Memories of...Summer Programs

Dave White

[I recently had a] Washington DC layover – not enough airplanes handy, so it's off to the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum downtown. First, the no-kidding ORIGINAL Wright Flyer. Then the X-15 I got stuck in way back in 1974. I was at Edwards AFB for summer research while a Cadet at USAFA and they gave us a tour of the NASA facility, where it was stored. Perry Lamy got in and out okay, as did Mike [McClendon], our other Cadet summer researcher. Not me – canopy locked and I was in there for a little while until they could figure out how to open it. Pretty cool though! (via Facebook, June 2015)


Perry Lamy

Perry Lamy

It was Summer Research at Edwards and there were 3 of us assigned to the base (I was at NASA Flight Research Center, as it was known in those days; Dave was at the F-15 Combined Test Force; and, Mike was at Test Pilot School). There are several tales which may be of interest to the interested.

Here you go Dave. Ship 1, as she appeared during the Summer of '74 at EDW.




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