Phrases We'll Never Forget

[Crash!] Out of the rack! NOW! You've got 2 minutes to get dressed and to formation. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!

Hey you smack! Drive on out here!

Way to pimp over your classmate, mister!

Are you GAZING, smackwad?

Drop and give me 10 (or 20, or 50).

Forward at the double time . . . !

Mail call, sick call . . .

Where’s your Form 10?

Report to your Element Leader (or Sergeant) and tell him that Cadet [fill in] said you need an SI.

Cadet [Element Leader / Sergeant] is a good friend of mine, so I'll be checking to make sure you report.

Give me checkpoints!

Minute Callers! Where are the Minute Callers?!

What's on the menu?

How many days until graduation?

When was the last time you:

(a) shined your shoes?

(b) took a shower?

(c) got a haircut?

(d) reported to your Element Leader?

See this? This is a cable I found on your uniform. I want you to tie 10 knots in it and report back to me.

You man, the one with your:           

(a) shirt untucked in the back           

(b) back pocket unbuttoned

(c) arms swinging all over the place out here and talk to me!

Do you know who I am, mister?

Report to my alcove, service Alpha, under arms. Two!


Two! (mouthed unvoiced, used by lazy upperclassmen)

Two! (with 2 fingers held up, used by even lazier upperclassmen)

Did you shine your boots with a chocolate bar?

If you're taller than the man in front of you, move up.

Don't lock your knees.

Don't stare at the man's hat in front of you.

Jiggle your rifle.

Don't you dare faint on me mister!

...when dinosaurs roamed the terrazzo.

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