David Karl Livingston

"Doctor Livingston I presume..." Doc, a name given to him upon his first assignment by his squadron commander.

No silver wings needed now; he has his own.

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, David entered the Air Force Academy and graduated in 1975. Doc became a fighter pilot, proudly serving his country for 20 years. After military retirement, Doc began working for the Fort Walton Beach Golf Club until his early earthly departure 18 years later.

David left behind his loving wife Cherie; his goober, Kelsey; doting mother, LaDona; and brothers, Bob and Steve; along with many family and friends too numerous to count. Arrangements are being made for a fall military send-off at Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, Fla.

A celebration of life will be held at Two Trees Restaurant and the Fort Walton Beach Golf Club on Sunday, Dec. 29, from 3 to 5 p.m. We invite all who knew Doc or Cherie to join us.

Northwest Florida Daily News   |  December 2013




Sad news, indeed. Safe journey, my friend. UPT-77-01.

Tony Mahoney

Dave was my best friend at USAFA. We roomed together for 2 yrs and then shared an apartment at pilot training. He was one of a kind. No amount of stress could mess up one strand of his perfect hair. He was the ultimate natural in pilot training, never studying and bagging an Eagle out of UPT. Cried my eyes out when I heard the news. He was special and I feel lucky to have known him.

– Mike Weininger

Doc and I became great friends and apartment mates starting our lives in the AF at Langley AFB as hot shot fighter pilots beginning the era of the Eagle. He left an indelible mark on my life! He was a bright spot in many lives. I wish I were only able to share, reminisce, and relive some of those early years with him now. A great friend, groomsman, and a key part of my early life and always will be part of it. Jani and I will love you always. Wish we could have spent more time with you in the more recent years.

– Bob (Cowboy) Awtrey

I knew Doc from USAFA and from our time together as Eagle drivers at Langley in the 70's. He roomed with our mutual friend Bob Awtrey and could always be counted on to lighten up any gathering. For years I meant to look him up when passing through the Panhandle, but never did.

Heaven to Doc will be a combination of his family and the movies 'Top Gun' and 'Caddy Shack'. We should all be so lucky. Check Six pal.

Bob Knauff

Smart Dave - with that twinkle in your eyes and the dimples in your cheeks you lived a great life... So here's a Toast to Doc, my Friend, my Squadron-mate, and a True Fighter Pilot!!!

'75 Best Alive, Playboy 19


– Buck Rogers

Thank you Dave, for your friendship and the memories at USAFA! Dave was a saber-bearer at my wedding, and Kathie and I still have fond memories of him at the "house" too. You will be missed!

– Gene DeRamus

Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida