. TUG McGraw writes: Respectfully request to join for continued fellowship. Cheers! TUG. Wino Weininger writes: Weininger here (alias Wino) would like to join the Class of 1975 Best Alive group. George Walrond writes: Request group membership. Eugene DeRamus writes: Gene DeRamus, Playboy 19 Squadron, would like to join the Best Alive Class. Bill Swiderek writes: Uh, what do I put here? Help! Jim Carlson!! Mr. Wizard!!!!!!! Thomas Darner writes: Hey, hold the 'vator!!!

From Dave McDaniel: Okay Jim, you got me. I'm logged onto inCircle. Once again, kudos to you for driving our class spirit! Philip Piontek writes: Any room for an old Executioner? Joe Adams writes: I wish to be added to the membership of the Class of 1975. Thomas Burns writes: Last class with goon squad... sign me up! Michael Abbott writes: ok - I added the '75 group. Is that it? holy cow I've got to get a beer...Kenneth Hodge writes: I have to request Membership? If so I do! Charles Buck writes: I humbly request addition to the group –- the storied and legendary USAFA Class of 1975. Respectfully, Chuck "Yeah, it rhymes with..." Buck. Craig Scott writes: I would like to have membership in the Class of 1975 Best Alive! group. I was in 6th squadron when we graduated. Douglas Walton writes: Count me in unless non-grads are booted. I'll take no offense. Joseph Dowdy writes: Joe Dowdy, CS-10 Respectfully request to join the group.

From Steve Marino: BTW, I've also posted a photo [on my ZoomieNation profile] taken at the USAFA-Tennessee game. Important news: my son finished 8th at the PGA Tour Qualifying School in La Quinta yesterday. This means he will be a full-time player on the PGA Tour starting in January 2007. He finished 42nd on the Nationwide Tour money list, playing in only 20 tournaments (he had no status on the Tour until he won over $73K–then earned full status) and shot a 59 in the Grey Goose Gateway Tour Championship en route to winning by 10 shots in Scottsdale. I'll try to post more pictures on ZoomieNation. Jeff Thomas writes: You've been bugging me for years. The least you could do is let me in! Rick Pyatt writes: R L Pyatt, 755155, requests permission to rejoin the elite Class of '75 Best Alive sir. Willie Cosby writes: Permission to join sir! Cos. From Rod Saavedra-Ferrere (to Carlson): Thanks for inviting me to ZoomieNation. I already invited my brother Al to join. He graduated with the class of 73. Should I invite other classmates? From Carlson: YES!

Some Closing ZoomieNation Posts. From Fred Weems: Does anyone have a copy of the speech Jimmy Stuart gave at our ring dining in? From Frank Wyatt: You (Carlson) must never sleep. Thanks for the birthday note. If you are ever in Las Vegas, be sure to look us up. Have a great Christmas and New Year. From Ralph Paul: Hello, Jim! Thanks for the kind birthday wish. I'm counting my age backwards, now. From Steve Morris: Thanks Jim...I really appreciate it! Hopefully, we're all aging like a fine wine. Have a fantastic year too! And thanks again so much for keeping '75, and the CS-33 Cellar Ratz, together. From Stan Collins: Fearless Leader, BTW . . . like everyone else, I really enjoy your messages and all the classmate inputs contained therein . . . also, happy belated B'day! Chumley. From John Kambourian-Bartolome: Remember; you're not getting wiser, just older...

A list of the 655 Attritees from the Class of 1975 (of the 1405 total who entered) elicited these comments: From Scott M Smith: Can you ask our classmates if anyone has any info on #406 Ronald Montoya, please? Last rumor I heard was he is a surgeon in the Corpus Christie area. From William Taylor: If this list ['75 Attritees] is those who didn't graduate, it seems to be missing my childhood classmate Phil Jones (I'd emailed you contact information about him in the past). He left USAFA either late freshman year or early sophomore year, and was on football and basketball teams his freshman year. Perhaps his name was "James Phillip", and he's listed as Jimmy? He died a few months ago of an aneurysm while driving near Nashville. He apparently pulled his car over, got sick, passed out, never regained conscious, and died a few days later. He was one of about 15 guys in my small elementary school class in Fredonia, Kentucky (still population 400). My main recollection is that we played baseball and basketball for hours every day (back when recess was considered a valid part of your education). At least 3 of those 15 are gone (cancer, heart attack, and aneurysm), all probably somehow related to Kentucky's tobacco heritage? One of the other of those 15 became a Baptist pastor about five years ago, and did the funeral ceremony for Phil. I met them both at Phil's fifth birthday party. Just trying to help you in your massive task of keeping all this stuff together.

From Mike Garrett: Saw the subject e-mail "inCircle - Daily Digest" on '75 Attritees. #404, Gus Mirich, left us during our smack year and went to Beale AFB as a crew chief on the SR-71. Approximately 1 to 2 years later I heard he'd died of an overdose. He was a good friend of mine during my Prep School 1/2 year and I saw him again during 3rd Class summer on a program affectionately called "Booze Crews" (Official name was Air Crews). We went to get a tour of the SR-71 at Beale during one of our Nav missions in the T-29 and I got to hook up with Gus for a short time. Unfortunately we were being bussed out of Mather and I couldn't hang around to visit much. About all I know.

From David A. Clough, MD FYI: Stan Gorenc was quoted in AWST (below) News Breaks, Americas, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 12/04/2006, page 18: "It was the safest flying year ever, in 2006, for the U.S. Air Force, measured by the number of major aircraft accidents–19 with eight destroyed aircraft–and a single fatality. The chief of USAF safety, Maj. Gen. Stan Gorenc, contrasts 2006 with the service's first year, 1947, when there were 1,500 major accidents, 500 destroyed aircraft and more than 500 deaths." From Bill Schuessler: My internet provider has been bought by another company. From Steve Powers: Thanks for all the updates, I sure appreciate them. FYI, I am discontinuing the use of this email address. As of 7 December I'm a Verizon Employee and work in the same building as before and have only a Verizon address. EDS lost the contract and Verizon re-insourced (there is a managumbo word) much of the services EDS provided to Verizon, once they bought out the old MCI/WORLDCOM company. The contract was supposed to go until 2011 but there was an early escape clause and 450 of us were sent back to Verizonbusiness, which used to be MCI. From what I see in the class news, you are a Long Blue Line "Senior Ambassador at Large" and a busy one at that!

From Will Cosby: Sitting at work trying to avoid the 2 weeks of stuff that built up while I was on vacation. Went to South Africa just for the fun of it. Cos. From Bill Dalson: Thanks for the holiday wishes Jim. We're on the road at the moment visiting friends in South Africa. Back in DC at the end of the week. Take good care, (How was your South American adventure trip?) From Duane Jones: Merry Christmas from Ramstein, Brother! From Charles Buck: Just a warning that I've joined the USAFA Honor Code and Ethics group! From Marty Stytz: I would like to put a prominent notice in Checkpoints for ZoomieNation and the Honor Group? (note from Scribe: Done!)

From Dave White to the old (CS-20) Trolls: Hey, all: Due to my impending marriage (!) and resulting move to Phoenix, I have address, phone, and email changes. For those who haven't heard, on January 13th, I'm getting hitched at my sister's house in Phoenix. My bride, Liz, is way too smart and far too pretty to be seen in public with the likes of me. However, she's going to marry me anyhow–we'll get her eyesight checked during the honeymoon! All the best to you guys! Charlie Buck responds to Dave: I finally got around to getting a new wall calendar last night. The good news is that if you wait till after the first of the year 2007 calendars are half price. I finally decided on the Vincent Van Gogh over the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue version. The problem with the latter is that I find myself thinking (among other things) that not only am I old enough to be her father, I'm actually probably older than her father! Vincent, on the other hand, was crazy and I can so easily relate to that (and I like his paintings). Anyway, as I perused the selections, I came across the Air Superiority 2007 Deluxe 16-month Wall Calendar. As one might expect there was the typical fare of Fighting Falcons, Strike Eagles, Raptors, Thunderbolt II's, etc. However, something caught my eye, which I thought Dave White (and others) might enjoy. There, in the midst of oh-so-many anorexic supermodels, was a picture of "Miss" April in all her glory. (Note: Picture of low level C-130 was inserted here). I'm just wondering what the bomber troops are going to say when they find out. P.S. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Dave. And don't worry, I've heard they've made amazing advances in improving people's eyesight with techniques like radial keratotomy. Truthfully, though, I wish you the best.

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