Remember When...

Men were men and so were cadets

Parkas were pointed

A-Jackets were purple

Apparent AMI existed

Doolies buffed upperclass floors for stereo privileges

Upperclassmen asked knowledge at the tables

Doolies had to wear hats in the dorms

Doolies had to gaze at the floor when in Mitch’s

The Wing marched to the Saturday noon meal during football season

Water flowed in the entire air gardens

Overhead lockers could be locked

CQs didn’t carry room keys

There was unmarked underwear

Beds had blankets that covered the beds

Coke cost 10 cents…a bottle

Doolies had to pick up all the empty Coke bottles in the morning

Summer T-41 was 6 weeks long but you finished in only 3 weeks

Shower formations were every night during BCT

T-33s were used in Stardust and AM-370

Class rings were presented at a Ring Dining-In

There was a doughnut line

Fourthclassmen marched to breakfast every morning and couldn’t chant so as not to wake up the sleeping upperclassmen

Graduation leave was 60 days

Classes were only 50 minutes long for everyone

Doolies slept on their desks for SAMIs so that they wouldn’t wrinkle the collar on their bed

Rifles could be cleaned and fired

Dust covers were on AMI beds

Summer uniforms were Echo and Foxtrot

The Fairchild quadrangles had real grass in them

Instructors taught in Class As

Jeans couldn’t be worn in Arnie’s

Doolies couldn’t wear corfams

Large Airborne wings could be worn on class shirts

The SOD was a C/Capt

BCT had a change of command with a cannon

K Squadron ate Smacks for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)

Upperclassmen gave “two”

Every BCT squadron had an HSAO

No female waitresses worked in Mitch’s

Doolies double timed until phase three

Poetry was written on the O-96

Calculators were a month’s pay

Cadets could use the AOC’s office and phone

Sleep-in Cons existed

6 and 120 meant something

Doolies hit the wall

There was a tattoo

Class shoes roamed the earth

There was an acceptable double standard

Cadets could wear more than one patch on their A-Jacket sleeve

The Commandant walked on crutches

Sijan Hall was named after General New

The room next to the Vandenberg Hall barbershop was another barbershop

You didn’t have to wear shoes in the dorm halls

You didn’t have to wear anything in the dorm halls

The Friday evening meal was mandatory and Doolies might get to sit at rest

An extended weekend was a privilege that was impossible to get

The Thunderbirds flew F-4s

The Arnold Hall lounge was called the Cockpit Lounge

Slide rules were part of book issue

Parkas and A-Jackets didn’t have nametags

White gloves had snaps

You didn’t have to tip the barbers

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