June 2017          Foster Bitton

GBNF. Classmate Phillip L. “Buddy” Kendall passed away at the age of 63 in February 2017 at his home in Irving, TX. Upon graduating Undergraduate Helicopter Training Buddy flew in assignments in Hampton, VA and as a search and rescue pilot in Keflavik, Iceland before going through Fixed Wing Transition Training in 1983. As a C-130 aircraft commander he flew tactical airlift missions along the East German border, into West Berlin, and in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, including humanitarian relief to Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq. He is preceded in death by his wife, Becky and survived by three sons: Nicholas, Benjamin, and Derik.

Grim Reapers Spotted on Winter Park Slopes. CS-31 squadron mates Jack Storer, Dr. Larry Colletti, Mike Dehart, and Jim Burling got together for a ski weekend of snow and sun in Winter Park, CO during the third week of March. Dave Ferguson also joined in on the outing. Larry supplied a cabin on Shadow Mountain Lake, Fergy showed up with the Scotch, and Mike provided cigars and reportedly awful movies. They plan to make it an annual event…presumably with someone other than Mike in charge of the movies. At the end of the weekend everyone went home with the same number of appendages they brought to the junket and without the aid of orthopedic supports, which earned the event the coveted “good time was had by all” rating. 

High-Timers Retire From SWA. Ted Stallone flew his last flight from Oklahoma City to Denver as the #1 Senior Captain Denver-based pilot after 35 years at Southwest Airlines in February. In addition to safely getting thousands of people to their destinations, one of his other notable accomplishments is that he is STILL single at 65! Gary Matson also recently retired from Southwest Airlines after 33+ years. Following 68 combined years of enabling others the freedom to roam the country, now Ted and Gary will be able to do their own roaming, or watch cable news at home and marvel at the fascinating machinations of modern-day politics. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes downright scary.

Troll Earns Award For Achievements on High School Soccer Fields. CS-20 Troll Mike Goyden received the 2016 Tracy Fifer award for outstanding long term achievement and service to Colorado High School Soccer through his coaching and leadership positions in Colorado and National-level committees. A partial list of criteria to receive the award is making a positive impact on improvement, advancement and presentation of the game of soccer at the high school level, and exemplifying the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and Colorado High School Soccer Coaches Association Code of Ethics. Well done, Mike!

Jim Marshall (CS-18) was recently elected President of the Alamo Chapter of the Association of Graduates. The chapter hosted Maj Gen Dondi Costin, the AF Chief of Chaplains at the Founders’ Day dinner.

They Fly Alone but Stick Together. Dale and Bonita Hanner, Rod and Vicki Kallman, and Paul (Boo) and Chrissie Butalla recently took a weeklong cruise to Antigua with ten other Stealth couples from their F-117 Z-Unit days at Tonopah. The cruise idea germinated after a planned dinner last August of three couples who live in the Denver area turned into a full blown reunion with about 20 couples going to Colorado for the weekend. According to Dale the Stealth lads were, and after 30 years still are, a tight knit group. That closeness must have extended to family life as well, because 95% of the Stealth fliers on the cruise still had their original wives! Hanner also claims the members of the Stealth community are getting better looking with age. As is evidenced in the attached picture of Dale, Rod, and Boo with their wives, he must have been referring to the wives; either that, or flying under the cloak of invisibility messed up his eyesight something fierce.

Peon Visits the Masters. Lowly class scribe Foster Bitton stumbled across a ticket to Augusta National on Wednesday of Masters Week, and I took my sticks with me just in case someone had to drop out at the last minute. Wednesday is the day of the Par 3 contest, but this year it turned into more of an exercise in lightning dodging. The course was evacuated for weather at 10 am, reopened at 12:30 pm, and then evacuated for the rest of the day at 2 pm. Cellphones were not permitted on the course so I didn’t take any pictures, but I can confirm that every blade of grass is manicured and the egg salad sandwiches at the concession stands are still only a buck fifty.

Keeping in Touch. Jeff Chappell traveled to Tampa in February for his oldest son’s 40th birthday (to put that in perspective, his son is more than twice as old as most of us were when we took our first stroll up the “Bring Me Men…” Core Values ramp). While he was in that part of Florida he wandered over to St Petersburg for a short visit with Al Nash. Despite the auto accident in 1980 that left Al with long-term brain damage, he has continued to grind away in his typical trooper manner and remains alert and aware of what’s going on around him. He’s still sharp witted, and his grip is as strong as ever. Al and his 93-year-old father moved to Florida about a year ago. They have caregivers on site at their home that help to arrange visits. If you are going to be in the Tampa area and would like to drop in on Al, contact Jeff for details.


Jack Storer, Larry Colletti, Mike Dehart,
& Jim Burling


Jack Storer, Jim Burling, Larry Coletti,
Dave Ferguson, & Mike Dehart


Emily & Jim Marshall at the Alamo
Chapter Founders' Day Dinner


Vicki & Rod Kallman, Bonita & Dale Hanner,
Chrissie & Boo Butalla


Al Nash and Jeff Chappell

Checkpoints Extras

D-Day: 73 Years Later



Rick Townsend: Just realized that yesterday was June 6th. I saw no news or other reminders about the D-Day anniversary except for one radio talk show host. I thought it was odd... At any rate, it is good to remember that 73 years ago on the night of June 5-6, 1944, my father (then 27 and a C-47 radio operator) and a lot of other brave men saw combat for the first time. Many did not survive the new experience. My father did. His picture shows a confidence that was typical of that generation. His diary entry notes, penned after the event, tell a subdued, matter of fact version of what may be the most consequential battle in history. In two years the 75th anniversary will be celebrated. I would love to be at Normandy for that, as I have never visited that site. We have visited several other US Cemetaries in Europe, but have not been to the D-Day area. Never forget!


Dale Meyerrose on Cyber Security


From the Winter 2017 Daedalus Flyer, the publication of the Order of Daedalians:

Cyber Security is headline news these days as we combat threats to our national security and personal identities. Major General Dale Meyerrose, USAF (Ret) was our guest speaker in Oct 2016 to speak to us on that subject...

Read the complete article via the link, left.

Association of Graduates Class Advisory Senate          Bruce Mitchell


From Bruce Mitchell, our representative to the AOG Class Advisory Senate : 

The current status of the AOG's post-election deliberations, and moves towards the next step in the Single CEO proposition are described in the April Class Advisory Senate Minutes and in the May AOG Board Minutes (new board, new officers seated after the election).

CAS Minutes

BOD Minutes

BOD Minutes









1. Tony and Cyndy Mahoney: About to hear some country AND western. (April 2017)

2. Dave Ruddock performing his grandfatherly duties. (April 2017)

3. Mac MacIntosh & friend Donna at the track. (Patty Scott, April 2017)

4. Bill Carrothers and daughter Emily. (April 2017)




5. Sandy Terry's grandson showing him how to operate his new iPhone. (V. M. Rieben, April 2017)

6. Tony Mahoney & daughter Aimee: I get to sit by the winner of ASCE Mid-Pac Mead Paper and presentation. American Society of Civil Engineers had a competition for the mid-pacific region. She won first place for her presentation. (April 2017)

7. Steve Duresky: When the Marines challenge you to a pull-up contest at a local festival, you accept the challenge - and WIN of course! Proud to represent the USAF, but glad these guys are on the same team! Semper-Fi and Aim High! (May 2017)

8. Bruce Hevey & Angela Dupont at the annual Air Force Aid Society Charity Ball, National Harbor, Maryland. (Angela Dupont, May 2017)




9. Dave Beatty at the Temple Mount, Jerusalem: Why yes, I am an infidel. And I'd love to discuss theology with you... (May 2017)

10. Jim Marshall celebrating Easter with his grandson. (April 2017)

11. Bob Hickcox. (Jackie Henry, May 2017)

12. Barry Abbott (Far Right): Some of the guys before the Memorial Day Parade. (May 2017)




13. Jim Corrigan with his grandchildren. (Missy Corrigan, May 2017)

14. Mickey & Jeannine Clemons. (Jeannine Clemons, May 2017)

15. Wes Routh with his grandchildren, Drew & Annie. (Marti Routh, May 2017)

16. Bob Oswalt on a dinner date with Elizabeth. (Elizabeth Pierce-Oswalt, May 2017)




17. Mark Risi (far right) and entourage enjoying an early Alaskan spring. (May 2017)

18. Bill & Stephen Caskey enjoying a small cocktail prior to a round of golf. (May 2017)

19. Duane Lodrige. Apprently men can wear spandex...and look fabulous. (May 2017)

20. Ben & Ginny Bosma at the Sky Galley Restaurant, Lunken Airport, Cinncinatti, Ohio. (May 2017)




21. Bob Shappell: Today I was the keynote speaker at the Clear Lake Memorial Day ceremony. A great crowd and a truly inspiring war memorial. (May 2017)

22. Jim Foreman and granddaughter Scarlett sharing a Highlights magazine. (Lee Anne Foreman, April 2017)

23. John & Bernadette Charlton: This was the bi-annual fundraiser for our parish elementary school. Live and silent auction. The theme this year was The Gold Rush Days. Lots of fun and lots of $$$ raised for a great cause. (April 2017)

24. John Loucks & Susan Dee. (April 2017)




25. Top of the family, Gerry Conticchio. (Taylor Conticchio, April 2017)

26. Steve Morris: Tough day at work! (April 2017)

27. Mark Volcheff with USAFA 2017 graduate Lance Torres and sister Rachel (Rachel Torres, May 2017)

28. Dave & Janet Middleton Wallace at Coors Field. (May 2017)




29. Barrie Ketchie. (May 2017)

30. Michael Lischak & family. (May 2017)

31. It has come to our attention that Jeff Krumeich appears in a major motion picture, with a starring role in 1996's Fargo, along with some lesser stars (William Macy, Francis McDormand, et. al.).

32. Perhaps anyone familiar with the Hollywood Walk of Fame can point out the location of our classmates' stars. NOTE: This story has not been verified as actually true.




33. Debbi & Bentley Rayburn with daughter Cassandra in Greenville, SC. (Debbi Rayburn, April 2017)

34. Michael Heil: Enjoying a birthday brew with my lovely bride at Fat Head's. (June 2017)

35. Mickey & Jeannine Clemons. From Jeannine: Happy birthday to my best friend and love of my life! You are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm so thankful that God led me to you! I hope you feel special and so loved on your birthday! (June 2017)

36. Bill & Kathleen Spencer: On our wedding day we had known each other for exactly seven months and thirteen days, give or take a few hours. During our courtship, we were living 1,655 miles apart from each other, give or take a few tenths. Our Mountain Bell Telephone Company phone bills averaged $245.00 per month give or take a few bucks. On the 50th day after meeting her, I asked her to marry me. No give and take on that. She said, “yes.” (June 2017)




37. Ralph Paul: Last Sunday Loretta and I attended the Air Force Academy class of '75 annual June 4th graduation day reunion. Members of the class of '75 and their spouses living near the Air Force Academy gather each year on the anniversary of our graduation (our 42nd this year) for camaraderie, hors d'oeuvres and drinks. It was great seeing so many of my classmates and their wives. (Thanks to Duane Jones for the great photo.) (June 2017)

38. Greg & Peggy Berlan. (Alex Berlan, June 2017)

39. Charlie Wintermeyer. (May 2017)

40. Mark Volcheff & "T" Thompson at his AOG retirement luncheon. (USAFA AOG,June 2017)




41. Perry Lamy & Linda Jensvold Bauer in New Hampshire. (Linda Jensvold Bauer, June 2017)

42. Jim & Ardis Hartney at the Palace of Versailles: Enjoyed seeing all the chateaus but happy to be heading back to ours. (April 2017)

43. Otto Dieffenbach at his Mom & Dad's 65th wedding anniversary celebration. (Susanne Hume Avery, June 2017)

44. John Kambourian & his Mom, visiting from Argentina. (Jennifer Gibbs Kambourian, May 2017)




45. Bentley Rayburn & daughter Crissa Ash on a birthday trail ride. (Andy Ash, June 2017)

46. Tom Burns presiding over the Town of Shalimar, Florida. (June 2017)

47. Stan Jones with his newest grandchild. (April 2017)

48. Bill & Cathy Carrothers with daughters Katie & Emily, son Vince. (April 2017)




49. Mike Heil with Cleveland's greatest sports hero, Bob Feller. (June 2017)

50. Jim Corrigan after a rousing game of racketball. (Destry Everhart, June 2017)

51. Harry Mathis. (April 2017)

52. Max & Nancy Knepel Della Pia at King Ludwig's Castle. (June 2017)




53. Rich Finke & daughter Erin celebrating rich's final flight with American Airlines. (Erin Finke Ridolfo, June 2017)

54. Dave Ruddock on the water. (June 2017)

55. Hugo Posey: I just had the pleasure and honor of administering the oath of enlistment to my son, Petty Officer Greg Posey. Having served 8 years to date, he has committed to serving 6 more years in the finest Naval Force in the world, the United States Navy. I couldn't be prouder. (June 2017)

56. Buck Rogers & family at the Colonnades Club, Memorial Stadium. (Delaney Ann Kolberg, June 2017)




57. Mark Lenci: Our 40th wedding anniversary!!! We have started out with a wonderful day (and great weather). Nicholas, Madeeha, and Tobias (with long distance supervision by Amanda) set up an "honor arch" at our doorway. They chanted and made a lot of noise by banging dishes. All the neighbors were in on it. I understand that the tradition is to do this very early in the morning but they waited until a normal hour (thank you). We continued the celebration with traditional Danish cakes and champagne of course. Thank you to our family and friends that sent comments for our BIG CONGRATULATIONS card. All of the comments were wonderful. I cried of course. All this, and the day has only begun. Who knew 40 years ago that we would be in Copenhagen with our Danish family and friends to celebrate this? (by the way, I love Bev more than ever if that's possible). We share our joy with all of our family and friends. (May 2017)

58. Chris Fillar with his grandsons (and future pilots). (Amy Fillar Ford, May 2017)

59. Three generations of McIntoshs. (Rachael McIntosh Tuller, June 2017)

60. Steve Pitotti with his family on Father's Day. (Stephanie Williams, June 2017)






61. William Caskey & Stephen. (June 2017)

62. Bill Lyerly. (June 2017)





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