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8 October 2019

Jeff Hackett: Sorry for being this belated in closing the loop with you - I guess I've let things escape my control. Things to pass on to your squadron-mates at this time:

Survey response was (I think) pretty darn good (363 responses). I hope to have the results in a publishable / shareable form and get them out to you by end of this week.

Jim Carlson and I pulled in a handful of trusted agents together (a "Steering Committee") to help review / analyze/ discuss survey results late last month. Bottom line is that we've only eliminated WINTER as a timing choice and we did not come to a firm conclusion on the question of location.

I've been trying to formulate a plan for NEXT-STEPS which got interrupted for an extended weekend traveling to see Air Force - Navy Football game. In general, I'm trying to develop  a few top-level options that we'll share and get classmate inputs on (through another survey). I hope we'll have declared where and when the 45th Reunion will be by the end of this month.

Thanks for your patience.

22 August 2019

Jeff Hackett: On my first try at this Reunion Chairman thing, I was happy to receive initial guiding counsel from a few veteran reunion committee members and a handful of good "friends / classmates". This time around, I'm hoping the Reunion Committee can be armed with valuable inputs from every member of the Class. Please read the introductory comments below and then complete / submit the USAFA '75 INITIAL 45th REUNION SURVEY (link below) NLT Sunday, 22 September.
As the survey title implies, this is a first-cut attempt to gather information about your Reunion-relevant druthers. I've talked with Reunion Committee veterans from our class and from the Classes of 1959 - 1988 about their experiences in putting together both "typical" and very "atypical" Class gatherings.  I've tried to incorporate at a high level all of those ideas and experiences into the survey questions so that you can give our 45th Reunion Committee an initial vector on our planning (I imagine there will likely be follow-up surveys later to get additional inputs from the Class about more of the Reunion details). Let me EMPHATICALLY say that I am neither "for" nor "against" doing something other than a "traditional" (in Colorado Springs on a home football game weekend) 45th Reunion. But I can report to you that other Classes, for various reasons, have started to, at least occasionally, have non-traditional Reunions. A few salient notes:

There will be TEN Classes having Reunions in 2020 and since the Academy has directed that Traditional Reunions occur on no more than three home football weekends, there will be even more of a challenge to secure an adequately large host Hotel than there was in the past.

The Class of '64 had their 55th Reunion at the Academy last month (July).

The Class of '59 (a short 16 years senior to us) - has moved away from "all-hands" reunions in the Colorado Springs area as an increasing number of their classmates find the altitude to be a medically limiting factor. They have instead been going to USAF-relevant places (e.g. USAF Museum at Wright-Pat, San Antonio / Randolph AFB, Orlando / Kennedy Space Center, Washington D.C. / Pentagon).

The question is - WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO FOR OUR 45TH REUNION NEXT YEAR? Let us know by taking the survey!


12 August 2019

Jim Carlson: First, thank you for those who volunteered to help in prepping for our 45th Reunion. The Reunion Chair will be immensely grateful for your help and wise advice. And speaking of the Reunion Chair, the USAFA ‘75 Chairman for our 45th Reunion is none other than ... (drum roll)...Jeff Hackett! As you remember, Jeff has done this before (and with great success). He claims to be fully retired and has the time to make sure that our reunion planning will be flawless (or as near to flawless as 60+ year-old codgers – make that America’s ‘cream of the crop codgers’ – can pull off). Herewith is Jeff’s acceptance speech:       

As Chip Diller famously said in 'Animal House' - "Thank You Sir, may I have another? So, with the enthusiastic and capable assistance of a not-yet-fully-formed Best Alive 45th Reunion Committee (there's still room for you to join in), I'm anxious to lead us through another of our periodic all-hands scrums. At this point my only ask is that everyone stays especially attentive to your email inbox in the next 30 days as each of you will be getting the opportunity to provide essential inputs on some of the Reunion planning fundamentals (more inputs / data / ideas = a more better event).” Jeff Hackett