Reunions 2021

Gentlemen of the Class of ’75,

The situation before us: 

a)     We didn’t have our 45th Reunion last year because of the pandemic.

b)     We decided to defer a decision about having a delayed 45th Reunion in 2021 not earlier than February this year.

c)     Squadron POCs were contacted; and 3 Zoom meetings were held to assess interest in a reunion this year, considering current national and global  conditions.

d)     Squadrons provided their inputs at the Zoom meetings and subsequent email messages.  Overall, the responses were largely negative or indicated lack of interest/support for the effort.

After significant reflection and weighing of the options and risks, your class leadership subsequently decided that we will forego a deferred 45th Reunion this year and focus instead on the much more significant 50th Reunion in 2025 and make it great!

Jim Carlson, Class President

Scott Hente, Class Treasurer

Foster Bitton, Class Scribe

Bruce Mitchell, CAS Rep

Bill Estelle, Class Webmaster (Independent Class Website)

NOTE:  For factors that went into the decision, you can review the Notes from our Zoom calls and the factors that your class president presented to the your class leadership team. (Link, Right)

Check the individual Squadron links below for their possible mini-reunion plans
NOTE: If you get an error page, that squadron has not provided any reunion information.


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