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March 2012

Dark Ages Greetings, Best Alive!

Recommended Professional Development Reading:  Bill Estelle has done a fabulous job with the new “rogue website,” I guarantee you will laugh, cry, and feel tingles, often simultaneously, as you recall people who affected our lives at The Zoo. Thanks to many classmates who contributed content, which includes Class Business, News, GBNF, Galleries, Videos, Nostalgia, and History. YHS particularly enjoyed the Nostalgia section entitled Gallimaufry–the French exchange story almost gave me a hernia from laughing so hard! This is a “living project,” one that will not be complete until the last of us departs the fix, and Bill welcomes stories, pictures, videos, memorabilia, and anything else reminiscent of our time together, then and now.  

Mike Matte, aka Marathon CEO [], reported on his 26 Dec 2011 speech at the 26th annual South Texas Joint Service Academies Military Ball on Galveston Island. All of the 140 cadets and midshipmen received copies of his book, “Marathon Fit to Lead,” which Mike signed after delivering the keynote address. The speech included references and stories about the famous Class of 1975 and what it was like to actually punch cards to program a computer and live in a New Dorm. The book is available on Mike’s website or Amazon, but he can send you an autographed copy if you get it directly from him.

Duane Jones joins the ORB universe:  My time in Air Force blue is coming to a close. I’ll retire from active duty effective 1 April 2012 with a last duty day of 3 February. Our classmate Doug Fraser will officiate and in doing so will become the last member of our class on continuous active duty. Congratulations and thank you for your service, Duane!

More from the Beltway Bunch:  John Charlton reports in from his post at National Defense University, where he serves as Senior Director of the Security Assistance and International Student Education Programs. “In a nutshell, I am responsible for recruiting 100+ international students to NDU each year, and then seeing to all of their administrative needs while they are here with their families (300+ dependents). One of the nicer aspects of my job is to 'teach' them about America:  We end up hitting about half of the states each year. This morning we are off to Texas: Houston and the Johnson Space Center, Galveston and the offshore oil industry, Dallas and the 6th Floor Museum, and Fort Worth to visit the F-35 production line at Lockheed Martin and the Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. As you can see, we do a bit of industry, military and culture. Another perk of the job is international travel. Many of my "students" go home and are soon promoted to the highest positions within their military. It's fun to go and see them on their own turf. We will be in Germany for a conference this spring, and then plan to visit Prague and Krakow, where we are sponsoring an alumni event. We travel each year to a different part of the world. So far we've hit France, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Dubai, and Thailand. I retired in 2002, then transitioned to the same job as a civilian. Hope to continue for about four more years–we bought a lot in Ashland, NE last year on a small lake surrounded by a golf course, and plan to build our retirement nest there in the next couple of years.  Grandchildren #9 and #10 checked in last year, so Bernadette and I do quite a bit of travel in that regard as well, as my kids are spread across OH, FL, MI and CA, and her kids (plus three grandkids) are out in the Omaha area. Life has been very good to us, and of course we owe a lot of it to dear old USAFA.”

Guard Bum Chuck Schmitz has one more year to go in the Ohio ANG, including an upcoming tour in Afghanistan. “I left active duty in August of 1986 and went to the Guard two weeks later as an Air Guard Technician. Except for that two week transition I’ve been active duty or ANG since graduation. Last I heard from Don Lewis he went back on active duty and was in Germany.  Don’t know of too many other folks out there still doing this. I’ll be off on my last adventure (sure the wife will be happy about that) at the end of January or early February, with three of my enlisted folks supporting a flying ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) operation.” Wow, another long-timer–you guys are setting all kinds of records!

Marathon Fit To Lead

Marathon Fit to Lead is about life and how you deal with what comes your way. Responding to what happens in your life is more important than the events that occur. Everyone faces challenges in life, but how you deal with those challenges shapes who you are and where you are going. Do not let events dictate who you are, take control of the marathon of life, and run at your own pace.

From Scribe Emeritus Paul Kent:  Mike and Jan Goyden traveled to DisneyRWorld during Spring Break for their first extended vacation since their honeymoon 36 years ago. Wow, makes me feel guilty for all the vacations I take. The only news from me is my son finished his Eagle Scout Board of Review and is going to study in Australia and New Zealand for 10 weeks in early January. Congratulations Pablo–he joins an elite group in earning his Eagle! Sounds like Vito has been working too hard though...

Idea For Next Reunion:  Generate a list of progeny who followed our footsteps into the Long Blue Line, became Eagle Scouts, Rhodes Scholars, All-Americans, and other such accomplishments. Our class has an impressive history of accomplishment, and I think our children reflect the individual greatness that comes from a background of greatness. Whaddaya think? Are the wheels in motion yet? It’s only three years away!

No Rocking Chairs For Us.  Mark Holmes reports in from sunny San Diego: Came upon a revelation just a few days ago: The address of my house. I'll bet no one in the class has the same number; it never dawned on me in the nine years after we bought the house until I saw the new section 7258 on the AOG website and the light bulb went off, with strains of “What's your altitude, smack?” “Seven Thousand Two Hundred Fifty-Eight feet sir, far, far above that of Annapolis or West Point.” Tattoos with the class motto, an address that's The Zoo's altitude, I can't seem to let it's a good thing, lots of great memories of great lifetime friends. All's well here (no motorcycle accidents) other than a portable radiator dropping on a toe and losing the toenail, otherwise 58 feels pretty darn good. Got asked to enter a bodybuilding competition by the trainers at the gym so I guess I'm doing something right. I always thought 58 was rocker on the porch stuff when I was a kid; guess our generation doesn't see it that way.

More Cool Stuff About Us:  The Dec 2011 Checkpoints article, “The Long Blue Line: Active Duty Retention,” highlighted Best Alive as one of only eight classes with 20-year retention rates over 50%, and one of three with a double-digit 30-year retention rate.

Keep those updates and pictures coming, and until next quarter, good night and God bless.



March Extras

Former AFDW Commander Visits JBAB Airmen For Farewell

Maj. Gen. Duane A. Jones, U.S. Air Force Headquarters Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installations and Mission Support director of resource integration, visits with Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Security Services Airmen during guard mount, Jan. 25, on base. General Jones was commissioned in 1975 upon graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has commanded eight different units including four squadrons, two groups, one wing and the Air Force District of Washington. He also served as senior flight line maintenance officer for Air Force One and executive officer the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Mathew Diendorf ), 27 January 2012


Then and Now: Council President Scott Hente

Scott Hente was elected to the Colorado Springs City Council representing District 1, the northwest quadrant of the city, in April 2003. He was re-elected to serve a four-year term in April 2005 and again in April 2009.

He is the senior vice-president and co-owner of Robert-Scott General Contractors, Inc., specializing in multi-family community development as well as custom home construction. He is also a co-owner of RS Construction and Development, Inc. and RS Holding Company, LLC. He is an active member of the local Housing and Building Association and serves as a member of the board of directors for the Colorado Association of Home Builders and has been recognized as both the Colorado Springs and Colorado Builder of the Year.

Prior to entering private business, Mr. Hente served as a career Air Force officer for 21 years. He has logged 4,100 military flying hours, of which 150 are combat. He is a veteran of Desert Storm and has been awarded the Bronze Star, three Air Medals and numerous commendation medals. In addition to flying, Mr. Hente oversaw and managed the $300+ million annual Air Force Space Command communications and computer budget and also served as the commander of the 350 person 21st Communications Squadron at Peterson Air Force Base. He retired in 1996 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr. Hente graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Air Force Academy in 1975 and received a Master of Science degree from the University of Nebraska in 1982.

Mr. Hente and his wife Lyn have two children: Adrienne and Michael, and three grandsons.

Scott Hente’s Council term ends in 2013.

Colorado Springs Gazette, 24 February 2012

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billyboy says:                                                                     

Graduated college in 1975? Hente, you young punk!!!               (February 24, 2012 at 9:32 pm)




June 2012

Randy Barrett checking in: I had my FAA First Class Medical reinstated this year and have gotten some work flying ab initio at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale for subcontractor Aerosim and flying MD80s for Falcon Air in Miami. After my forced landing accident in Jul 05 nobody thought I would ever be healthy enough to fly again!  I’ve also been hired as an Adjunct Professor for a classroom course this summer. Way to go, Randy – you proved that they can’t keep a good man down!

Dave White:  The Steve Canyon TV show from the late 50s was one of the things that drew me to aviation at a young age.  It's being released on DVD, by a guy in California who got the rights from Milton Caniff's estate. The website is:  There is a statue of Steve Canyon in Idaho Springs, CO – wish I had known when we were cadets. (Photo Below)

Chris Glaeser: Karen and I spent a weekend with Rock Bottomley and Maggie at their home in Chicago – a great chance to catch up, and a good reminder that friendships never grow old! We really enjoyed telling stories and lies about some of the Stalag 17 escapades – some of the stories might have even been partially true! Here's a challenge: Everyone find a chance to meet up with one or more of our classmates this year, and post a photo or two (ROE: travel over 100 miles, eliminating the easy Colorado connections) Somebody is certainly likely to find Dick and Michele Webber's RV in their driveway, so that might be an easy one, and we are still in Montreal, but retirement is beckoning due to the increasing crop of grandkids back in Minnesota. (Photos Below)

In February, Stan Siefke (Sluggo), Stan Collins (Chumley) and wives (Wanda and Mary, respectively) visited the Rocking L Ranch in Solvang CA hosted by Rick (Duck) and Leigh Layman. It was branding season and Rick, the Cowboy Colonel, had some branding work to do at a neighbor's. Great friends, great food and drink, hilarity at old stories...a great weekend!

Steve Lerum: Excuse me while I brag about my son, C2C Thomas Lerum, who just participated in the world record setting collegiate Wings of Blue formation jump in Arizona this week!  [31 March 2012]  (Photo and Video Below)

DC Dark Ages Party Tradition Continues: John and Bernadette Charlton (mostly the latter, according to John) put together another successful DAP–here’s a summary:  We ended up with 41 folks: Dan McCorry, Bob Miglin, Scott Arnott, Scott Smith, Jerry Manthei , Jim Carlson, Phil Saenger, Dusty Rhoades, Terry Young, John Charlton, John Sullivan, Dave Anhalt, Chris Soto, Bob Akers, Al Piotter, Joe May, Greg Schmitt, Colt Mefford, Bob Awtrey, Randy Chapman, Bill Lyerly, Mark Beesley and Muddy Waters. Andy Dichter took a nasty spill while jogging late last week and had surgery on his leg, and Al Bready’s wife, Billie, also had some medical issues late in the week. We missed Andy and Cheryl and Al and Billie, and we wish them a speedy recovery. Joe May suggested that we select 75 days into the new year as the "normal" date of our DAP.  According to my calculations, that would be 16 March 2013.  

Ebola Bill Lyerly adds: Don Byers and Greg Collier could not join us in person, but they raised their drinks from Barcelona, Spain to toast the class. (Video Below)

High plains drifter Dave McDaniel reports in from Lubbock: I taught Western Civilization I and II at Texas Tech – nothing like having to be prepared to cover from 20,000 BC to the present all at one time! I didn’t make much progress on my doctoral dissertation, but I am trying to get that finished up by the end of the year. Our oldest son, Ryan, just came out on the USAF major’s list and is PCSing from Kirtland to Los Angeles AFB in the summer, and our youngest son, Robert, survived the great DFW-area tornado of April 2012 hunkered down with his middle school band until an hour after normal quitting time.

Meet George Jetson: Phil Meteer is testing a flying car, the Terrafugia Transition, in Woburn, MA – we are so jealous! Hey Phil, any chance we can get a class discount? (Video Below)

Mark 'Scotty' Scott hog hunting in Central Florida with Rob 'Stu' Stewart for his 60th birthday.  We need a beer to tell about Scotty's over the shoulder blast!

Jim Corrigan, Larry Fariss, Dave Pratt, and Wayne Willis met in March to fulfill another of Larry's bucket list items. Larry and Dave played five days of golf with 36 holes each day. Wayne joined them for two days and Jim Corrigan and Roy Rice played at least four days with them. Afterward, Larry and Dave joined Rod Hennek in Augusta for the first two days of the Master's. Since September, the Willises have three new grandsons, for a total of five grandsons and no granddaughters. (Vito Goyden should tell Wayne what he’s missing:  He has five granddaughters and a new grandson born on Washington’s birthday). (Photo Below)

Swimming With Sharks?  Nah, just dolphins–even Bill Murray has his limits: Experienced a minor miracle called the "toe push." You swim out about 100 yards, lie on your stomach with your arms out front and your legs extended behind you with your knees locked. The dolphins swim behind you, place their noses on the flat portion of your foot, and accelerate until you come up out of the water like you're skiing–and they propel you for 90 yards back to the dock, dropping off just as you reach the end. It's the most amazing sensation-the strength, coordination, and power of these animals is just amazing! I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins ever since I watched "Flipper" as a kid.

Look for some great pictures of Duane Jones' retirement ceremony with 16 classmates attending, on the website. Jim Marshall represented the class at the Alamo Chapter’s Founder’s Day dinner–thanks for your work, Jim. (Photo Below)

In closing, an update on the [unofficial] class website from Bill Estelle:  I've just linked a Twitter account [75bestalive] to the web site. I've found about two dozen classmates use Twitter (so far). I realize I'm preaching to the slide rule set but it’s another way to link members of the class. Some examples can be seen in both locations. I assume if someone Tweets, they don't mind it being out there [for more on Twitter, go to Site Info]. Also, I've begun archiving the Checkpoints columns, starting with 1975. They prove to be an interesting historical log. It will probably take a couple of years to get them all online.

Thanks to everyone who submitted adventures, updates, and photos. Due to space limits, look for more photos and a couple videos on the website and ZoomieNation. See you around the campus!



1. Steve Canyon Statue in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  

2. Karen & Chris Glaeser.  

3. Rock & Maggie Bottemley.  

4. Chris Glaeser & Rock Bottomley.  


5. Chris Glaeser.  

6. Steve Lerum & son Tom.  

7. Old Colonels at Play: Jim Corrigan, Larry Fariss, Dave Pratt, Wayne Willis.  

8. Doug Fraser & Duane Jones.  


9. The Jones Family.  

10. The '75 Contingent at Duane Jones' Retirement: Tim Murphy, Walt Burns, Hugh Gray, Bill Lyerly, Scott Smith, Steve Pitotti, Don Henney, Andy Dichter, Bill Hughes, Al Piotter, Chip Kerby, Don Snelgrove, Jerry Manthei, Dave Wallace.  

11. Duane Jones speaking at his retirement ceremony.  

12. Jim Marshall at the Alamo Chapter’s Founder’s Day dinner.




September 2012

The Next Generation: Larry Bryant:  Garret (#3 son), graduated from USAFA following his two older brothers into the Air Force.  Since Philip (#1 son) was still at Kadena, where his wife had just had our 4th grandchild, we made a “flat daddy” to replace him at the pin-on ceremony. The flat daddy was a surprise to Garret and got quite a laugh from the crowd. Our son Philip and Marc Hallada’s son Josh (’02) received Silver Stars at Randolph AFB from Gen Ed Rice (’78) for a combat rescue in Afghanistan last year. (A fine tribute to these young men and their parents, and others who made them Who They Are). (More photos Below)

Doug Miller:  Allison and I were very proud to attend our son's graduation at Fighter Weapons School. He is Captain Ryan D. Miller (’03), F-16 pilot currently stationed at Shaw AFB. I was surprised that I could still shoehorn myself into my Mess Dress. We live in Hot Springs, AR and invite any classmates traveling through to stop and visit or spend a night or two. (Photo Below)

Fire on the Mountain! Duane Jones:  The wildfires, terrible as they were, brought classmates together in ways we didn't expect. When Jan and I evacuated, Debbi and Bentley Rayburn gave us a place to store some irreplaceables during the week we were out of our house. Mary and Mark Volcheff live two blocks away and were also evacuated. Mike Rosebush gave refuge to his brother's family ('72) who live about a half mile from us as well. It was a crazy time. Now we're back in our home and thankful that we sustained no damage. (Photo Below)

Unfortunately, Rex Hoey lost a house; fortunately not the one he is living in. Scary nonetheless. The fire melted steel "I" beams, melted glass in houses and cars parked in the street. The COS FedEx ramp manager told me that police and firemen were running for their lives.

Last Man Standing? Chuck Schmitz finished his Afghanistan tour and looks forward to retiring from the Ohio ANG on 29 Dec. His may be the last combat tour by a classmate – any other nominations?

New Beginnings. Ralph Paul may have been the Last Man Standing in another way: On 25 May I got married – first time for both of us! Don and Donna Lewis came all the way from Germany, where he is currently serving after volunteering to return to active duty as part of the Retired Rated Officer Recall Program. Mike and Susan Ruth flew in from Missouri to attend and supplied a couple of Academy sabers for pictures after the ceremony. (Select photos of their Alaskan cruise below, HERE for a look at the complete album)

Kent Traylor and Jim Burling reported on Bruce Fritsche’s engagement to Diane Turner (Jon ’75) and they will be married over the Labor Day Weekend at the Broadmoor. Several classmates held an engagement party for them on 15 July. 

Mike Buckley retired from Alaska Airlines in September 2011 with 27.5 years of service. It was a great ride, but it was finally time to move on to other things. Now my goals are to get my golf handicap lower, and my bike miles and volunteer time higher. (Photo Below)

Forward March!  David Beeman reports: The drill & ceremonies training got me a job! Just got back from serving as Parade Marshal for the California delegation in the annual Lions Clubs International Convention Parade. This year it convened and paraded in Busan (no longer Pusan - well, okay, Gimhae airport is still PUS), South Korea.  I hope there were no movies of us: California looked more like a group of tourists on a stroll, but we had a great time. Largest international convention the Lions Club has ever had, and largest ordinary convention (not counting the 88 Olympics) Korea has ever had, so it was a pretty big deal.

John MacDonnell misses the periodic email updates, but understands our President’s new priorities in life. Many of us probably expected life to get less busy by this time in our lives, and some have made that dream come true. Beyond these quarterly articles, ZoomieNation [now defunct], and, is anyone inclined to do something more frequent and detailed? If so, let the Scribe or Jim Carlson know and let’s see what develops.

Mini-Reunion: Bill Murray reports on Joe May's daughter’s wedding in Allen, TX crashed by five Best Alive representatives:  This little deal was arranged by Charlie Simmons; at the last minute Joe couldn't come because his son's (Major, USMC) Iraq report date was moved up. Jack (Sally) Barton lives in Mississippi and flies for FedEx; Walt (Penny) Burns runs his own company, Blue Force, near Langley; Charlie (Sherry) Simmons is a CEO in oil and gas in Texas; Billy Stephan flies for SWA; and I'm (Judy) instructing 757/767 for AA.

Check Zoomienation for a picture of John and Nance Kearns in their restored cadet Porsche 914 – the car makes them look 37 years younger! (Photo Below)

Closing plug from Chris Glaeser: I saw your note on ZoomieNation and noted we have 430 classmates signed up–perhaps you could have squadron contacts push for more members – I will do an inventory of Stalag 17 and see if I can get a few more signed up. Just a thought, as ''its later than you think!"

And a plug from the Scribe:  I still receive many “bounced” emails when I send notifications, so please update your address (thank you, Billy) or do so on ZoomieNation. The deadlines for these articles are usually the third Monday of January, April, July, and October.

The toughest part of this Scribe gig is deciding which three of the many deserving pictures to include in the printed article. So if yours is not here, please be assured they will be on the websites, and this is no reflection on anyone’s character or ancestry. Until next quarter...see you around the campus!



1. Larry Bryant & Sons.  

2. Marc Hallada & son Josh,

Larry Bryant & son Phillip.  

3. Doug Miller and Son Ryan at Fighter Weapons School Graduation.  4. Waldo Canyon fire approaching Colorado Springs and the Academy.


5-6. Ralph Paul: On July 13th, Loretta and I departed Denver for our 11-day honeymoon. We spent a day and a half in Seattle, where Loretta lived for several years. We toured the area during the day, then had dinner with some of her old friends. The next morning, we took a bus to Vancouver, where we boarded our Holland-America cruise ship, the Statendam. We departed that evening for a 7 day cruise along the coastline of British Columbia and Alaska with stops at Ketchican, Juneau and Skagway. We, then, sailed through Glacier Bay where we were treated to up close and personal views of two giant glaciers. We disembarked on Saturday, July 21st, in Seward, Alaska, where we boarded a train on the Alaska Railroad for a scenic 4 1/2 hour ride to Anchorage. We spent a day and a half in Anchorage. On the second day we drove to Wasilla, Alaska, where we toured the Iditarod headquarters. We returned to Denver on Monday morning, July 23rd, with unforgettable memories of our great honeymoon.

7. Mike Buckley relaxing in his new venue.  

8. John and Nance Kearns in their restored Cadet Porsche 914.  




December 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year Best Alive! By the time this lands in your mailbox, all of those (as well as a significant national election) will be over or rapidly approaching, so I thought it best to get those greetings up-front. Some of the class news below will be history by then as well, but they all occurred afterthe Checkpoints deadline, so I hope thosewho attendwill favorthe rest of us with summaries and pictures.

GBNF: Dr. Mark L. Shope, CS-34, Class of 1975, passed away on 9 Oct 2012 in Tacoma, WA. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Kelly.

Our Legacy Class of 2015 held its Exemplar Dinner on 27 October, with Ralph Paul, Dick Dye, Larry Fariss, Mark Volcheff, and Duane Jones (head count as of deadline) attending. We’re looking forward to a recap, as well as future Legacy events!

On a happier note, Doug Fraser, our last General classmate on active duty, retired 17 November. Which begs the question, who is '75’s Last Man Standing? Marty Stytz posted the question on ZN and Mark Wells claimed the honor for the Continuous Active Duty category; there are others in the Voluntary Retired Recall program, and we’re wondering about Harry Mathis’ status as well. Mark continues to serve as Chairman of the History Department at dear old USAFA and could be the AF’s senior O-6, with potential to continue another five years. I think we should all plan to attend his retirement ceremony! Mark, please keep us posted on your plans, OK? We could make quite a bash out of that event...

Mini-Reunions: Several classmates attended the AF-Michigan game, including John Charlton, Terry Young, Dave Schmitz, Jack Huffman, Larry Fariss, Dick Webber, John Gaughan (John was AFROTC PAS at U of M and has numerous friends still on staff/faculty there). The Football Alumni Club put on a golf tournament preceding the Navy game. Larry Fariss, Terry Young, Russ Trinter and Wayne Willis played a round at Eisenhower. Says Wayne, “We weren't the worst team, but we sure weren't the best. We finished at 1 over par and the winners were 15 under, but nobody looked as good as we did!”

From Scribe Emeritus Paul Kent: I noticed from Delta’s latest early retirement program that three classmates took advantage: Jack Storer, Bruce Correll, and Bill Schuessler. Sheri and I visited our daughter Victoria in Edinburgh, Scotland. Victoria is with three college mates while they travel and visit Europe, while taking a semester break from school. Kind of like we did, right? We went to historic Saint Andrews and walked the Old Course on a Sunday, when the course is closed and all are invited to stroll through golf's history. Victoria and I played the St Andrew's Balgove Course (a family course) on a crispy cool, slightly windy, but mostly sunny day. I've attached a picture of us in front of the Jigger Inn (with the Old Course visible in the background). I note with great sadness that Mark Shope is recently GBNF. I remember conversing with him at our 35th and he was touch and go with some medical, but seemed to be fine at the reunion.
Dave and Nancy Clough are 3 for 3 on marrying off our college-graduated, employed sons. No daughters, but weddings are still expensive as the traditional marriage expense rules have gone out the window. Youngest son Dan just graduated (U of Nebraska) and married his long-time girlfriend this May. Our oldest, Mike (named for Mike Mark), married his long-time girlfriend in September–Nancy was so happy for them that she danced the “Party Rock” at the reception. She is quite a talented dancer, though I have been warned not to post the video without her approval at risk of damage to certain vital organs which cannot be repaired or replaced. Middle son Philip (named for Phil Jones) and his long-time girlfriend tied the knot in 2006 after his graduation. We hardly have an empty nest as Mike and his family live close by and the others are only a few hours away in Missouri. We look forward to the next Class of ’75 reunion, and the kids have announced that they are kidnapping Nancy and me for an Alaska cruise next summer. The last time I bought movie tickets, the cashier sold them to us at 2/3 the posted price. When I asked (The Honor Code runs deep), she said “Oh, you get the senior discount!” Gee, thanks…

From the Sunshine State, Bill Caskey notes, “Somehow my colleagues here think I look like Mitt Romney, so that's just one more reason to vote for him! Would love to have his bank account but am really happy to have only two sons–can you imagine what it would be like to have five sons? Oh wait, you can!”

It’s a Small World: YHS ran into Barnstormer squadron mate Mike Banker at Narita and Dave and Sally Young in NYC–as always, it’s great to see classmates unexpectedly and find them healthy and happy, and I wish we had more time than just in passing on the bus or elevator!

Beating the Odds: Bill Murray reports that his post-prostate cancer battle is going well, with a low PSA, the first one after a hormone shot and 37 radiation treatments. “I’m not cured: At this point we will be measuring the rate of increase of the PSA. Thanks for your prayers–I’m feeling great!”

Barely Beating the Deadline: Dean and Sandra Cox, Rudy and Virginia Roth, Ric and Alice Lewallen, and Don Byers (stealth mode, behind the camera) got together at Lewallen’s home in Waynesville, NC, for a weekend in late October.

Until next time, live long and prosper!



December Extra

Class of 2015 Legacy Event: Exemplar Dinner

From the USAFA Association of Graduates Website:

"The Exemplar Dinner for the third class takes place during the fall semester. Since the Class of 2000, each class has chosen someone who "exemplifies" the type of person the class wishes to emulate. The third-class cadets celebrate this selection at a formal dinner, which Legacy Class members are invited to attend."

The Class of 2015 held its Exemplar Dinner on 27 October 2012 in Mitchell Hall, at which it named the Wright Brothers its Exemplar. Representing the Class of 1975 were Larry Bryant, Dick Dye, Bill Estelle, Larry Fariss, Scott Hente, Duane Jones, Dale Meyerrose, Ralph Paul, Larry Richter, K. C. Schwarz, Bill Spencer, Kent Traylor, Mark Volcheff and Mark Wells. The evening began with a reception on the staff tower, followed by dinner on the main floor. In addition to the singing of the national anthem by the Cadet Group In The Stairwell, a traditional round of toasts, and two distinguished speakers, the Class of 2015 presented a plaque (seen in the photo below) to Scott Hente as a symbol of the bond between our two classes. The plaque will reside in a display case for the Class of 2015 Exemplar in Fairchild Hall until their graduation.



1. Exemplar Dinner Attendees: Dick Dye, Mark Volcheff, Scott Hente, Dale Meyerrose, Mark Wells, Bill Spencer, Kent Traylor and Ralph Paul.  

2. Bill Spencer.  

3. Mark Volcheff.  

4. Dale Meyerrose.  


5. Ralph & Loretta Paul, Mark Wells.  

6. Kent Traylor.  

7. Duane Jones.  

8. Larry Fariss.  


9. Larry Richter.  

10. Larry Bryant.  

11. Dick Dye.  

12. Hall of Exemplars.


13-14. Class of 2015 Exemplar Display.

Photos courtesy of the USAFA Association of Graduates and Bill Estelle



2012 Album



1. Jim Carlson & Family.  

2. Steve Schiemann presides over the restoration of his childhood home.  

3. Honorees at a recent AOG-sponsored Distinguished Chapter Dinner included Jim Marshall (4th from right) and Rod Kallman (2nd from right).  

4. Ric & Dinda Dahlstrom with their granddaughter.  


5. Hugo Posey & son John, on the USS Enterprise. (November 2012)

6. Sandy Terry in The Hill Cumorah Pageant. (July 2012)

7. Mark Risi in Sutton, Alaska. (September 2012)

8. Scott & Rachel Carson and family. (May 2012)


9. Bruce Fritzsche showing off. (Diane Ryan Turner, July 2012)

10. Ray Powell's son's grave in Arlington National Cemetery. (December 2012)

11. Dave & Inga Hickman in Williamsburg, Virginia. (October 2012)

12. Steve & Carolyn Schiemann in San Francisco. (August 2012)