Winter 1997          Jeff Hackett

And A Star Shone Brightly In The North. As I’m sure most of you have heard our class has reached another milestone with the announcement that Bentley Rayburn and Clint Waltman were selected for O-7 at last fall’s board. Through my USAFR duty expect I’ll get to see Bentley once or twice more before he moves on to wherever; will pass on “congrats” (and attempt to weasel promotion party libations) for all!

I’ve actually spoken (email) with Bentley already; was typically humble saying he felt sure this was, “just the beginning of a ton of ’75ers who will be elevated to flag rank over the coming years – will be fun to follow!" He noted that many are already on the “right track” including Douglas Fraser who he had seen the previous week. Doug is currently serving as chief of the CSAF Staff Group.

At The Crossroads Of The Right Tracks… While on Naval Reserve duty in Germany, Jim Carlson was able to gather and pass along words from: 1) Dale Meyerrose, who is on his way (Dec ’96) to new job as ACC/SC at Langley AFB. Linda and kids were going to stay in Europe until end of spring semester and then make “much anticipated" return to East Coast (am hoping Dale will write/call to finally acknowledge spring issue skydiving picture and tell me what “SC” is). 2) Bill Spencer told Jim that his email “never gets through to Scribe Hackett" (yeah...right!). Bill and Kathleen are still residing in LA (Lower Alabama) serving as editor of Airpower Journal. He’s happy that reader interest, article contributions, and demand are way op. Bill recently made a visit to USAFA (AOG Board of Directors meeting) and provides a rave review of pavers we purchased in honor of fallen classmates and noted that each reunion class since has followed our lead. 3) Although Gil Braun confessed to Jim in writing that he’s not a member of the AOG we will pass along the news that he’s been at Stuttgart, Germany for over a year as chief of Strategy, Resources, and Legislative Affairs Division, J5, USEUCOM. Moved into that job after e stint as deputy ops group commander at Misawa AB where (in no particular order) he had a wonderful tour and a son.

Another Conduit For class News. Mark Volcheff will be in place to take over European Class of ’75 correspondent duties before the New Year. Mark’s leaving the Pentagon (SAF/AQ) to become USAFE/ADO (“a former trash hauler going into the point of the spear for fighter jocks!...wonder how long it will take them to recognize the error?”) Like Jim, Mark seems to be in touch with many classmates; he attended John Sullivan’s retirement ceremony at the Pentagon (Legislative Affairs AF/FM shop) and noted how well attended and first class the event was. Mark’s understanding was that John is looking to stay on the East Coast. Chip Diehl is serving as exec to the Vice CSAF (“doesn’t get to see the light of day too much”) but that should change soon as he was on AF wing commanders list. Mark advised that Spence Roberts is still at FedEx as at part-time pilot and fulltime “gunslinger” (fix trouble spots) for company leadership.

I got a “hey, I’m here/hey, l was there” e-mail from Tim O’Connell back in November. Tim didn’t give me any details on himself, just wanted to let me know he was “on-line” and to pass on his review of USAFA’s game at his wife’s alma mater (Cal State-Fresno): “in the four years we were cadets and the four more l was on staff at the Zoo, I never saw a game like the second half!”

Bill Murray continues to keep Internet traffic factors up with his regular letters, editorials, jokes, epistles, etc. I gleaned from his electronic Christmas letter (ah, to be a trendsetter!): Bill’s down to one happy/successful daughter at home, Evelyn, now a freshman in high school, is “a force to be reckoned with” while #1 daughter, Rosemary, is adjusting to life away from home and her freshman year at Baylor University. Bill and Judy continue on at Material Command HQ and high school substitute teaching, respectively.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful!  Eight other classmates took the more traditional (old fashioned?) approach and sent Christmas cards/letters through the mail. Well, actually Dennis Brooks took the “belts and suspenders” route and did both! Dennis and Leslie have moved to a new address just outside the Academy’s north gate (“have a golf cart, live on a golf course…still can’t play”). Despite more medical setbacks, Dennis remains very active with SERTOMA organization, neighborhood newspaper, and work as national education director for nonprofit, (powered) model aircraft organization. Leslie has returned to teaching (Kindergarten) and Becky is a high school junior. Also from Colorado Springs –although I told you about how well the Turners are doing in the last article I did not have photographic evidence of what a good looking crowd this is!

From just down I-25, Wayne Willis and his family sent holiday greetings from Albuquerque. Wayne retired in Jan '96 and began his second career with Vanguard Airlines flying 737s out of Kansas City. Amy is an interior designer and full-time mom, #1 son, David, will complete his Mormon mission (Brazil) in the spring. Would probably be worth a trip to New Mexico next fall in order to catch a football game; although I’m sure Scott and Brian are a great pair “playing side-by-side” on their high school team. My guess is watching Wayne and Amy watching them might be more entertaining. Wayne is finding (as I certainly have!) that little girls grow up way too fast; Lisa was New Mexico state gymnastics champion at her level last year.

Hoping It Pays To Know Someone On the “Inside.” As a non-resident Air War College student, I was glad to see Chuck and Roxanne Holland have kept us on their Christmas card list. For the second time in his career, Chuck, the AWC student, so impressed his instructors that he was invited to stay on and join the staff. They’re enjoying time there in Montgomery (Roxanne’s home town) and bought a house. Roxanne has returned to work as personnel manager at Russel Mills’ newest plant. Either we’re doing something wrong or the Hollands were very much tongue-in-cheek when they said that raising one teenage daughter, high school sophomore Leah, was just “way too easy” – in either case, they’ve taken on an 18-year-old foreign exchange student.

One Card – Two Return Addresses! Donna (Chuck) Molzon said she was doubly motivated to write me. First, she took pity on the poor Scribe (see my last, very short article!) and she hoped for some free exposure on their Langley AFB area home-for-sale. Donna, Laura, and Neal are still in the house 12 months after Chuck left to be director of Safety at Wright-Patterson AFB! Chuck’s in VOQ while building of house in Ohio awaits resolution of matters in Virginia. I hope Santa brought them a buyer!

Don’t believe either of the following families qualifies for a return address – so much travel! Oddly enough, it seems that Mike and Diane Buckley’s; travels (away from Anchorage, AK) were predominately during the winter months – too many places/too much fun to recount it all here. When not out and about having fun or tending to Mike’s job as Alaska Airlines pilot, they’ve been fixing things up at their cabin and/or entertaining summer visitors. Brian and Terri BARNES have much the same routine (and oddly enough, he flies for Alaska also!) from their Washington (state) base. Terri still very involved with real estate: and the Reserve Officers’ Association Ladies Club.

Greetings From Down Under. That’s the opening line in Kent and Carol Traylor’s holiday letter. With only a couple of months under their belts, they’ve found much to like about embassy life and all the things to do around Canberra. Megan’s school adjustment has gone well and she’s now found a way to really pump up the parental anxiety – combining her love of gymnastics and horseback riding in “vaulting” (gymnastics on horseback). Carol’s staying busy with a myriad of activities and has not given up her love of the NFL (she just has to adjust to kickoffs at midnight).

Thanks to your underwhelming response (and in light of a possible third year in a row without an actual Hackett family holiday letter), I’ll take the opportunity to bring you up to date on things around our house. First let me say that all anecdotes and events seem to be framed in the vivid knowledge that we‘re getting close to closing the chapter of having Tiffany at home with us on a full-time basis; she’s been accepted at Northern Arizona University and will be off to Flagstaff at the and of the summer. At times I think we’ll be too busy to notice; senior year has been fun and exciting for all! Debby’s been promoted into a business partner’s position with American Express Corporate Card folks. A real change of pace, no people to manage, a bit more travel, and the happy prospect of giving up daily two-plus hour commutes as AmEx converts many on staff to “virtual offices” for at least three to four days a week! Cannot convey how much I enjoy both my civilian (program manager for McDonnell Douglas…er, make that Boeing) and my USAFR duties (still working for F-16 program manager at Ogden ALC). Have managed to enter a handful of inline skate races but Air War College is really consuming most “free time.” At this time of year you can only imagine how nice it is to be in our 16th year of living in Arizona!

Making Points with The Powers That Be. Winter issue is traditionally the most voluminous; editor gave terse reminder of column limitations. So, since I’ve got a chance as I did so many times as a cadet, to be a hero to my cohorts by “bringing down the mean” – I’ll just leave you with Season’s Greetings (whatever season it happens to be as you read this) and the omnipresent reminder that it‘s later than you think!


Jim Carlson & Dale Meyerrose




Diane, Ric, Jill & Jon Turner

Spring 1997          Jim Carlson

Guest Scribe Jim Carlson

New Voice In The Wilderness: Our overachiever class scribe, Jeff Hackett, asked me (Jim Carlson) if I would write this quarter’s class news while he tries to clone himself in order to take over for his boss at work, be on the road, write research papers, and satisfy his family’s desire to see him once in a while. Happy to oblige, Jeff.

Telephonic Updates: Jeff got a call from Jim Burling on 2/16. Jim was in Phoenix for the weekend with his 8th-grade son who was playing in a soccer tournament. He’s back in Space Com in the Springs as deputy ops group commander and was waiting to see the results of the colonel’s board (he made it).

Will Cosby (CS-14) called Jeff on 3/17 to say he’d be in Phoenix later that week and wanted to get together. He had important news that he got married in January (wondered if he may be in running for last classmate to get married for the first time). The wedding was in Antigua, West Indies; met his wife, Cynthia, in southern California (she’s from Canada). Willy is regional sales manager for Hertz Rent a Car and lives in the L.A. area.

From The E-Mail Basket: Carl Schwartz; wrote that after 20 years in aircraft maintenance, he decided enough was enough, got out in July 1995, and spent 17 months fixing up a home in Wichita Falls, TX. On Nov. 14, he arrived in Racine, WI to work as the soccer editor for Referee magazine. “His” first issue just hit the streets, so he’s waiting for feedback from the 37,000 readers. His wife, Bonnie, had worked at AT&T but is now working in the same building for the National Association of Sports Officials, setting up a national convention in Keystone, CO in Aug ’97.

Also got a “G’day from down under” from Kent Traylor in Canberra. He and his family took a two-week vacation throughout Victoria going around the coast and visiting the beaches in addition to making it to the Australian Open. Kent’s getting ready Far the big AirShow DownUnder '97, Boeing is planning a big display to show off the new merger and to announce their Australian partnering for the AEW&C. He’s still keeping an eye out for globe-hopping classmates who find themselves in the neighborhood.

A couple of notes from Bill Murray. He reports that “Rozi’s off to Baylor, and Evie is on the swim team.” He and Judy were to leave for Dallas to join Rozi to participate in some initiation activities for Rozi’s sorority. To his surprise and delight, he also found out that he made the colonel’s list. Congrats, Bill.

John Kambourian sent an e-mail from the embassy in Chile and found out that the promotion board for full bird for the '75-war group was this past summer (primary zone). He asked if anyone had the names of the guys that got promoted. (If you send the info to me, I’ll post it on our home page – JC). John’s headed to DC in May for a conference and wants to look up any ’75ers in the area. I passed him the names Colt Mefford and Curt Osterheld, but there have got to be more!

Perry Lamy sent a cheerful, informative note and said some nice things about our home page (playing to my self-indulgent pride). He writes that Phil Pearce and he had their own reunion Columbus Day weekend last year when they met and attended the AF/Navy game “…even stayed at the Marriott…just had to relive the good memories of 1995 when we were all there together. It was a great weekend!” He’ll probably meet Phil in Las Vegas next month for the 50th Anniversary Airshow and celebration.

Perry’s still at McClellan AFB as the system program director (SPD) for HF Global Communications System. He got there out of Air War College in July 1995, but he, Peggy, and kids (Alex and Nicholas) are scheduled to move before their second year there. His new assignment will be at HQ ACC as deputy to the director of Requirements reporting to Langley AFB on 15 Jun. Dale Meyerrose just got there as the SC. Perry saw Dale last year at Ramstein when he went there to brief his staff.

Some Odds And Ends: Got a couple of special requests via the lnternet. One is from John (couldn’t get the last name) [Quattrocki] who wrote that he was in the Class of ’75 (Sq 40 as a 4 deg and Sq 17 after that) but left a week into our second-class year for medical reasons. He noted that he’s in regular contact with Al Nash. He asked if, because of that link and his own fond memories of the class, he could participate in some way with the class web page. I wrote back saying “no problemo," since as far as l was concerned, getting through BCT and doolie year was good enough for me for anyone to consider themselves part of the class. Any ideas out there to the contrary or alternatively? He also wrote that he was an agent with the FBI in the National Security Division and living in Washington, DC. He’s been an agent for 15 years working almost exclusively in espionage matters.

The second request was from William R. Folios who was looking for an e-mail address for John Misch. I haven’t heard of or from John since graduation. Any help out there?

Finally, This Interminably Long Article Reaches The End: I got the request to write this article on a week’s notice so no pictures (even of me!), However, if I had the time, I would’ve inserted my one and only war photo standing amid snow and barbed wire in Taszar, Hungary. As the Joint Recon Officer at HQ EUCOM, I  made a few trips in, around, and into “the box" in my nine mouths here in Stuttgart, Germany. Alas, all good things must end, so in a few weeks (7 Apr), I’ll be Minnesota bound to finish up law school and start a new career (It seems like only 20 or so years ago that I did this same thing…).


Summer 1997          Jeff Hackett

Like Getting Rolled Around Half-Naked On The Pinecones in SERE! I had forgotten what fun it was to partake of this experience. First, let me say “thanks” to Jim Carlson for filling in last time – was just one of those times where the scribe was rapidly moving to the other side of the power curve and discretion seemed the better part of valor. In retrospect I’m not totally certain that tonight is very much different than three months ago but I knew if I treated you badly again you wouldn’t respect me in the morning. This is especially true in light of the deluge of inputs you have provided; so let’s get to it!

Cleared Direct To Wherever He Happens To Be Going. Mark Donnelly zapped a line to let us know that effective this past inauguration day he assumed responsibilities as chief of the Presidential Pilot’s Office. Said he and the 160 people working for him had pretty much learned everything you and I never needed to know about the handling characteristics of a wheelchair. Expecting this will keep him, Lucy and the kids in Washington for a few more years.

If things go right another classmate, Matt “Kip” Fong, may be on his way to Washington soon – Kip is currently leading the field of GOP contenders vying for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer, It’s an interesting piece of timing that Kip’s son is considering higher education via one of this service academies – not really expecting an appointment from Ms. Boxer!

Bentley Rayburn isn’t going to Washington (yet?), but as new commander of the 4404 Wing at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia, I expect he’ll get to talk on the phone with lots of people there. Bentley pinned on his star, relinquished command of the 388FW (Hill AFB), and did the change-of-command thing in Saudi during one (hectic) week in the middle of June. Debbi and the kids will be staying in Utah. The picture is from a slightly late Christmas card. (But with me missing the spring issue and the normal four-month writing-to-publishing turnaround…what the heck, snow probably looks pretty good to you right now!)

Not Counting The Chapel, The Least Likely Place To Find Four ’75 Grads. How about on a ship in the Pacific Ocean! Our token captain, Mark Lenci, sent this picture onboard the USS Blue Ridge back in December (see time-lag comments above) during a Joint Task Force exercise. Mark, who is permanently embarked on the Blue Ridge as Seventh Fleet assistant chief of staff for C4I, had same advanced warning that Kevin Lanzit (Operations officer [?], 13 AF, Guam) was going to be onboard but there was apparently surprise all around when they bumped into Larry Fariss (USSPACECOM J3 shop, Hawaii) and Lee Monroe (Navy Tactical Training Group San Diego). Being typical cadets they immediately created a “contest” and determined that USAFA ’75 was numerically better represented than any other class from any other service academy. By the way, I heard through our channels (Bill Monroe) that Larry is on his way back to USAFA to be director of Intramurals.

Confession Is Good For The Soul. Mike McClendon was one of the several folks who admitted to being a first-time writer-to-the-scribe. Mike and his family are in Dallas where he is a captain with American (F-100). Number one son is in Class of 2000 at USAFA. (Can only imagine how many “back-in-the-purple-A-jacket-days” stories he’s had to endure?) Two other boys and three girls still at home. Like me, Mike’s an individual mobilization augmentee in AFMC, he’s assigned to Wright Labs in Dayton, doing inactive duty at the Lockheed Martin plant in Fort Worth and annual tours at Eglin AFB. And, yes Mike, you are now “off the hook”...for six to nine months anyway.

I’m thinking that Phil Pearce is possibly the easiest man to get a hold of on the face of the planet – has more telephone, pager, FAX numbers, and Internet addresses than the average small company. Reckon some of this is related to the fact that he, Chris, daughter Shannon and son Brandon have a home in North Carolina but Phil spends much time in his offices and condo in Las Vegas (don’t ask...I don’t know…not sure I want to). In keeping with editorial guidance, I won’t include picture of Phil with his airplane and original cadet car (Corvette) – the subject (Phil) is so relatively small compared to his rather large “toys” that reproduction in magazine would wind up looking more like car ad. Phil used picture as springboard for an interesting question, “how many of us still have our original cadet cars?” Your immediate response is solicited and pictures are encouraged (you in the foreground, car in background).

Bob Hickox also made a first-ever input. Bob and wife, Barb, live in Townsend, MA (same house for 19 years!) and have two girls. Bob left active duty I7 years ago; is now with National Computer Systems, an information services and data capture/management company (make all the “fill-in-the-bubble” forms). Bob’s another one of these home-away-from-home guys, spending 60 percent of his time on the road, mostly in Minneapolis.

It’s OK To Talk About Others. No ego problem with Paul Lotakis, he devoted over half of his e-mail to telling us about Walt “Buster” Burns who as an active-duty officer has recently taken command of the 103FW, Connecticut Air National Guard. As you may have guessed this is an unprecedented mix-n-match of the Total Force and an obvious testimonial about Walt’s potential for leadership. When he finally got around to talking about himself Paul noted that he’s still in Anchorage, flying the 737 and getting used to new responsibilities as ALPA Council Rep. Son is at U. of Alaska-Fairbanks majoring in (CE, (“like his old man”), oldest daughter just hit teenage years, youngest daughter just turned 10. In Paul’s words, wife, Michele, is in her “renaissance” and is taking voice and piano lessons.

Another “news of many” came through from Ric Lewallen; they’ve moved to a farmhouse on 2 1/2 acres in Coosada, AL (outside Montgomery), still “doing the same thing, just in a better location” (relative to DC). Headlines on others: Don Byers’ oldest daughter graduated from high school this year, Rudy Roth is still stationed at Travis and will be there at least through next summer, Dean Cox is still working with the foreign liaison office in DC.

And John Scherer dropped a line from McClellan AFB where he is support group commander. John thought Sam Ryals’ name should get into the “oldest dad” contest – his wife, Ginger, was expecting this past May. Also gave a report on Tim Wrighton who is 349th AW Ops Group commander. The 349th is the Reserve associate unit at Travis AFB, flying C-5s, C-141s, and KC-10s.

Touch-And-Goes. Got several quick, “here I am” e-mails to pass along: Steve Pitotti is F-15 PDM pilot at Warner Robins AFB, says “life away from the Pentagon is a blast - the field is much more fun!"

Duane Jones, Jan, and their boys were getting ready to leave Ramstein
AB (after just less than a year) for Maxwell AFB and AWC. Duane was pretty surprised when the housing people told him that they wouldn’t be able to get their on-base housing until Lt Col Bob Gambrell moves out! Small world. Dennis and Leslie Brooks have moved to a home on golf course outside the North Gate and are rapidly building a golf ball collection (which they’ll probably try to sell to offset car repair costs resulting from “wicked hooks”). Their daughter Becky made cheerleader for her upcoming senior year of high school. Jon Turner picked an appropriate milestone date, June 4th, for his retirement from USAFR; plans to play a lot more golf.

Clean-up And Corrections. Got an email from Rick Broome (aviation artist) over six months ago that I just forgot to include in last article l wrote. He wanted me to remind those of you who own any of his work from that era that art appraisals are a good idea to protect your investment. Appreciation has probably increased the value of your art far beyond the purchase but without an appraisal you’re SOL.

Have also gotten e-mail to resolve uncertainties surfaced in last article. Turns out “John (couldn’t get his last name)” is actually John Quattrocki who left after 2nd Class summer (not after 1st year) based an loss of pilot qualification (kind of a “medical thing”). John’s now an FBI agent in Washington, DC.

One Of Those Days. Months from now when I read this in the actual pages of the magazine I wonder if I’ll remember what a crummy day I had back in June? Probably will when I read the salutation: Remember, it’s later than we think – THANK GOODNESS!


RHIP – The 388FW "Poster Family"


"All Ahead Full" with Kevin Lanzit, Mark Lenci, Lee Monrow, & Larry Fariss



Lt Col Ernie Woolard (Left, USAFA '76) is presented the AFA President's Award by Col John Scherer, 77th SPG/CC

Fall 1997          Jeff Hackett

Since It’s Still 100 Degrees Here We’ll Chalk This Whole Thing Up To The Summertime Blues! Yep, last day of September and it’s still in triple digits here – has apparently killed the postman outright, smacked down the telephone lines, and severely reduced the throughput on the e-mail data lines. I’ll have to admit it’s not done much for my motivation either so we’ll make this quick!

Before He Went Off To NRA Meeting, Postman Did Get One Letter Delivered. Roxanne (Chuck) Holland sent greetings from Alabama and filled us in. They were looking forward to winding down after a hectic year of school with daughter Leah and their foreign exchange student (from Prague). Many trips here and there around the US and getting into the teenage driving thing too. Roxanne’s working as human resources director at a company there in Montgomery. At the time she wrote Chuck was devoting most of his non-AWC instructor efforts to co-authoring a movie script (as in Hollywood) based on the life of Frank Luke. We’ll be looking for the Hollands at next years Oscars!

Working On An Idea To Put Myself Out Of A Job. Was thinking about my status as a limited-value-added middle-man as I looked over the emails l get and wondered if we couldn’t develop a ISO Nine-Thousand-Something Standard for Class Article inputs and just let y’all post/paste up the column for yourselves. By the way, you’re reminded that you can beat the publishing deadline by seeing the material the day it’s submitted at the Class of '75 Homepage (courtesy of Pagemaster Jim Carlson). Call, write, or zap me to get page address.

Best line of the quarter comes from Bill Dalson who says that the schooling he’s going through is “all Greek” to him…he’s at State Department Foreign Service Institute in preparation to become air attaché to Greece. He, Cleo and two sons will leave next summer for a three-year tour. Bill says that our class is doing well at cornering the market on cushy attaché jobs in pleasant locations; Dave McDaniel (Libby) is preparing to go to Rome, Al Piotter is studying Spanish in preparation for a four to Chile, and rumor was that Woody Woodward was on tap to go to Oslo later next year. Reb Eleven reunion was in planning stages when Bill wrote: a number of guys in the area – Steve Wojcicki was on academic fellowship in the D.C area, Mike Roznovsky was getting ready to retire (headed for Delta Airlines), Brian Bouffard lives in nearby Washington, VA and flies for United, and Al Peck had just moved to town with new bride for a tour at Air Staff. Hope someone took pictures!

Got a short note from faithful correspondent Dennis Brooks – still enjoying life on the golf course outside the North Gate. He did pass on word that Greg Sheridan has retired and has taken job as operations officer for the Aviation Camp at the Aerospace Center in Huntsville, AL, although he and Renee live in Fayetteville, TN. Another short e-mail came in from Ralph Paul – he’s a 737 captain with United out of Chicago but I’ll assume that’s not home since he also noted that he’s enjoying himself immensely as (USAFA/ROTC) admissions liaison officer director for Central Florida.

Shame – It’s A Wonderful Thing. Bryon Bednar’s opening line was, “when I saw Mike McClendon sent you a note, I realized that l had run out of excuses.” (Now who amongst you will say, “Hey if Bryon Bednar’s writing to Jeff, where does that leave me!?") In his “civilian” life Bryon is deputy base civil engineer at Peterson AFB. As fellow IMA Reservist he works in J4 for NORAD/USSPACECOM. He and Nancy have lived in Colorado Springs for 15 years and have three sons.

Got a long, informative e-mail from Duane Lodrige. Probably biggest news is that by the time you read this he’ll be married to a fighter pilot! No it’s not "that" progressive Air Force; it’s the new-world DOD that allowed Julia to transfer from USAFR job flying ‘141s to an A-10 job with the Maryland ANG. Duane is in DC ANG (O-6, director of Operations) where he flies F-16s. His “real” job is flying 737s for U.S. Airways out of Baltimore (Julie flies for Northwest). All this flying around gives Duane the chance to see lots of people! Like Tom McClain who is at the Pentagon; OIC of National Guard Inspector General Inquiries/Complaints Division; he lives in Virginia with wife and family. Tom mentioned that Mark Masters was also at Pentagon but Duane said he heard that Mark will retire in the fall and start on with United. John Czarbarenek is with USAFR C-141 unit at Andrews AFB (possibly in line to be next CC) and is also with U.S. Airways in Baltimore. Bob Mark has retired and flies Learjets for Phoenix Air in Michigan. Duane caught up with Bill Lyerly and Mike Lischak at a bar in Annapolis recently; Bill’s still a “big wig” in the Health Department’s Infectious Disease efforts and Mike was getting ready to finish National War College. Duane typically gets to see Bud Calloway whenever he gets down to Fort Lauderdale; Bud has his own business down there (Northstar Aviation) remarketing jets and commuter aircraft. Without giving any details other than to say a rendezvous was in the planning stages, Duane noted that John Charlton and Colt Mefford are both new in the DC area.

Last Guy Out – Turn Off The Lights. Bill Murray has just arrived at McClellan AFB and plans to be there when they close the doors (approximately 2001). In the interim he’s plenty busy with fulfilling duties, as division chief for Space & C4l Management and, as if that wasn’t enough they’ve “temporarily” added on management of another division until they can find someone to permanently fill the spot (yeah, right!). Bill provides these insights on other classmates at McClellan/Sacramento Air Logistics Center: Sam Ryals is the program manager for F-117 and John Scherer is the support group commander. Corrie Kundert (retired in 1995) and wife, Dottie, are also in Sacramento where he is in his last year of residency before becoming a pharmacist.

Another “Firstie.” Rich Wilson decided that he’d break the ice with this Class Article thing. Rich retired last year after spending more than enough time at the Pentagon (especially tough duty after being an RC-135 squadron commander at Offutt). Rich is now with Delta out of Orlando after a brief stint with Vanguard Airlines. Mike Dennis and Wayne Willis are also doing the Delta thing in Orlando (although Wayne has retained his residency in Albuquerque).

On The Bubble. Have not made a firm decision on this yet but am asking that anyone interested in permanently taking on the ’75 Scribe duties give me a call or drop a line. Although Tiffany’s off at college (Northern Arizona University) I’m still finding that demands for my time exceed the “maintain sanity” level. If I make a decision to “sign off” I’d like to at least have some ideas about who’s there to take up the torch…and isn’t this another case of it being later than I think?




1. Bill Estelle (center) with his unit, whose mission was to train the Turkish Air Force in KC-135 maintenance and ops.

2. Scott Arnott.

3. Paul Desisto & his Dad. 

4. Jim Corrigan on his Viper at Shaw AFB.



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